Ebii eBike: Acer’s AI-Powered Electric Bike Can Charge Your Laptop & Phone Simultaneously!

With its detachable battery pack, the Acer Ebii manages to go 110 miles on a single charge despite its relatively light weight of 23.5 kg.

Acer’s ebii will launch in select areas in Q1 2024, rethinking e-bikes. Due to its replaceable battery, the eBike can charge your phone, , and most other devices and transport you, as announced at the Dubai Sustainability Summit. While Acer has no plans to bring eBii to India, it recently launched several .
Ebii is a unique solution that employs AI to help users find the fastest route using Google Maps and recommends bespoke riding modes, including assistance pedaling. The bike adjusts to the rider’s style to personalize the ride.

The eBII eBike costs 3999 euros in Europe. This eBike has “Air Foam” tyres to prevent flats. Bluetooth lock and unlock automatically unlock the eBike when the user approaches.

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A replaceable 460W Li-ion battery makes charging easier on the EBII. The battery also powers computers, phones, and small devices with up to 100W USB PD output. A 250W hub motor powers the bike, which can carry up to 120 kg and charge in two and a half hours. It has a 110-km range and a top speed of 25 km/h.
Additionally, the EBII contains clever sensors that detect nearby cars and flashlights, ensuring rider safety. For a more personalized ride, download the Android and iOS ebiiGo apps. Acer launched the ebii e-bike this week, expanding beyond hardware and . AI technology adjusts to riding conditions, pedaling strength, and user preference on the two-wheeler.

Acer’s “intelligent vehicle control box“—a matte-white rectangle that connects the front and back tires—powers the bike’s simple design for city dwellers seeking an eco-friendly commute: Top-mounted black seat and handlebars. Featuring a single-side hub motor and an aluminum alloy frame, the EBII weighs 35 pounds. According to Acer, its flat-free, airless tires have layered foam inserts created from closed-loop recyclable materials.

Acer's AI-Powered Electric Bike

The AI-powered ebiiAssist feature learns from pedaling power and route environment to alter motor output automatically. It also gathers data from the ebiiGO and ebiiAssist companion apps, where riders can see recommended routes, battery status, riding speed, auto-unlock settings, and three riding modes: Eco (power conservation), My ebii (brilliant balance), and Boost. MPS Energy’s replaceable, fast-charging battery can drive 68 miles in 2.5 hours. It also charges a phone or laptop and powers the bike’s safety features, including the headline, taillight, under-control-box LED display, and under-seat rear collision warning radar sensor.

The gear includes an “intelligent vehicle control box” and a lightweight aluminum frame. The EBII is one of the lighter e-bikes at 35 pounds (16 kg). The has a single “250/350 W motor with 48 V CANbus [battery]” and 40 Nm of torque, allowing it to reach 15 mph. According to Acer, the ebii can recharge in 2.5 hours and ride up to 68 miles (110 km) on a single charge. Interestingly, the battery pack can be removed to charge other devices.

Acer will add many bike safety measures. Standard headlights and taillights “automatically illuminate” at night. Another set of LED lights under the control box improves nighttime visibility. “Mounted under the seat” Rear Collision Warning radar alerts riders to automobiles or objects approaching from behind. If the e-bike is stolen, ebiiGo includes theft alerts and Find My Bike to help you find it. Users may also enable an eLock.

Launch date, pricing, and area availability are unknown. The ebii website lets you up for Acer email alerts. We don’t anticipate the eBII’s AI-equipped e-bike to be inexpensive.