Everything You Need to Know About the Fi GPS Dog Collar

In Short

  • The Fi collar combines GPS and cellular networks to follow your on a map or send notifications when they leave a “safe zone.”
  • The collar tracks your dog’s steps, play time, exercise, distance, and calories burned.
  • Set up bespoke geo-fences in the Fi app to receive notifications when your dog leaves your yard or park. Ideal for confinement or training.
  • Flexible and waterproof, the collar band can handle regular wear and tear. A water-resistant casing protects the GPS.
  • One of the best advantages is the 3-month battery life per charge, depending on use. This lets you spend weeks or months without recharging.

The Fi GPS Dog Collar is a top-tier option for monitoring your pet and has been making waves in the pet technology industry. Because of its many capabilities, including activity tracking, real-time location tracking, and a stylish, long-lasting design, this collar has become the preferred option for dog owners who want the best for their animals. We’ll go in-depth into the Fi GPS Dog Collar in this extensive guide, reviewing its features, advantages, and anything else you should know before buying.

Fi GPS Dog Collar Specs

Fi GPS Dog Collar

Feature Description
Device Type Fi GPS Dog Collar
Tracking Technologies GPS, Wi-Fi, Cellular
Real-time Location Tracking GPS-enabled real-time location tracking
Virtual Fences Create virtual borders and safe zones with the Fi app.
Activity Monitoring Yes, track daily activity, steps, distance, and calories burnt with the accelerometer.
Water-resistant Yes, durable, waterproof construction for play, swimming, and daily usage.
Battery Life One charge can last three months, depending on usage.

The Fi GPS Dog Collar: What Is It?

A smart gadget called the Fi GPS Dog Collar helps you monitor your dog’s whereabouts and activity levels. The collar uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular technologies to track your dog’s whereabouts in real time, create virtual fences, and keep track of their daily exercise. A compact, lightweight GPS device integrated inside the collar fastens firmly to a robust, water-resistant collar band.

Important Elements

GPS tracking in real time With the Fi Collar, your dog may have precise, real-time location monitoring thanks to cutting-edge GPS technology. With the Fi app, you can track your dog’s whereabouts on a map, check how they’re doing right now (at home, out for a walk, etc.), and get notifications when they venture outside of a pre-established safe zone.

Safe zones and virtual barriers Establishing virtual borders and safe zones is one of Fi Collar’s most helpful functions. You may set up a perimeter using the Fi app around your house, yard, or any other space where your dog can go around. Your phone will immediately notify you if your dog goes outside the boundaries.

monitoring of activities Your dog may use the Fi Collar as a tracker in addition to tracking their position. With the help of the accelerometer integrated into the collar, you can track your dog’s daily activity levels and establish workout objectives. The Fi app lets you track your dog’s steps, distance, and calories burned. You can also see how active your dog is in relation to other dogs of the same breed.

Water-resistant Design

Fi GPS Dog Collar

The Fi Collar has a robust, waterproof construction that can resist anything from vigorous play to swimming, and it is made to survive the wear and tear of regular use. Your dog will find comfort in the robust, flexible material used to make the collar band, and the GPS unit itself is protected by a sturdy, water-resistant casing. The Fi Collar’s remarkable battery life is one of its best qualities. You won’t need to worry about often recharging the collar because it may last up to three months on a single charge, depending on usage. To recharge the battery when it runs low, just set the collar on the included charging base for a few hours.

Configuring and Utilizing the Fi Collar

Starting to use the Fi Collar is a simple procedure. You must download and register for an account on the Fi app (available on iOS and Android) as soon as you receive your collar.

After that, take these actions:

  • Using the included charging base, completely charge the collar.
  • Make sure the GPS device fits snugly and securely on the collar band before attaching it.
  • Create a profile for your dog on the Fi app, including details like name, breed, age, and weight.
  • Use Bluetooth to pair the collar with your phone.
  • The collar can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi while your dog is inside if you set up your home’s network in the app.
  • With the app’s mapping tool, make whatever kind of virtual fence or safe zone you’d want.
  • Put your dog’s collar on and start tracking!

You can always check your dog’s position, activity level, and other important stats with the Fi app. You may set up many user profiles on the app so that relatives or pet sitters can view your dog’s information as required.

Fi Collar Subscription Plans

Fi GPS Dog Collar

To use all Fi Collar features, you must subscribe.

Fi offers options for different needs and budgets:

  • Schedule: $8.25/month
  • One-year plan: $99 (saving $30 over monthly payments)
  • Cost: $186 for two years, $72 less per month.

All Fi subscriptions include unlimited location tracking, activity tracking, the Fi app, and customer support. You can use the collar as a regular dog collar without a subscription, but not the smart features like GPS tracking.

Actual Results

How does the Fi Collar perform in real life? User feedback and in-person testing show the collar performs well in every way. The collar connects quickly and updates position in real-time for accurate GPS tracking. When a dog leaves a safe zone, the virtual fence alerts the owner immediately. The collar accurately measures steps and distance, making activity monitoring precise. Many users say the collar can withstand hard play, swimming, and other outdoor activities. Most users can go weeks or months between charges due to the long battery life.

Long-term battery life of one month. Only functions with the collar that is included.
Able to establish several owners and safe zones. Calls for a base station.
Excellent collar construction and design.

Should I Buy It?

The Fi Smart Dog Collar has the longest battery life of any pet tracker available. Though Whistle 3’s use of home Wi-Fi as a safe zone makes me happy, I would like not to use the base station and instead use it as a charger. We’ve seen no better rival to the Whistle than this one, and we’re sure it can only grow better with more updates. Thus, the Fi shares our Editors’ Choice with the Whistle 3 if battery life is your top priority when it comes to pet tracking.


  • The Fi Collar is waterproof?

Fi Collars are watertight and resistant to rain, snow, and swimming. A water-resistant container holds the GPS unit, and the collar band is sturdy.

  • GPS tracking on the Fi Collar: how accurate?

The Fi Collar uses cutting-edge GPS technology to track your dog in real time. The collar can locate your dog within a few feet, but deep vegetation or poor cellphone connectivity may reduce accuracy.

  • Can the Fi Collar track multiple dogs?

The Fi app can track multiple pets with different Fi Collars. Just pair your phone with each dog’s collar after adding their profile to your account. All of your dogs’ location and activity information will be available to you in one handy spot.

  • How can I determine when charging is necessary for the Fi Collar?

When the battery in the collar becomes low, the Fi app will notify you. By activating the app and looking at your dog’s profile, you can easily check the battery level at any moment. To charge the battery, just set the collar on the included charging base and let it there for a few hours.

  • What happens if the Fi Collar is too small for my dog?

Dogs under 10 pounds should not wear the Fi Collar because the GPS device can be too big and heavy for them. It’s a good idea to take into account smaller, lighter alternatives like the Whistle Go Explore or Link AKC Smart Collar if your dog is on the smaller side.

  • Can I train my dog using the Fi Collar?

Although the main uses of the Fi Collar are activity tracking and location tracking, some users have found it useful for training. For instance, you may use the activity monitoring tool to give your dog a reward for reaching exercise objectives or the virtual fence feature to train your dog to stay in a certain area. The collar should be used in addition to other training techniques; it is not a replacement for appropriate training.