7 Best Phone Tracker Apps to Find Someone’s Location Discreetly

According to the Common Sense study, 42% of kids have their phones by the time they’re 10, and that number jumps to 71% by age 12. But are they responsible enough to be safe online?

Most parents have no idea how often their kid receives hateful comments or visit adult websites. Child protection is a must, so today, we will delve deep into possible ways to stay informed and take charge of your child’s mental health and safety by checking mobile .

Most Trusted Phone Monitoring Apps:

  • Mobi – The best phone tracker that ensures children’s safety by operating seamlessly in the background;
  • Cocospy – The ultimate mobile tracker for Android and iOS that empowers parents to ensure their child’s security by providing real-time GPS tracking;
  • Spyic – An advanced phone monitoring app trusted by over a million users across 190+ countries, providing comprehensive features for parents, employers, couples, and friends;
  • XNSPY – The cutting-edge phone monitoring solution tailored for parents concerned about their children’s online safety and employers looking to monitor staff using company-provided devices;
  • SpyBubble – Your go-to mobile tracker app to save your relationship, provides a comprehensive solution for preventing infidelity by allowing remote monitoring of any iOS or Android device, with a range of features such as real-time GPS tracking and app usage check;
  • GEOfinder.mobi – A phone tracker by number providing stress relief for situations where installing tracking apps on your loved one’s device isn’t possible;
  • LocationTracker.mobi is the easiest tool for tracking the phone’s location. It offers additional bonuses like GPS tracking on Google Maps with a maximum margin of error within a 5-meter radius.

uMobix – The Best Phone Tracker App For Parents


Sell Cell research shows that children spend up to 30 hours per week glued to their smartphones. This tracking software is the best family locator committed to letting kids be kids safely. It works 100% in the background, so your little one won’t even notice you’re there.

is the location tracking app that allows you to see your kid’s exact GPS location on the map. Using uMobix as your mobile tracker software, you can block apps, websites, and even callers to ensure your kids’ online journey is safe and sound.

Features you might also be interested in:

  • Track call history and text messages;
  • Get access to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms on Android and iOS;
  • Manage key settings of your child’s device;
  • Real-time streaming via your kid’s smartphone camera and microphone.


  • Works on all Android OS 4+, all iPhones and iPads;
  • An easy installation process that takes up to 5 minutes;
  • Billing cycles: 1 month ($49.99), 3 months ($89.97), 12 months ($149.88);
  • Automatic data reports every 5 minutes;
  • Tracks location in real-time.

Cocospy – The Ultimate Phone Tracker for Android and iOS


If your child is old enough to walk home alone from school, that’s fine. But nowadays, things can be a bit risky, and it’s tough to trust that every person your kid encounters is safe. So, parents should be ready and take some precautions. Using Cocospy, you can track your kid’s phone location on a user-friendly interface.

Some pros for this location tracker app:

  • View GPS and Wi-Fi-based locations;
  • Check location entry and exit times;
  • Geofencing;
  • Read addresses and geographical coordinates;
  • Multiple device tracking in a single subscription.

It works for looking after your kid and as a missing phone finder. If you’re an employer, you’ll be able to keep track of where your employees are using their work phones.

To keep an eye on your kid, install this tracking software on the monitored phone of any version of iOS or Android. It’ll take you about 5 minutes. But you need to know that:

  • For Android target devices, you should download Cocospy and hide the app icon after installation;
  • For iOS, you don’t need to download an app; just set up the device remotely using the target’s iCloud credentials.

Cocospy is a tool for safe online surfing. It also has many cool features for checking calls and social media activities so parents can control their children’s phone usage and location.

Spyic – An Advanced Phone Monitoring App Well-Known Worldwide


Over a million users from 190+ countries have picked Spyic, among other tracking apps, to check on their loved ones and ensure their well-being.

According to a study by Common Sense Media, students primarily use social media (32%), YouTube (26%), and gaming (17%) on their cell phones while at school. These numbers show that children may not entirely focus on their studies, potentially missing vital information from their teachers. Additionally, there is a growing concern about potential safety risks due to the increasing number of cyber threats. Suppose you want to be a responsible parent. In that case, setting and monitoring your teen’s online activities are good ways to shield them from bullies and increase their productivity.

Spyic works on your kid’s phone without them knowing. Even at the office, you can track the location of your kid’s smartphone from your own device. Various other features are available, like checking media files, browsing history, keylogger, calendar events, and details about the SIM card.

Spyic is for:

  • Worried parents – to safeguard their children;
  • Managers – to make sure their employees are productive and honest;
  • Couples – to check if their relationship is on the right track;
  • Friends – if they’re scared to walk home late or get into Uber.

XNSPY – The Cutting-Edge Phone Monitoring Solution


Why consider this app to track your kid? XNSPY is a phone monitoring app created for parents seeking to supervise their children under 18 years old and employers aiming to monitor their staff using company-provided gadgets.

XNSPY is made to check on your kids’ activities online. As per the Pew Research Center survey, a combined 28% of teenagers have encountered various forms of cyberbullying. And this number is increasing.

Here comes the magic because using this mobile tracker, you will be able to oversee nine distinct instant messaging and dating applications, such as WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Kik, and Viber, ensuring the safety of your child from any potential harm.

There are some differences in usage between Android and iOS:

  • For Android – You get instant location details on your web account;
  • For iOS, the frequency of location data backups depends on how often iCloud backups occur; make sure that “Find My iPhone” is enabled on the monitored phone.

If you’re tired of asking your teen, “Where have you been?” XNSPY has a perfect solution—a GPS phone tracker, which will show you the exact location of a target device in real-time. Your kid’s smartphone must always be connected to the internet so you can see the GPS location.

SpyBubble – Your Go-To Mobile Tracker App to Save Your Relationship


Unfortunately, around 15-20 percent of marriages face infidelity. If you want to make sure this is not your case, this cell phone monitoring application is made for you. SpyBubble lets you spy on any iOS or Android device remotely, and you only need to install the phone tracking app on your partner’s phone without them knowing.


  • SpyBubble’s icon is visible on Androids, but you may hide it while installing;
  • It is not visible on iPhone or ; you won’t have to install the app physically.

List of features to consider:

  • Real-time GPS phone tracker;
  • Dating apps check;
  • Secret apps detection;
  • Browser history check;
  • Contact list review;
  • Caller info list;
  • SIM card replacement alert.

Have you ever wondered where your loved one is? This app is like a treasure map, showing you exactly where they are and where they’ve been as long as your partner has the monitored phone in their pocket.

GEOfinder.mobi – An Advanced Number Tracking App


This product is different because GEOfinder.mobi is a phone tracker by number. Sometimes, you can’t install tracking apps on your loved one’s device. But we live in an unpredictable world, so it’s good to know there is a phone cell phone tracker app without permission to help you feel less stressed.

The main advantage is that this tracker has an almost free trial period priced at $1. How it works:

  1. You enter the person’s phone number;
  2. Send an anonymous SMS with a tracking link for effortless location tracking;
  3. Track the location in your user space once they click on the link.

The processing time for the request is super quick. If you’re concerned about your kid or a friend, fill out the person’s phone number and wait a few minutes.

You should know that:

  • There’s no need to install GEOfinder.mobi on either your device or the target device;
  • It’s a legal and anonymous cell phone number tracker;
  • Find your stolen phone only if it’s On.

LocationTracker.mobi – The Accurate Tool to Track a Phone’s Location by Number


Among hundreds of tracking apps, LocationTracker.mobi stands out because it does exactly what it claims to do and does well, according to the client’s reviews.

The procedure is as simple as possible: LocationTracker.mobi determines a cell phone’s geolocation using the phone number.

Simple steps to get started:

  1. Create your account to get access to the tool and choose your subscription plan;
  2. Go to your user space and upload any picture from your gallery;
  3. Get a unique tracking link to a picture;
  4. Copy the link and send it to the target phone via any messenger or social media, be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.;
  5. Wait for a person to click on the link;
  6. Have fun tracking the location of a target device.


  • GPS tracking results shown on Google Maps;
  • The max margin of error is a 5-meter radius;
  • Bonus features include a WiFi tracker, VPN checker, IP logger, and device info.

4 Bonus Methods to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

If you want to track a cell phone location for free, there are some bonus methods, even though they are not anonymous and offer limited features:

  • Find My for iOS
  • Find My Device for Android
  • Google Maps Location Sharing
  • IMEI Tracking

Locate a Cell Phone for Free with Find My for iOS

You are lucky if you’ve never left your phone on the back seat of a taxi or if your device has never been stolen. If you own an iOS phone, this method fits you well!

The built-in Find, My app on iPhones is a helpful feature that allows you to locate your device at no cost in case it is lost or stolen. It can also be used to track someone’s location if access is granted in Settings on the target device or if Family Sharing is activated on both devices.

You only need to make sure that:

  • iPhone is connected to the iCloud account;
  • Location and Find My are enabled;
  • The device is online.

Tracking Someone Else’s Phone with Find My Device for Android

If you have an Android smartphone, Find My Device is a free way to track your location. Available on most Android phones, this app can be found within Settings > Security Find My Device/Security & location/Google Security > Turn on. You just need to enable it to track the device remotely. You might also want to activate Google Location History/Timeline in the target Google account if you wish to see your past whereabouts. It’s as easy as it sounds!

Google Maps Location Sharing

This is the easiest way to check someone’s phone location. Google Maps is designed not only for navigation but also for free GPS tracking (not anonymous).

Reasons to use:

  • On a first date with a new person. Share the location with your friend and stay safe;
  • In a taxi, if you’re scared or don’t feel comfortable inside the car (enable location sharing with your close ones),
  • If you want to know where your kid is,
  • To check on your parents or spouse;

During your vacation abroad, once you share your location, your friend will see your name, photo, your device’s current location, battery status, charging status, and, if they enable Location Sharing notifications, an arrival and departure time.

IMEI Tracking

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique 15-digit combination behind your cell phone battery. Numerous tools claim to track stolen phones using this number, such as IMEI Tracker and Track IMEI, but most are unreliable. After several tests, they often show no results. Service providers and police may track phones by IMEI, and resorting to them is possible in case of a loss. For a more effective solution without third parties, consider using trustworthy apps like uMobix or GEOfinder.mobi.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we explored many useful phone tracking tools for parental control and safety. You may think, “It’s too dangerous to live on this planet.” But here’s the thing—the world is changing, and plenty of useful apps help you stay calm and keep your family safe.


How do you choose the best tool to track someone’s phone?

To choose the best phone tracking tool, consider your budget, desired features, compatibility, user-friendliness, product reputation, and installation simplicity. Evaluate tools online based on these criteria to find the most suitable one for your needs. uMobix, for instance, ticks all the boxes.

Is it legal to use phone tracking apps?

Legal issues are the key point for those considering mobile tracking software. Depending on the purpose, legal status changes. For example, it’s okay if you want to track the online activities and location of your kid under 18. You’re good to go if you’re an employer and want to track your colleagues’ activities on their work-related devices. In all other cases, you must obtain consent from a legal standpoint.

Can I track someone’s phone using text messages?

If you have concerns about someone’s location or well-being, there are anonymous phone number trackers, such as GEOfinder.mobi and LocationTracke.mobi. You should get one of those, create an account, and obtain the person’s location by sending a message with the tracking link. Once the person clicks it, you will immediately get the GPS location.

Is there a way to track someone’s location using a picture?

You can use a phone tracker such as LocationTracker.mobi. The process is straightforward: upload any picture from your gallery to the app, get the generated link, and send it to the target’s smartphone via any social media messenger. Upon the target clicking the link, you can view their location on Google Maps.