Apple Will Launch The MacBook Air M3, Larger iPad Air, and iPad Pro models in 2024

In 2024, Apple will release a larger iPad Air, OLED iPad Pro, and M3-powered MacBook Air. Read on to know the specifications and details of the series.

Apple plans to release a bigger iPad Air and an OLED iPad Pro in early 2024. The company will also unveil a new MacBook Air with Apple’s M3 chip, which debuted in the revamped 14-inch MacBook Pro, new iMacs, and new accessories. Reports state that Apple will launch three new models in late March 2024 to boost demand after a market slump. Last quarter, pandemic-driven Mac sales fell 34% to $7.61 billion, and iPad sales fell 10% to $6.44 billion.’

All-new iPad Air series

The first iPad Air with two screen sizes, 10.9 and 12.9 inches, is expected to launch soon. This strategic decision gives customers more options at different prices to enjoy a more prominent display without the iPad Pro’s cost.

The iPad Pro series will continue to offer 11- and 13-inch models alongside the iPad Air. The following iPad Pro models will move from mini-LED technology using OLED panels. The M3 chip will power both Pro models, which will also be upgraded. Along with new hardware, Apple is developing new Magic accessories, including an improved Apple Pencil and two Magic Keyboards. The new aluminum Magic Keyboard gives the iPad Pro a laptop-like experience, extending its capabilities.

IPad Pro in line

Apple may release Pro iPads in the meantime. These phones will have OLED panels, which offer more colours and match iPhones from 2017. Featuring the M3 CPU from the October MacBook Pro, the high-end tablet should boost performance. Four new iPad Pro models are J717, J718, J720, and J721. They will have 11–13-inch screens and Wi-Fi/cellular.

New accessories

Apple’s next product launch will include new iPad models and updated Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard accessories to complement the iPad Pro. The third-generation Apple Pencil, codenamed B532, will follow a cheaper model released in November.

Apple’s next-generation Magic Keyboards codenamed R418 and R428, aim to make the iPad Pro more laptop-like by increasing its functionality. These keyboards will have a more robust aluminum frame for durability. The upcoming MacBook Air models, J613 and J615, will keep their 13-inch and 15-inch sizes and prioritize the M3 chip for performance.

The report suggests that macOS 14.3 will be released alongside a new gadget lineup. The software update should arrive in late January or February, but the new hardware won’t until March. Apple plans to launch its Vision Pro headset early next year in addition to the mentioned product categories. Later this year, expect an Apple Watch with blood pressure monitoring, a refreshed iPad mini, a new budget iPad, more significant and pricier iPhones, and USB-C-enabled entry-level and mid-range AirPods.