CHIPS Funding 101: What You Need To Know

In Short:

  1. CHIPS Act Funding: The CHIPS Act 2022 allocated $50 billion to bolster American research and manufacturing.
  2. Two Funding Categories: Funding supports commercial fabrication facilities and small-scale projects to enhance semiconductor capabilities.
  3. Consulting Firms Assistance: Consulting firms specializing in CHIPS funding offer support for pre-application, full-application, post-award program management, and contract administration.

As technologies constantly shift and advance, semiconductors remain essential in powering our modern world. Recognizing this vital contribution to semiconductor research and manufacturing in America, the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 allocated $50 billion towards supporting American leadership in this critical industry.

Administered by NIST and administered directly through funding grants available under this Act’s CHIPS Funding Stream program – making this funding opportunity highly attractive to entities looking forward to expanding semiconductor technologies while nurturing domestic talent and driving economic development in their respective communities.

Understanding CHIPS Funding

At its heart, CHIPS Act Funding seeks to support initiatives that enhance US semiconductor fabrication capabilities. Not limited solely to large corporations or consortia of public/private entities, ensures that all types of entities contribute to building up America’s semiconductor ecosystem.

The Two Categories of CHIPS Funding

CHIPS Funding

Commercial Fabrication Facilities:

Funding supports establishing, expanding, or modernizing commercial fabrication facilities dedicated to semiconductor fabrication—whether producing leading-edge chips or optimizing processes for mature-node semiconductors. Support is available for both activities.

Small-Scale Supply Chain Projects:

Because semiconductor production involves an intricate web of suppliers and equipment manufacturers, funding opportunities are also available for smaller-scale supply chain projects that aim to strengthen this essential aspect. Support will be given for everything from materials procurement to production equipment facilities so these crucial elements of semiconductor production remain strong.

Consulting Firms Can Help You Apply For CHIPS Funding

CHIPS funding may seem alluring, yet applying can be daunting to those unfamiliar with its application procedures or newcomers to semiconductor industries or federal grants procedures. Herein lies where consulting firms specializing in grant procurement and project management can be invaluable.

Pre-Application Support:

Consulting firms experienced in CHIPS funding can offer comprehensive pre-application support, helping potential applicants navigate its . From providing eligibility criteria clarification and proposal advice to offering tactical suggestions during proposal development – such early assistance provides the foundation for a successful submission.

Full-Application Support:

Crafting an effective grant proposal requires meticulous planning, an understanding of funding agency expectations, and complete application support from consultants knowledgeable about CHIPS funding. CHIPS funding consulting firms offer complete application support services that assist applicants in creating comprehensive proposals that align with program goals, increasing their chances of securing funds.

Post-Award Program Management:

With funding secured, program oversight becomes critical—to ensure projects progress smoothly and meet milestones efficiently. Consulting firms experienced in project management can offer invaluable help by overseeing funded initiatives while optimizing resource allocation and responding quickly to any emerging obstacles or hurdles that might come their way.

Post-Award Contract Administration:

Adherence to CHIPS funding requirements requires precise attention to detail. Consulting firms specializing in contract administration can be invaluable allies when managing grant agreements, communicating between stakeholders, and adhering to regulatory requirements.

CHIPS Funding Made Simple

The CHIPS Act Funding represents an exceptional opportunity for companies and entities looking to advance semiconductor technologies while strengthening America’s competitive advantage in this vital industry. However, successfully securing and administering CHIPS funding requires strategic foresight, technical know-how, and an in-depth knowledge of federal grant procedures.

Employing consulting firms specializing in CHIPS funding can give applicants an extra edge, expediting application processes and optimizing the impact of funded initiatives. Effectively leveraging these resources will propel our nation into an era of innovation, resilience, and technological leadership in semiconductor technologies.


The CHIPS Act Funding presents a significant opportunity to advance semiconductor technologies in the United States, fostering innovation, economic growth, and global competitiveness. With strategic guidance from consulting firms, applicants can navigate the funding process effectively and ensure impactful projects contributing to America’s leadership in this critical industry.


Who can apply for CHIPS funding?

CHIPS funding is available to a wide range of entities, including corporations, consortia, and small businesses, involved in semiconductor fabrication or supply chain enhancement.

What types of projects are eligible for funding?

Projects focused on establishing, expanding, or modernizing commercial fabrication facilities and enhancing small-scale supply chain elements in semiconductor production qualify for CHIPS funding.

Why should I seek assistance from consulting firms for CHIPS funding?

Consulting firms specializing in CHIPS funding can provide expertise in navigating application procedures, proposal development, project management, and contract administration, increasing the likelihood of successful funding acquisition.

How can consulting firms help with pre-application support?

Pre-application support from consulting firms includes clarifying eligibility criteria, providing proposal advice, and offering tactical suggestions to strengthen proposals before submission.

What services do consulting firms offer for full application support?

Consulting firms assist in crafting comprehensive grant proposals aligned with CHIPS program goals, ensuring a higher chance of securing funding through meticulous planning and understanding of agency expectations.

Why is post-award program management crucial for CHIPS funding recipients?

Post-award program management ensures funded initiatives progress smoothly, meet milestones efficiently, and optimize resource allocation, ultimately maximizing CHIPS funding’s impact on semiconductor advancements.