Banned TikTok prankster Mizzy Faces Legal Consequences for Breaching Criminal Behaviour Order

The Metropolitan Police detained TikTok prankster Mizzy for out-of-control behaviour. Mizzy stole a woman’s , destroyed library books, and broke into others’ cars—reprehensible pranks. Prankster Bacari Ogarro is 18 and from Hackney, north London.

TikTok prankster Mizzy’s famous prank film involved breaking into a family’s home with a group of young men. The deleted video shows the gang entering through a fence. They ignored worried mothers and children as they strode through the hallway. The clip incited widespread indignation.

TikTok prankster Mizzy: What Is It All About?

TikTok prankster Mizzy received an 18-week term at a juvenile correctional centre. Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, 19, was convicted of two counts of violating a criminal behaviour order. He was barred from disseminating personal videos without permission by the court.

The May injunction was “deliberately flouted” “within hours” by him. Mizzy commented, “The UK law is a joke.” in one video with passersby in the background. In sentencing O’Garro at Stratford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, Judge Matthew Bone said, “Put bluntly, your pranks are not funny”. Father-of-one O’Garro was barred from social media after his trial last month. Judge Matthew Bone found O’Garro’s assertion that a friend with his login information released the footage without authorisation “inconceivable”.

TikTok prankster Mizzy Previous Scandals

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The notorious TikTok prankster Mizzy has been detained for upsetting London’s observant Jews. His attempt to leapfrog a bus stop man is captured on video. Mizzy has pulled similar stunts. He approached an ordinary older woman in a park, stole her dog, and fled. The video was titled ‘How to obtain a dog for free.’ More videos show him harassing women in trains and parks.  Rude TikToker went to a library to destroy books. Security tried to stop him from riding an e-bike into Sainsbury’s. Another footage shows him entering a man’s car and calling it his Uber. After being asked to leave, he becomes belligerent.

What Was the Public’s Reaction To TikTok Prankster Mizzy Scandal?

A retired cop asked why Mizzy wasn’t in jail. Mizzy’s arrest was expected because his videos provided ample evidence.  The ‘@madmanmizzy’ TikTok account was deleted, but his 39,000-subscriber YouTube channel was online. It was later removed for violating platform regulations.  UK MPs encouraged the Met police to act against him. They think YouTube and TikTok should be held accountable for hosting irresponsible films. Police are investigating the occurrences and suspects.

How did TikTok prankster Mizzy handle the scandals?

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Mizzy posted a YouTube video in response to criticism. His remorse was minimal. Mizzy stated he wanted to startle viewers to gain followers. He even claimed to have “manifested” this attention. Mizzy described himself as an ‘intellectual,’ therefore negativity doesn’t affect him. He claims that social media interactions provide him with public attention.  Before his arrest, Mizzy said TikTok prank videos from last year were surfacing. Mushrooms transformed him, he said.

“TikToker Mizzy, 18, of Manor Road, Hackney, north London, was charged with violating a criminal behaviour order for a prank video”.

The order prohibits him from posting videos on social media without the consent of those featured. O’Gorro was arrested by a plain-clothes police officer in a Friday Twitter video referencing Wednesday and Thursday videos. O’Garro is detained for a Saturday court appearance on three counts of violating a criminal behaviour order. He admitted to one count of violating a May 11, 2022, community protection notice in court on Wednesday. His two-year criminal behaviour order from Judge Charlotte Crangle requires him not to trespass on private property or post videos on social media without the consent of the people featured.

He was fined £200, charged £80 for a victim surcharge, and told to pay £85 for costs, totalling £365. A Met Police spokeswoman said: A teenager was charged with violating a criminal behaviour order after an investigation into social media footage. Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, 18, of Manor Road, Hackney, was charged with three criminal behaviour order violations on Friday, May 26.

The Antisemitic acts from the TikTok prankster Mizzy

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The social media prankster behind Mizzygram and Mizzythemenacee played practical tricks on innocent people. “Mizzy” has ridden their bike into odd London locations like McDonald’s. They also filmed themselves approaching strangers in the cities and disrupting them to film.  One video shows O’Garro donning a black traditional Jewish hat and making antisemitic remarks. How this social media user got the hat is unknown. Shomrim community watch sought help identifying the original owner of the Hasidic hat and linking the prankster to it.

The Bottom Line

The controversial TikTok prankster Mizzy was charged with violating a criminal behaviour order for taking a woman’s dog, trashing library books, and entering private locations. People were outraged by his detention after a TikTok video showed him breaking into a family’s home. Past occurrences featured unsettling orthodox Jews and disrupting public spaces. Mizzy seemed unconcerned in a YouTube video despite widespread outrage and UK MP requests for action. He said he surprised viewers to get attention and was an ‘intellectual’ unmoved by negativity. Deactivating Mizzy’s TikTok and YouTube accounts for platform violations.

The Met Police arrested Mizzy for violating a social media ban. The order followed community protection notices and other legal procedures. Mizzy received bail, a fine, and a trial date. Legal probes into YouTube and TikTok’s hosting of such videos followed the incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did TikTok prankster Mizzy do?

Last month, Mizzy, whose actual name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, was found guilty of two counts of violating a court order preventing him from releasing a film without consent.

Was Mizzy sectioned?

O’Garro officially admitted to being sectioned under the Mental Health Act for 20 days in mid-July due to psychosis. Just out of the hospital, he was arrested on Oxford Street.