Crown Finale Leaves Everyone On The Edge Of Their Seats: Cast Shares Emotional Moments

The Crown“‘s series finale takes place in 2005, exactly 17 years before Queen Elizabeth II passed away. However, as Peter Morgan, the show’s creator, stated to Variety earlier this year, he felt obligated to pay tribute to the Queen’s actual passing in the program. “Everyone had experienced the funeral,” Morgan remarked. “I had to try to find a way in which the final episode dealt with the character’s death, even though she hadn’t died yet, because I knew that everyone would have felt that deeply.

After five seasons and years of hard work, the end product is a poignant finale that leaves everyone awestruck by the cinematography & exceptional acting. In the final episode, in the five minutes in which Imelda Staunton’s character, Elizabeth, 80, reflects on her life in St. George’s Chapel, the place where she will ultimately be laid to rest. She envisions her coffin and younger self, which leads to cameos from Olivia Colman and Claire Foy, the previous actresses in the role. At last, she walks the distance across the chapel floor, towards the door and into the light.

Adriano Goldman served as director of photography for the scenes, which were shot at York Minster Cathedral in April. Stephen Daldry, who also directed the show’s first two episodes, directed them. After eight years of production, Goldman expressed his happiness that Daldry made a comeback in the most recent episode, saying, “It’s full circle.”

The cinematographer spoke with Variety a few hours after the Netflix finale debuted, explaining how the group captured those last moments.

The Interview:

In the interview with Variety, the Cinematographer spoke about the sentimental final episode where the queen plans her funeral. When asked about the episode regarding the real-life death of Elizabeth II,, he said “Not inspiration from images, no. Naturally, though, I was deeply saddened by her passing. While in Barcelona, we were scheduled to begin principal photography the following day, but we were abruptly informed that it would not be taking place.” He continued, “After the season ends, you get such a strong sense of attachment to the narrative that I believe contributed to Imelda’s feelings when she saw the coffin on stage. We all experienced it so recently that you can’t avoid experiencing sadness once more.”

The series ends as the queen holds the throne until the day of her death and refuses to abdicate. Elizabeth and Prince Philip consider her legacy and the inevitable season of change that will befall the royal family in the concluding scenes of The Crown. As they talk about being buried together in their old age, the couple who have been at the center of the show since the beginning share a tender moment.