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Brands like My Music Staff? We’ve compiled the 10 greatest My Music Staff alternatives into this grid. Find My Music Staff’s rivals and compare their features and prices to those of other music teaching businesses and stores. Before buying, research music teaching alternatives to My Music Staff.

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My Music Staff

The comparison grid below summarises 2,067 data points from 53 criteria to find sites and businesses. Products and services offered by music education similar to My Music Staff were ranked by product features, overall customer ratings, brand popularity, price point and value, shipping and returns policies, discounting and coupon policies, payment methods accepted, rewards and loyalty programs, and more.

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We rank each alternative on 53 features and criteria and give it an overall score. The My Music Staff comparison grid below sorts by score. Each brand’s score is based on customer ratings, brand popularity, price competitiveness, and the amount and quality of features compared to rivals. Each brand’s score is updated daily with ratings and reviews.

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My Music Staff

In need of research? Our best and top rankings are also available. Use our Compare Tool or click the “compare” buttons in the grid below to compare each My Music Staff option to My Music Staff and discover their advantages and downsides. The Store Features tool lets you locate more businesses like My Music Staff that provide military discounts, free shipping and returns, cash-back programs, and Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Afterpay, Affirm, or Bread Financing.

Top Alternatives Of My Music Staff



Jumbula streamlines back-office processes with end-to-end online registration, payment, and class/camp management. We provide a strong administrative dashboard and management and marketing tools to advertise and sell camps, workshops, daycare, and afterschool programs. We provide contemporary, easy registration for end users and parents.


Pike13 software is for class- or appointment-based enterprises including gyms, fitness studios, music and swim schools, and education centers. Business owners and staff may manage schedules, enrollments, billing, payroll, customer information, and more using the program. Business owners and workers spend less time on administration and more time with clients using Pike13’s intuitive, mobile-friendly interface.


Our multiple calendar views and time-savers speed both one-on-one and group lesson scheduling. Allow tutors and teachers to schedule and finish classes easily. Make booking, requesting, joining, and rescheduling classes easy for clients. To meet customer demands, provide hourly, package, flat, or a mix of charging options. Send clients automated invoice reminders and low package balance alerts.

My music lessons

Custom scheduling software for private music teachers, schools, and students Our all-in-one teaching management system incorporates our automated booking and payment process to save you time and money on admin. We suggest DBS checks for My Music Lessons teachers. Teachers could promote their DBS status on their profile pages to attract pupils.


TeacherZone encourages learning. The full-system approach of an integrated company management and student engagement portal is perfect for multi-instructor lessons, tutoring, or teaching businesses. TeacherZone’s integrated student video learning platform distinguishes it from other scheduling and payment solutions. Create classes, practice, and more.

Jackrabbit Music

Jackrabbit Music is the most responsive, trustworthy, and robust music class management software. We have revolutionized over 12,000 schools worldwide, helping owners take control of their companies so they can focus on teaching. Powerful and versatile business management software. Our music class management software is unmatched in speed, scalability, and dependability.


Mousiki makes music learning fun for teachers and students. Mousiki speeds up music learning by bringing the community together through collaborative tools. Mousiki connects schools, teachers, parents, and students in music education. Mousiki gives instructors and students tools to enhance music learning.


Active Educate, a cloud-based camp and class manager, is fast and easy for administrators and users. The easy-to-use online registration can be done from any iOS or Android mobile device and is filled with resources to keep instructors and students engaged. After that, employees may use in-app capabilities like shared calendars, discussion boards, and automatic team reports to interact.

Guitar Pro

Easy tablature and score editing for guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, percussion, and more The metronome, chord and scale library, tuner, and virtual instruments help you advance quicker. Practice with drum and piano background tracks, loop passages, and progressively raise the speed. Enjoy realistic audio rendering and preset sounds that match your favorite musicians.


The easy way to automate music studio scheduling, billing, and communications We love music, and our professors are heroes. Duet wants to promote your effort, encourage your company, and thank you for making the world more musical. No more spreadsheets or lost contacts. Automate rescheduling and cancellations to avoid hassles.


Invoicing, chasing payments, rescheduling through emails, spreadsheet accounting, and jumping between platforms—forget it! Fons simplifies admin tasks with smartphone touches. You can focus on teaching, save time, and stay sane while obtaining predictable pay. Leave “invoice and pray” behind. Automatic billing saves time and pays on time every time. Use one or all of the billing options!