Apple ramps up Vision Pro production plans for February launch

The $3,499 Vision Pro launched in June and was supposed to be available in the U.S. by early 2024.

According to sources, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday that Apple is increasing production of the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset for a February launch. According to the report, Chinese factories have been producing the new headgear at full speed for weeks.

The report said customer-bound units should be available by the end of January for a retail launch the following month. The $3,499 Vision Pro launched in June and was supposed to be available in the U.S. by early 2024. The source says the business emailed software developers on Wednesday to “get ready” for the Vision Pro by testing their apps with the updated tools and sending them to Apple for feedback.

Have A Look At The Product:

According to July media sources, the iPhone maker had to decrease headgear production predictions due to design complexity. Apple is preparing for its long-awaited Vision Pro mixed-reality headset launch. Ongoing production of the cutting-edge headset has been reported in China for weeks.

Sources tell Bloomberg that the goal is to have customer-ready units ready by the end of January for the official launch the following month. In June, the Vision Pro was announced at $3,499 (Rs 2,91,000) and is expected to hit the US market by early 2024.

On Wednesday, the tech giant emailed software developers to prepare for the Vision Pro. The message emphasized app testing with the latest tools and invited developers to submit their apps to Apple for evaluation.

This comes amid earlier media rumors in July that Apple may face major production forecast cutbacks owing to headset design complexity.

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All About Apple Vision Pro


Apple’s Vision Pro’s glass front and aluminum shell link smoothly to the ‘Light Seal,’ fitting the user’s face to block out external light. A little wheel adjusts the glasses, and the elastic fabric strap is comfortable. Dual-Chip Powerhouse

Dual-chip Vision Pros provide rich 3D experiences. The VisionOS system, visual algorithms, and superior graphics are powered by the Apple M2, the top VR chip. The Apple R1 chip manages camera, sensor, and microphone data with a 12-millisecond image transfer speed.

Excellent Visuals

The Vision Pro’s 23 million-pixel micro-OLED displays deliver 4K resolution for each eye, exceeding industry standards.

Precision in Interaction

Eye-tracking is precise because of LEDs and infrared cameras that reflect detailed light patterns onto the user’s eyes. This functionality lets users choose components by gaze and motion without a controller. Hand tracking with eye movements improves user intent detection. Spatial Audio Immersion

The Vision Pro’s two audio pods beside the ears provide personalized music and environmental awareness. Sensors let the spatial audio system adapt to the user’s environment for an immersive audio experience.

External Battery

A separate battery from the headset’s body reduces weight and lasts two hours. The glasses can be powered for all-day use.

Optics ID security

An advanced security system called Optic ID uses iris recognition technology to analyze and authenticate the user’s unique iris information.