Elon Musk: “X” allows you to stream gameplay videos directly from your PS5

Elon Musk has discussed popular games and streamed his playtime online. Now, he wants to make streaming gaming videos to X via PlayStation 5 easy. Read on to know more.

Since he was a little boy, Eon Musk has been an avid gamer who frequently shares his enthusiasm for the medium on various social media platforms. The proprietor of X has done everything, from discussing well-known video games to live-streaming his playtime sessions. Plus, he’s all set to streamline the process by which PS5 owners can broadcast their gaming videos straight to X. Musk replied to a tweet from a social media user who mentioned the need for a mechanism to stream gaming videos directly on X, saying that they are indeed working on it.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk to Allow Viewers to Stream Gameplay

Any possibility we can bring X to game consoles as a streaming app?,” the X user said, expressing their desire to stream videos directly to X. If it meant streaming straight from my PS5 to X, I would gladly pay the premium. Can we negotiate with gaming consoles to have X sold as a streaming app in their stores, considering that not everyone is streaming their games from a PC?

Musk responded, “Yup, we are working on it.

Major news involving the X chief’s companies has been confirmed multiple times on social media. Gamers worldwide will be ecstatic about this breakthrough, even though Musk didn’t quite say when we could stream our videos directly to X. Currently, there are better ways for PS5 players to broadcast their gameplay on social media. Streaming on Twitch is mandatory.

For PS5 players interested in starting their streaming businesses and sharing their gameplay moments with the world, Musk’s decision to allow streaming directly to X from the PS5 might be a huge deal.

Sony has terminated the PS5’s ability to connect with X

As a related point, earlier this year, Sony announced that they would stop integrating X with the PS5 and PS4. Consequently, the ability for users to upload content straight from their console was removed. Starting on November 13, the modification took effect.

The integration with X, formerly known as , will no longer function on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles as of November 13, 2023,” Sony announced on its website, announcing the discontinuation of X with its platforms. Playing X on a PS5 or PS4 allows you to access all of the content published on X and post content, see trophies, and engage in other gameplay-related activities straight from your console, or you can connect your X account to do so.