Does My Motherboard Have Bluetooth 2023 – Ways to Check

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that allows devices to exchange data and communicate with each other. Nowadays, many motherboards come with built-in Bluetooth. Also, many motherboards in the market don’t come with built-in Bluetooth.

So, the common question is, does my motherboard have Bluetooth? Yes, there are several motherboards nowadays equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also, many older gadgets and models still lack Bluetooth connections, and you may need an extra Bluetooth dongle to connect to them.

If your motherboard doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, don’t worry because many Bluetooth adapters are available. And they are plug and play, meaning all you will have to do is plugin into your computer, and they will do the rest. Bluetooth is a great way to connect to various devices.

Let’s know more about motherboards with built-in Bluetooth and how to check if your motherboard has it or not!

Does your motherboard have Bluetooth: how to check?

Just like every feature, Bluetooth needs hardware and software. If your motherboard has Bluetooth connectivity built-in, then you can tell whether your mother has Bluetooth or not by checking a couple of things on your computer.

With Device Manager

Device Manager

To check if your motherboard has Bluetooth, open Device Manager and look for a Bluetooth adapter listed. If you don’t see a Bluetooth adapter listed, your motherboard probably doesn’t have Bluetooth.

  • Press the Windows Key
  • Search for the Device Manager in the search box

With Control Panel

Let’s learn those steps and determine whether your motherboard has Bluetooth or not.

  • From your search menu, search for ‘Control Panel.’ And open the control panel
  • Inside the control panel, you will see an option called ‘Hardware and Sound’ choose this option.
  • Inside hardware and sound, you will find an option called ‘Device Manager.’
  • Inside the Device Manager, look for an option called Bluetooth.

If there is any Bluetooth option, your motherboard has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, and you can access the Bluetooth from there. However, if you do not find any Bluetooth option, your motherboard doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.

Check Your Motherboards Spec

Another way to tell if your motherboard is a Bluetooth motherboard or not is to look at the specification. If your motherboard has Bluetooth connectivity, it will be listed on your motherboard box.

If you lost your motherboard box and you are not sure whether your motherboard has Bluetooth or not, then you can search on the internet for your motherboard model.

Check if Your Mac Has BluetoothBluetooth

If you’re looking to , it’s important to check whether your computer has the necessary hardware and software. Generally, Macs from late 2010 or later will have Bluetooth built-in, and all recent versions of the OS X operating system include support for Bluetooth 4.0.

To test whether your Mac has Bluetooth functionality, open System Preferences and click on “Bluetooth.” If the list of devices shows a “Not Available” message, then your Mac doesn’t have Bluetooth enabled. You’ll need to install the free BlueDevil app from the App Store to enable wireless communication between your Mac and compatible devices.

Do motherboards come with built-in Bluetooth?

Many high-end expensive motherboards come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. However, nowadays, many mid-range or cheap motherboards have also started to come with Bluetooth connectivity. So it entirely depends on which model you are choosing.

Bluetooth is a that allows devices to transfer files and communicate with each other. Many motherboards in the market have built-in Bluetooth and will enable you to connect various devices with your computer to control and use them.

However, if you purchase a cheap motherboard, then it’s highly unlikely that you won’t get built-in Bluetooth connectivity. So, before you , check the specification for further information. Even if your motherboard doesn’t come with built-in Bluetooth, you can always purchase an external Bluetooth adapter and use that.

Is built-in Bluetooth on the motherboard good?

built-in Bluetooth

If you are planning to buy a pc or just want to upgrade your computer, you need a motherboard. When purchasing a motherboard, there are many options for you in the market. Many motherboards come with WIFI and Bluetooth. But are they good?

There are many categories of Bluetooth technology. There are Bluetooth 4 and 5. And currently, there is Bluetooth 5.1 available in the market, and they are excellent. When you want to purchase a motherboard with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you will get either Bluetooth 4, 5, or 5.1. But don’t worry because they are outstanding.

So when you are in the market for a motherboard with Bluetooth built-in, you don’t have to worry about their quality because all of them are very good. You will not even notice any difference except their connectivity range. Bluetooth 5 and 5.1 have an extended range, but other than that, they are very similar.

Can I add Bluetooth to my computer?

If you have an old computer that does not have Bluetooth connectivity or just bought a computer that does not have Bluetooth, you just realized that you need Bluetooth on your computer. Don’t worry because you can add Bluetooth to your computer whenever possible. All you need is a Bluetooth adapter and a few steps to follow.

  • Step one – The first thing you need to do is purchase a Bluetooth adapter. They are very inexpensive so try to purchase the latest one.
  • Step two – After purchasing the Bluetooth driver, you must plug it into your computer.
  • Step three – After plugging the adapter into your computer, you will see a notification installing the driver.
  • Step four – Now, wait a couple of minutes for it to install the Bluetooth adapter automatically. After your computer finishes the installation, it will notify you.
  • Step five – After completing the installation, you can turn on the Bluetooth connectivity and use the Bluetooth feature on your computer.

Can I get Bluetooth on my computer without an adapter?

If you want Bluetooth connectivity on your computer, you must purchase a Bluetooth adapter or a motherboard with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. If you don’t have either, you can not use Bluetooth on your computer.

If you have a motherboard with Bluetooth built-in, you don’t need an external Bluetooth adapter to use Bluetooth functionality. All you need to do is open your settings, turn on the Bluetooth option, and pair with the device. And after completing the pairing procedure, you will be able to use the connected device.

However, if your motherboard doesn’t have Bluetooth built-in, then the only option you have is to purchase a Bluetooth adapter and use it. Otherwise, there is no other way to use Bluetooth on your computer.

How do I enable and pair Bluetooth on my computer?

built it bluetooth

Enabling and pairing your Bluetooth functionality is very simple. There are a couple of steps that you need to follow, and that’s all. So after you get your Bluetooth functionality installed, follow these steps.

  • Step one – The first thing that you need to do is enable your Bluetooth. To do that, you will have to go to the settings and find an option called devices.
  • Step two – In the device option, you will find Bluetooth settings. Once you are Inside the Bluetooth option, turn on the Bluetooth.
  • Step three – Now that you have enabled Bluetooth pairing, you will notice in the ‘Available devices’ are a couple of devices available.
  • Step four – turn on the Bluetooth on the device you want to connect to and wait for your computer to find it.
  • Step five – You should find your device in the ‘Available devices’ area. Click on your device name, which should automatically pair with your device.

After pairing it with your device, you should be able to use it freely. Note that if you go too far, the Bluetooth will disconnect as Bluetooth has a limited range.

How to Connect to Bluetooth if It Is Not Built-In?

If you are trying to connect your Bluetooth device to your computer and it is not built-in, there are a few different ways that you can go about doing this. The first way is to .

You can find the latest drivers for Bluetooth devices on the manufacturer’s website or by searching online. If installing a driver is not an option, you can also connect your Bluetooth device directly to your computer using a USB cable.

Benefits of Having Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology has many benefits for motherboards, including increased speed and reliability. Having Bluetooth enabled on a motherboard allows wireless connections between devices, such as mice and keyboards, as well as other peripherals.

This can improve overall system performance by allowing multiple devices to work together without having to be connected via USB cables. Additionally, Bluetooth can be used to without the need for an internet connection.


1. Why does my PC not have Bluetooth?

You may not have the latest Bluetooth software or drivers installed. You can download the latest Bluetooth software by searching it online or from your device manufacturer’s website.

2. Can I install Bluetooth on a USB?

Yes, it is possible to install Bluetooth on a USB. Plug in the USB and power on your PC. Search for ‘Bluetooth installation’ in the start menu and follow the instructions to install Bluetooth.

3. Is Bluetooth faster than USB?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses radio waves to connect devices. Bluetooth is faster than USB because it doesn’t have to send lots of data over the wire. USB has to send a lot of data over the wire, so it can be slow at times.

4. Is Bluetooth as fast as Wi-Fi?

No, Bluetooth is not as fast as Wi-Fi. However, Bluetooth still offers great performance for transferring files, making phone calls, and general web surfing.

5. Is Bluetooth fast enough for gaming?

Bluetooth transmission can be a bit laggy when it comes to gaming. However, some people find that this lag allows for a more strategic gameplay experience.

Wrapping Up

There are many motherboards in the market right now that come with Bluetooth functionality built-in. And even if your motherboard doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, you can always purchase an adapter and use Bluetooth functionality.

So we hope that in this article, you got the answer: Does my motherboard have Bluetooth? The bottom line is that there are many motherboards with Bluetooth functionality built-in, but some don’t.

So just ask the seller whether this motherboard comes with Bluetooth built-in. Or you can search on the internet whether the motherboard you want to purchase has Bluetooth built-in, or you will have to purchase an external adapter to use Bluetooth.