Explore The Latest Developments & Use Cases At MWC 2024

Key Pointers Of Mobile World Congress 2024

  • Discover the most recent innovations and practical applications of technology on display at MWC 2024.
  • Earn profit from 5G’s upgraded efficiency and ground-breaking new performance-based commercial models.
  • Find out how to use a differentiated network’s high performance using a platform of millions of applications.
  • Experience the future of open, programmable, and intelligent networks firsthand.
  • Discover how the physical and digital worlds are intertwined in the immersive 6G age through the effortless connectivity of machines and humans.
  • Learn how 5G is changing the game for business processes as well.

From February 26th to the 29th, 2024, Barcelona, Spain, will host the (MWC). As a big high-traffic event for business aviation, especially Part 91 operators, and the biggest and most prominent event for the connectivity ecosystem, MWC Barcelona is promoted as just that.

Get ready for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, a much-anticipated event centred on connection. The main goal as long-time attendees of the MWC is to provide you with as much helpful information as possible throughout your time in Barcelona. If you want your experience at the Gran Via conference centre to be smooth and effective, read this blog article where we give five pieces of vital advice. Before you go to MWC 2024, make sure you read this.

About the Mobile World Congress?

MWC 2024

One of the biggest tradeshows in the world, MWC Barcelona, is presented yearly in Barcelona by GSMA and consistently draws 100,000+ attendees. Fira de Barcelona, the city’s official exposition venue, hosts the event. Hospitalet del Llobregat, a town bordering Barcelona and part of its metropolitan region, is where the Fira Gran Vía de Barcelona congress site is located on Avenida Joan Carles. It will host the 2024 MWC. You can easily reach the Fira Gran Vía venue by private and public transportation, just 5 kilometres from the city centre.

How do you reach MWC?

The MWC at Fira Gran Via is accessible by several methods:

  • Metro: L9S (Europa Fira) and L10 (Foc).
  • Train: Station Europa/Fira by train.
  • Taxi: 15–20 minutes from Plaza Catalunya via taxi.
  • Bus: MWC Direct Bus or other bus routes.
  • Hire: Private vehicle or bus hire.

Tickets to MWC 2024 include a free public transport pass for all event days, which you may use to get to and from the airport.

What Is New at MWC 2024?

MWC 2024

Mobile activities have a theme each year. MWC 2024’s theme, Future First, emphasizes the need to unite sectors, continents, technologies, and communities to achieve future potential. This year’s MWC will cover 5G, global connection, humanizing AI, DX manufacturing, technological game changers, and digital DNA. Events, including conferences, product demos, forums, and exhibitions, will address this. In addition to the new features, the 4YFN (4 years from now), where global start-ups seek recognition and investment, and the Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO), the mobile industry’s most prestigious award, will return this year.

  • Plan Your MWC 2024 Success

MWC attracts industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries, so organize your itinerary carefully for an unforgettable event. Finding seminars, workshops, and keynotes that match your company goals and interests is crucial. Take detailed notes on speakers, activities, and booths you want to visit, personalizing your emphasis. Compile a list of firms offering a specific solution and plan booth visits to find your organization’s best fit. Due to the event’s size, exploring booths by hall or interest is best. MWC has several hallways, making navigation time-consuming. Plan your visits to save navigation time and maximize exhibitor, workshop, and session involvement. Schedule and assign visits each hall or day to maximize your time.

Tips: Download the official MWC mobile app for on-site exhibitor booth numbers. This simple tool lets you enter the exhibitor’s name and provides clear directions from A to B.

  • Monitor Connectivity Trends

To maximize your MWC experience, stay current on connection developments. MWC is known for exhibiting AI, ML, 5G/6G, edge computing, and IoT. Learn about these trends and their possible influence on your business before the event. Gaining information will allow you to have relevant MWC interactions with exhibitors and industry professionals. Our #Click2Notification Display Ad concept debuted at CES in January. Attend MWC Barcelona to see it. Keep up with AI and contextualization, which may improve content distribution and user experiences.

Tips: The Broadpeak team has professionals in several fields. Contact us at for assistance or questions. We’ll gladly assist.

  • Interact with Key Players

Explore options with exhibitors, attendees, and possible partners to meet your needs. Making a list of exhibitors you wish to see, including pioneers like Broadpeak, can help you learn more. Prioritizing your schedule ensures a productive and efficient MWC experience. MWC attracts many industry executives, technology providers, and network operators. Use this opportunity to network with industry leaders. Meet with relevant exhibitors, including Broadpeak, to discuss video content distribution needs and potential partnerships. Attend industry expert workshops and panels.

Tips: remember to download the MWC smartphone app. It has all the information regarding round tables and speaking slots; you may save them to your favourites. This function saves time and helps you organize event days.

  • Display Your USP

Besides learning and networking, MWC provides an opportunity to showcase your unique value offer. Write an elevator pitch highlighting your company’s capabilities, fantastic technology, and consumer advantages. Start conversations with exhibitors, attendees, and possible partners with this pitch to stand out in the crowd. Use an elevator pitch to explain your company’s issues. Clearly state your needs and the benefits your firm can provide to a relationship. Use social media and other digital methods to promote your MWC participation. Share event updates, thoughts, and highlights to engage a larger audience.

Tips: publish images of your team on social media (with permission). This makes you more approachable and helps people recognize your team members in person.

MWC 2024 price and tickets

The official MWC 2024 website sells tickets to companies. MWC pricing (taxes excluded):

  1. Discovery Pass: €879
  2. Leader Pass: €2,199
  3. VIP Pass: €4,899

With either MWC ticket, you may visit the exhibitor area, product demos, national pavilions, Industry City stage, and conferences and speeches (streaming or in person).

The Bottom Line

Mobile World Congress Barcelona attendees should prepare ahead for the finest parking and third-party solutions. The Mobile World Congress 2024 will shape the mobile technology sector for years. From 5G adoption to foldable gadgets and AI integration, the conference will showcase new ideas. As we await the announcements, one thing is sure: the mobile environment is about to change.


What is the Mobile World Congress and its importance?

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is the largest mobile industry event, bringing together professionals, innovators, and leaders. It showcases the newest mobile technology, from smartphones and wearables to 5G, AI, and VR. MWC sets the industry’s direction with big announcements, product launches, and conversations that shape mobile technology worldwide.

How does MWC advance 5G technology?

The MWC is crucial to 5G technologies. Attendees will see Barcelona’s newest 5G infrastructure, devices, and applications. The conference brings together telecommunications businesses, equipment makers, and other stakeholders to network, collaborate, and share expertise. MWC discussions generally centre on 5G rollout methods, use cases, and innovations which progress this disruptive technology.

How does Mobile World Congress sustainability fit in?

Sustainability is a growing subject at the Mobile World Congress. As the IT industry struggles with environmental issues, MWC allows firms to demonstrate their sustainability efforts. Eco-friendly , energy-efficient technology, and mobile device environmental effects are widely discussed. Visitors may see how mobile firms incorporate sustainability into their business strategies and products, indicating a rising environmental consciousness.