An Honest Review On Astro a40 tr headset + mixamp pro 2019

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The Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2019 has an excellent microphone for gaming. These headphones sound warm and are as comfortable and durable as the Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017. Even though the MixAmp looks different, it has the same inputs and controls. The open-back design of these headphones lets in ambient sounds. We were able to utilize our Xbox One model on the PS4 using PC mode, however, the PS4 variation may not operate on Xbox One, so make sure you obtain the right console variant. In the App Support box, you may learn about serious software concerns.

Astro A40 headset Specs

Astro A40 headset

Adjustable Headband NO
Auto-Adjusting Headband NO
Battery Life Wired
Compatible Platforms Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4
Connector Size 3.5 mm
Detachable Mic YES
Driver Size 40 MM
Earcup Foam Material Memory Foam

astro a40 tr headset + mixamp pro 2019 TR Design and Features

Astro doesn’t create the most stylish headsets, but the A40 is a gaming headset and hasn’t altered much. Its enormous ear cups, bright metal rods, and bending microphone remain, for better or worse. The new A40 TR has black plastic, chrome rods, and cobalt or black tags, making it more inconspicuous. Note that the Xbox One version has black and red accents, which are stylish but not Xbox-y.

Like its predecessors, the A40 TR allows lightweight customization. Speaker tags, cloth headband cushion, and microphone are removable. As with its predecessors, Astro’s Mod Kits include synthetic noise-isolating ear cups, a voice-isolating microphone, a changeable headband, and closed-back speaker tags. I think they should come with this $250 wired headset, but they’re not necessary unless you need more noise isolation. The MixAmp Pro TR, with its redesigned style and functions, is the primary highlight here. The MixAmp is a compact mixer that lets you modify volume, EQ settings, and game and voice balance on the fly. It’s aided pro gamers and streamers and solidified Astro’s esports position.

The new MixAmp has two large, horizontal nobs with easy-to-spin dials. Volume and mix are adjusted separately. It also has two front buttons: one to enable Dolby and one to adjust between the four customisable EQ settings. MixAmp has a surprising number of ports on the rear. Aux input, Streaming output, optical audio connector, switch to switch between console and PC, and two slots to daisy chain your MixAmp—a feature for Pros—are available. The A40 uses the lone front port. If it seems excessive, the A40 isn’t for you.

MixAmp Pro TR + Astro A40 TR: Gaming Performance

Astro A40 headset

The new Mixamp was carefully designed. The asymmetrical shape and dial lights make input adjustments easy without looking at it. Although these lights are too bright for me, they make it simple to discern which dial you’re holding, and I’m glad they don’t pulse, flash, or do other annoying things gamer gear does. I also enjoy that the only port on the front is the headphone jack, making the weighty tiny box seem tidy from the front while everything else is on the unattractive but useful rear. If you have to run the wires across your living room, the Mixamp and headset won’t appear clean. If you game on a couch across from a TV (a common scenario), cables will take over. Unplugging the Mixamp isn’t easy because one wire plugs into the optical audio on the rear of the console and one into the USB on the front/side. However, the Mixamp looks sleek and professional for desktop gamers on PC, Mac, or console. Still, that was a minor consolation when cables covered my beautiful floor.

Both PS4 and Xbox One are Dolby Audio-certified, however only Xbox has that feature. That implies one of the PS4’s two buttons doesn’t help when gaming. Dolby surround sound for Xbox and PC delivers precise directional audio for opponents and footsteps. As usual, you won’t miss much without it. The Astro A40s have dependable directional audio, yet Xbox has so few games that you may never turn it on. PC gamers who don’t like red or blue should note that only the Xbox version comes with a 2-year Dolby membership. Like other A40s, they are comfy. Even though I have a seven 5/8ths head, I never got head fatigue playing.

Astro A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR—Game Software

Tinkerers will love the Command Center software, which allows you adjust anything from the streaming output mix to mic ambient noise. For people unfamiliar with dB and Hz, the Command Center might be confusing. After Astro’s C40 TR controller’s great and easy Command Center software, I assumed their audio version would be clearer. Customizing EQ settings is difficult, so novices will be delighted with the four defaults.

While those EQ profiles may be altered with a button, they’re not all created equal. Astro emphasizes bass, Natural Bass is neutral (flat), Balanced favors highs and mids, and Tournament does the same while boosting bass. Each game will require a different EQ, although I doubt many use Natural Bass. You can alter much more than the four defaults, thankfully. You may modify USB Mic, Side tone, noise gate, and stream levels. The Side tone slider was helpful. Using the highest volume, I could hear my fiancee in the room next door and identify her music while gaming alone. Lowering the noise gate makes it less sensitive to surrounding noise, such as a noisy house or an ancient PS4 that sounds like a jet turbine.

Connect and MixAmp

An bundled 6.5-foot cable with an internal mic mute button connects the A40 to your smartphone. Its four-pole 3.5mm connector allows it to be used with any current game console, PC (PCs with separate headphone and microphone ports require a splitter, provided with the solo A40 but not the A40 + MixAmp Pro TR), or smartphone with a headphone connection. If you spend the additional $100 for the A40 + MixAmp Pro TR we tested, you’ll likely connect that headset cord right into the front of the accompanying headphone amp and mixer, which works with your PC and PS4 or Xbox One. The MixAmp Pro TR from 2016 has been overhauled.

The new MixAmp Pro TR, measuring 1.8 by 5.4 by 3.6 inches (HWD), is dark gray with sharp corners and edges, unlike its predecessor’s glossier, more rounded form. Two big gunmetal knobs with lighted indication notches shine white when the microphone is activated and red when muted dominate the top panel. The left knob controls master volume, while the somewhat smaller right knob controls voice chat and game audio balance. Two tiny buttons between the knobs disable Dolby audio processing and choose between Astro’s proprietary EQ, a sculpted Balanced EQ, a flat EQ, and a Tournament EQ preset that focuses key frequency bands for true esports imaging.

The MixAmp’s front panel has one 3.5mm connector for the headset. The MixAmp’s PC or console mode is shown to the left of the port. A micro USB port, optical audio input, 3.5mm aux input, 3.5mm “stream” port for outputting audio commentary to a separate capture device, and two daisy-chain ports for connecting multiple MixAmps for esports teams or commentary groups are on the back. A back-panel switch turns MixAmp into PC or console mode.

Software, Mic

Astro Command Center lets you adjust audio using the A40 and MixAmp on your PC. First, you may use a five-band equalizer to change the MixAmp’s four EQ presets. You may change the mic’s gain, sidetone, and one of four noise gate settings to prevent outside noise. The game audio, voice chat audio, mic input, and any sound arriving through the 3.5mm input may be mixed individually. A40’s microphone sounds great. Test recordings were warm and clear, without sibilance. This headset microphone is great for voice chat, commentary, and podcasting (but we prefer a USB microphone for audio recording).

Gaming Performance

Doom sounds loud on A40. For punch, the super shotgun and rocket launcher acquire low and low-mid resonance, and enemy hisses, grunts, and growls are clear in the high-mids and highs. Mick Gordon’s grungy industrial metal soundtrack fluctuates between frenzied and scary over the headset, featuring punchy bass notes without head-rattling sub-bass. With the headset’s stereo speakers, the simulated 7.1-channel surround sound gives realistic left-right image and a solid feeling of sound source. The A40’s wide frequency response makes Forza Motorsport 7 sound great. Truck engines roar and sportscar engines whine with just the perfect amount of presence. Every bump and smash into other vehicles and every track edge rumbling under tires sounds deep and powerful.

Size and Variant Differences

Astro A40 headset

There are several Astro A40 models. I tested the Xbox One and PC variant, although Astro also sells a PlayStation and PC variant. Our test findings should be accurate for that variation, although Xbox consoles may not operate. Astro makes the MixAmp M80, a compact preamp that connects directly to a controller. Xbox series consoles and PC are the only supported platforms. In ‘Black’ or ‘Blue’.

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Motion tracking for dynamic effects Advanced features may be unnecessary for simple edits
Synchronized visual effects with sound Some users may find the interface complex
Real-time voiceovers for added commentary
Multi-color Chroma Key for background removal

Should I buy an Astro A40 headset?

The Astro A40 headset is great for wired gaming. Wired headphones have reduced audio delay and are comfortable for lengthy gaming sessions. This microphone records well and separates your speech from surrounding noise. The MixAmp lets you modify game and conversation audio levels and choose EQ settings.


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Which tools in VSDC are available for editing and trimming?

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