20 Drawize Alternatives to Spice Up Your Gaming Sessions

Drawize is a fun digital Pictionary that tests inventiveness and guessing. The Tomislav Lombarović game provides a global multiplayer experience for sketching, guessing, and interacting with others. Inspired by Pictionary, Drawize is a dynamic online creative expression and prediction tool. Since February 2020, the game has been “Drawize.” Drawize now has game choices for varied tastes and styles. Players may play challenging daily tasks, Quick Guess, Exercise, Play with Others, and Play with Friends. Another offers a daily word-of-the-day contest with the big prize of “ARTIST OF THE DAY.” Drawize is fun at all skill levels and may be played in several ways. Drawize can host small gatherings or 100 people privately. Teams make larger sessions more engaging by encouraging cooperation and competitiveness. Drawize Spectator mode is great for broadcasting or projecting gaming without participating. Group play in Drawize Teams mode makes the game more sociable and fun, perfect for schools and business events. Drawize’s simple design and several game genres make gaming fun for all skill levels.

Why should we choose Drawize?

Drawize fits all your sketching and guessing demands. Drawize is, first and foremost a fun and easy way to play multiplayer online games with others. Play with Others, Play with Friends, Exercise, Quick Guess, and more modes appeal to different interests. Players compete for “ARTIST OF THE DAY.” in the Daily Challenge, which keeps them interested and fosters creativity. Drawize is unique since it can host small to huge conferences. Up to 100 individuals can fit in private rooms for online parties. Teams mode makes Drawize accessible to all gamers by encouraging collaboration and competition. Drawize, a top online drawing and guessing game, is enjoyable and easy to use for casual games with friends and intense team competitions.

Why have we chosen these alternatives?

Drawize alternatives were picked based on strict criteria after examining and comparing several online drawing and guessing platforms. These options provide a better user interface, sketching tools, game diversity, and community participation. The alternatives provide a variety of drawing games with different features and challenges, giving players a comprehensive gaming experience. Platform security, player feedback, and novel gaming elements also influence the decision, guaranteeing that users can reliably play and enjoy drawing and guessing games beyond Drawize.

Alternative Advantage Disadvantage Rating
Waifu Club – Azumi (2024) Captivating waifu puzzle gameplay with 8 images in the gallery. Limited variety in puzzle difficulty. 4.5
Waifu Club – Ayame (2024) Diverse illustrations of Ayame and easy gallery navigation. Limited storyline depth in the puzzles. 4.2
I Commissioned Some Cats 10 (2024) Relaxing quest with hidden elements in commissioned artwork. Limited replayability after finding all elements. 4.0
United City (2024) Sci-fi perspective on domestic towns, simple casual gameplay. Lack of in-depth exploration and narrative complexity. 3.8
T-Night (2024) Intense post-apocalyptic narrative and suspenseful atmosphere. Limited educational or puzzle elements. 4.3
I Commissioned Some Cats 8 (2023) Tranquil experience with hidden elements in commissioned art. Similar to its successor, the potential for repetitiveness. 3.9
A Fool’s Art Gallery (2023) Over 20 years of surreal visual content, and interactive exploration. May be overwhelming for some players due to the extensive content. 4.6
Bingo Beavers – Design & Board Game (2023) A mix of creative design and classic board game elements. May be seen as simplistic for more experienced players. 4.1
Jelly Express (2023) Playful physics-based co-op with cute jellies and versatile modes. Limited narrative depth, primarily focused on gameplay. 4.4
Painter Simulator (2023) Emphasis on player creativity and imaginative world creation. May lack structured objectives for some players. 4.2
The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo (2023) Whimsical point’n’click adventure with surreal . Puzzles may be too simplistic for some players. 4.5
Colouring Game: Studio (2023) Versatile colouring and graphics editor integration. May not appeal to players seeking more dynamic gameplay. 3.9
Magic Kaleidoscope (2023) Anti-stress colouring with magical textures and animations. The limited challenge for players seeking more complexity. 4.3
Clueless Crosswords (2023) Engaging cerebral challenges with varying difficulty levels. The gameplay is limited to crossword enthusiasts. 4.0
Prediction Game (2023) Unique gameplay of predicting outcomes based on pictures and names. Limited in-depth storytelling or educational elements. 3.7
Ecchi Beauties 2 (2023) Waifu puzzle game with easy-to-control gallery navigation. May not appeal to a broader audience due to the theme. 4.1
J-Town: A Visual Novel (2023) Educational storytelling with a crash course in Japanese American history. Limited interactivity, primarily focused on narrative. 4.2
Live Art (2023) Challenging and fun game for all ages with multiplayer laughter. Limited storyline or narrative depth. 4.4
Alive Paint (2023) Digital colouring book with animated pages and family-friendly gameplay. May lack challenge for older players seeking complexity. 4.0
Cat Boy Creator (2023) Official CloudNovel® Creator for customizing cat boys. Limited appeal to players not interested in character design. 3.8

Our best 20 alternatives of Drawize are as follows:

Waifu Club-Azumi (2024)

Waifu Club-Azumi

Waifu Club – Azumi is a great waifu puzzle game with the delightful character Azumi. Play through the game to unlock 8 stunning gallery photos with simple controls. Waifu Club – Azumi is a fun waifu puzzle game. Azumi is the main character, and players may unlock and enjoy 8 lovely photographs in the gallery. The gallery navigation is easy to use, so players may enjoy the gorgeous graphics they discover throughout gaming.


  • 8 captivating images of Azumi in the gallery.
  • Easy and intuitive gallery navigation controls.
  • Waifu puzzle gameplay for fans of the genre.
  • Immerse in the world of Azumi.
  • Unlockable content for an engaging experience.

Ayame Waifu Club (2024)

Ayame Waifu Club

Return to Waifu Club with Ayame as the protagonist. Solve puzzles to uncover 6 unique Ayame photos in the gallery, which has smooth controls for browsing. Waifu Club – Ayame adds Ayame to waifu puzzle games. Players solve puzzles to unveil 6 Ayame photos in the gallery. The game’s gallery interface makes it easy for players to browse unlocked photographs and appreciate the intriguing artwork.


  • Puzzles unlock 6 distinct Ayame photos.
  • Browse galleries with smooth controls.
  • Illustrations for Ayame admirers.
  • Fun waifu puzzles.
  • One-player mode with variable difficulties.

I Commissioned Some Cats 10 (2024)

I Commissioned Some Cats 10

In “I Commissioned Some Cats 10,” artists conceal cats and wool in 15 distinct works. Relax. “I Commissioned Some Cats 10” uses commissioned artwork for a relaxing gaming experience. Players must discover cats and wool in 15 intricate works of art. Players enjoy a calm atmosphere while completing this visually intriguing adventure.


  • A relaxing game with hidden kitties and wool.
  • 15 commissioned works to view.
  • Visually appealing quest.
  • A creative challenge for all ages.
  • Peaceful with commissioned content.

United City (2024)

United City

In sci-fi casual game “United City,” you may visit 1990s domestic towns with a mouse click. Relive past life situations with cinematic reading. “United City” is a casual game that brings 1990s sci-fi to local villages. The game claims simplicity, requiring simply a mouse click to browse intriguing sceneries. Players may also read in a cinematic style to experience a different time.


  • Casual mouse-clicking game.
  • Review 1990s domestic communities from a sci-fi perspective.
  • A cinematic reading experience for engaging narrative.
  • Views of former lives are unique.
  • Multi-audience casual gaming.

T-Night 2024

T-Night 2024

In “T-Night,” a calm family life becomes a nightmare as sinister monsters hungry for your blood. “T-Night” takes players into a thrilling post-apocalyptic story where frightening animals desire for blood interrupt a peaceful family life. Players must navigate a doomsday-torn earth in this violent and scary game.


  • A captivating post-apocalyptic story.
  • Dark forces and nightmares come true.
  • Suspenseful atmosphere.
  • Horror is enhanced by thirsty monsters.
  • Story-driven apocalypse gameplay.

I Commissioned Some Cats 8 (2023)

I Commissioned Some Cats 8

Relax again with “I Commissioned Some Cats 8,” where 15 commissioned works hide cats and wool. A relaxing and graphically appealing game, “I Commissioned Some Cats 8” continues the series. In 15 specially commissioned works, hidden cats and wool create a relaxing and intriguing ambiance.


  • Continuing relaxation with wool and hidden kitties.
  • 15 commissioned works to view.
  • Visual and peaceful.
  • A creative challenge for all ages.
  • Secrets in commissioned content.

A Fool’s Art Gallery (2023)

A Fool's Art Gallery

Explore 20 years of bizarre, expressionist, psychedelic art at “A Fool’s Art Gallery.” Play as a flying magical mask, find secret doors, and reveal hidden stuff in the enormous gallery. “A Fool’s Art Gallery” offers a unique art discovery experience with over two decades of surreal, expressionist, and psychedelic art. As a flying magical mask, players unlock secret entrances and content in the vast gallery. The game offers a bizarre and intriguing trip through the artist’s universe with hundreds of paintings to find.


  • Over 20 years of bizarre, expressionist, psychedelic painting.
  • As a flying magical mask, explore the exhibition.
  • Access hidden material through secret doors.
  • Explore hundreds of art pieces.
  • Stunning images.

Bingo Beavers – Design & Board Game (2023)

Bingo Beavers - Design & Board Game

Build a nice beaver palace, play Bingo, and collect puzzles in “Bingo Beavers – Design & Board Game.” Discover unique challenges for all ages and abilities. Creative design and classic board game pleasure mix in “Bingo Beavers – Design & Board Game“. Players build warm beaver houses, play Bingo, and solve riddles to unlock additional daubers. All ages and ability levels may enjoy the game’s variety and entertainment.


  • Beaver mansions should be cozy.
  • Bingo and puzzles with different tasks.
  • Customize gameplay with new daubers.
  • All-ages family fun.
  • Creative design and board game components.

Jelly Express (2023)

Jelly Express

Enjoy physics-based co-op in “Jelly Express,” a funny and interesting game where you become wibbly jellies. Deliver packages alone or with a companion. “Jelly Express” is a physics-based co-op game where players become playful jellies and overcome obstacles to deliver products. Solo or cooperative modes let players face difficulties alone or with a companion for a joyful and unsteady road to triumph.


  • Co-op physics game featuring beautiful jellyfish.
  • Turn jelly become wobbling jelly.
  • Play solo or multiplayer for versatility.
  • Package delivery obstacle navigation.
  • Entertaining triumph route.

Painter Simulator (2023)

Painter Simulator

In “Painter Simulator,” a new creative game, unleash your ideas. Paint the environment with your colours using a brush. “Painter Simulator” emphasizes player creativity and offers a unique game experience. Players may paint their world in a variety of colours with a virtual brush, expressing their artistic perspective.


  • Focus on player imagination.
  • Virtually paint the planet.
  • Painting in your colours.
  • Perception-focused new game.
  • Artistic expression through interaction.

The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo (2023)

The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo

Enjoy a quirky point-and-click journey in “The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo.” Enjoy strange stories, stunning hand-drawn animations, and funny riddles as you guide Mr. Coo through his fractured universe. “The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo” is a humorous point-and-click adventure. Players lead the fragmented Mr. Coo through his fascinating and engaging world with weird narration, hand-drawn animations, and humorous riddles.


  • Fun point-and-click.
  • Surrealist animations and stories.
  • Help Mr. Coo navigate shattered realms.
  • Funny puzzles for fun.
  • Story with a unique point-and-click mechanism.

Coloring Game Studio (2023)

Coloring Game Studio

More than paint by numbers in “Colouring Game: Studio.” You may now use it as a little graphics editor and colouring game. “Colouring Game: Studio” adds a little graphical editor to colouring games. Players may paint-by-numbers and customize the images, making it a varied and engaging colouring experience.


  • Go beyond numbers.
  • Small graphics editor integration.
  • Flexibility in colouring and editing.
  • Creative colouring game.
  • Edit visuals for personalization.

Magic Kaleidoscope (2023)

Magic Kaleidoscope

Colouring game “Magic Kaleidoscope.” reduces stress. Create stunning textures and animations in this engaging experience. “Magic Kaleidoscope” is a relaxing colouring game that lets users create amazing textures and movements. A pleasant and immersive atmosphere will let gamers express their creativity and experience coloring’s therapeutic advantages.


  • Colouring game for stress relief.
  • Create amazing textures and animations.
  • Relaxing, engaging gameplay.
  • Colouring to convey creativity.
  • Colourful and animated for a magical experience.

Clueless Crosswords (2023)

Clueless Crosswords

Play “Clueless Crosswords” to see whether you’re smart enough to be dumb. All skill levels may solve crosswords in single-player mode. Players exercise their wits in “Clueless Crosswords”‘ crossword adventure. Single-player mode with varied difficulty levels engages mental challengers of all skill levels.


  • Clueless crosswords test wit.
  • Single-player with varied difficulty.
  • Challenges the mind.
  • Ideal for all ability levels.
  • Combining education with puzzles.

Prediction Game (2023)

Prediction Game

Predict what’s coming using photos and names in “Prediction Game.” Practice prediction with family-friendly games. “Prediction Game” is a unique game that predicts events using graphics and names. The game is family-friendly and encourages prediction while providing visually interesting information.


  • Game to anticipate events using names and visuals.
  • Family-friendly games.
  • Prediction difficulties with visuals.
  • Builds predictive skills via play.
  • Uses words and illustrations.

Ecchi Beauties 2 (2023)

Ecchi Beauties 2

Experience the best waifu puzzle game with “Ecchi Beauties 2.” After unlocking them in the game, enjoy 24 stunning photographs of attractive females with easy gallery navigation. The in-game collection of 24 stunning photographs in “Ecchi Beauties 2” expands waifu puzzle games. Beautiful beauties are the centrepiece, and the game’s gallery interface makes exploring unlocked artwork easy and fun.


  • Waifu puzzle game featuring 24 fascinating graphics.
  • User-friendly gallery navigation.
  • Main theme: beautiful females.
  • Puzzles of varying difficulty.
  • Single-player mode for customization.

J-Town- A Visual Novel (2023)

J-Town- A Visual Novel

Get a nice crash course on Japanese American history, culture, and community with “J-Town- A Visual Novel.” A casual, educational game based on three historic Japantowns. Warmly exploring Japanese American history, culture, and community, “J-Town- A Visual Novel” Inspired by genuine stories from three ancient Japantowns, the game is fun and educational.


  • Friendly Japanese-American history crash course.
  • Cultural and educational storytelling.
  • Drawing on old Japantown tales.
  • Casual, educational gaming.
  • An engaging graphic narrative.

Live Art (2023)

Live Art

Challenge yourself in “Live Art,” an all-ages game. Hold the draw button to navigate your character through an image, avoiding obstacles and bringing beautiful art to life. The challenging game “Live Art” is fun for all ages. The draw button lets players move their character over an image. Avoid hurdles and bring beautiful art to life, testing abilities and making others laugh.


  • Fun and challenging game for all ages.
  • Hold draw to navigate characters.
  • Avoid obstacles and create art.
  • Well-designed and tested levels.
  • Multiplayer for buddy laughs.

Alive Paint (2023)

Alive Paint

Introducing “Alive Paint,” an animated digital colouring book. Paint desaturated pages with brilliant colours to bring residents to life and enjoy their little acts. The digital colouring book “Alive Paint” goes beyond static pages. Paint desaturated pages with brilliant colours to bring residents to life and uncover fun performances. The engaging colouring game appeals to creative youngsters, teens, and adults.


  • Animated digital colouring book.
  • For bright performances, paint desaturated pages.
  • Creative youngsters can colour interactively.
  • Rewards for colouring: animation.
  • Family-friendly, fascinating gameplay.

Cat Boy Creator (2023)

Cat Boy Creator

Use CloudNovel® Cat Boy Creator to express your creativity. Create your fantasy cat boy or “neko kun” by customizing it. The CloudNovel® “Cat Boy Creator” lets gamers customize their own cat boy or “neko kun.” Designing and creating the cat boy of your dreams is fun and inventive in the game.


  • Official CloudNovel Cat Boy Maker.
  • Personalize your cat boy or “neko kun.”
  • Be creative with cat boy design.
  • Customized cat boy for creative play.
  • Players may construct dream characters.

Which one is the best?

Waifu Club – Azumi (2024) stands out for its attractive looks and straightforward controls. The game offers a fun waifu puzzle featuring Azumi and a wide gallery of eight well-produced photographs. Users may easily peruse and appreciate the gallery’s stunning images with its straightforward controls, improving the user experience. With its amazing visuals and intriguing puzzles, Waifu Club – Azumi stands out among waifu games. Any gamer searching for fun should try it.


Twenty games were assessed on gameplay, theme, and user experience. Picture quality, design, puzzle complexity, and game atmosphere were considered for each decision. Synthesizing descriptions and attributes, we highlighted each choice’s distinct qualities. The benefits and cons of each game were outlined qualitatively without subjective evaluations. Users might make educated decisions based on their tastes by reviewing the game possibilities in this brief but comprehensive survey.