Exploring Culinary Wonders with the Cosori Air Fryer

In Shorts:

  • This Lite model delivers exceptional cooking ability and a good selection of settings in a smaller container than our top-rated Cosori Pro 4.7L air fryer.
  • A sleek, top-mounted touchscreen control panel, colorful accents, and connectivity make this high-tech device perfect for people on a budget.
  • Its 3.8L capacity accommodates 1-3 meals. However, air fryer attachments can increase its cooking space.
  • Five settings include chicken, fries, bacon, steak, and vegetables.
  • Also, handy preheat and stay warm settings. A welcome cord storage place is located on the rear of the machine.

After trying the Cosori Smart 5.8-quart Air Fryer for a month, I cooked artichoke hearts, beets, corn on the cob, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and zucchini, all of which were fantastic. Browning chickpeas, tempeh, and tofu with a bit of oil is excellent. It even reheats pizza perfectly, crisping the bottom and melting the cheese. At $119.99, the intelligent model costs $30 more than the Original edition but offers an LED touch screen with 11 presets for one-touch cooking and an app for phone-based cooking and recipe browsing. The intelligent model supports Amazon Alexa and for voice-activated cooking. It’s too big for tiny kitchens, but if you have room, it’s great.

Cosori Air Fryer Specs

Cosori Air Fryer

Capacity ‎5.8 Quarts
Material ‎Non-stick
Recommended Uses For Product ‎Reheat
Output Wattage ‎1700 Watts
Item Weight ‎5.4 Kilograms
Wattage ‎1700 Watts
Voltage ‎120 Volts
Control Method ‎Touch
Has Nonstick Coating ‎Yes
Min Temperature Setting ‎77 Degrees Celsius
Is Dishwasher Safe ‎Yes
Max Temperature Setting ‎205 Degrees Celsius
Item model number ‎CP158-AF

What is In The Box?

  • Cosori Air Fryer Unit
  • Cooking Basket
  • Drawer
  • Recipe Book
  • User Manual
  • Power Cord

How user-friendly is the Cosori Air Fryer Lite 3.8L?

Whether you’ve used air fryers before, this Cosori model is easy. The main drawer opens with a confident tug of the handle, and the control panel on top of the machine has clear, easy-to-read labeling. The touchscreen is snappy and straightforward, and connecting the air fryer to your phone is simple. The five presets are straightforward to use, but to manually set the temperature and time, press any preset button twice and use the up and down arrows. Depending on temperature, this type offers a useful two- to five-minute preheat function. The keep warm setting is available if you can’t eat your cooked food immediately. This Cosori will loudly beep when it needs to shake chips and other vegetables while cooking. Each setting has default cooking times and temperatures. A complete recipe book comes with this air fryer, but we would have liked detailed preparation instructions for the preset recipes to give it the most excellent chance. We overcooked some meals during testing.

Cosori Air Fryer Results

This air fryer hums while heating up and cooks quietly despite a few alarms. We cooked chicken, chips, bacon, and aubergine using presets. The halloumi was manually set. An average-sized chicken breast cooked well in this air fryer. It was moist and evenly cooked after 13 minutes. The 210C cooking temperature dried up the chicken breast’s outer layer.

Chips were evenly fried and cooked in the middle, although the exterior browning might have been better. No one complained about our bacon test. We monitored the progress of each component and stopped cooking a couple of minutes before the timer expired. We recommend lowering the cooking time or temperature to accommodate this model’s power. We fried thick aubergine slices in each air fryer quadrant on the vegetable setting. The vegetables preset had a shake alarm, so we flipped the aubergine slices halfway through cooking for equal cooking. After cooking, the slices were uniformly done; however, the bottom right corner of the air fryer cooked hotter, making the aubergine darker. This Cosori beeps three times after cooking all the ingredients.

How eco-friendly is the Cosori Air Fryer Lite 3.8L?

We ran this Cosori model on manual air fry for 10 minutes, and it cost 2.2p, making it one of the cheapest versions we’ve tested. Email and phone assistance are included with the two-year guarantee. One drawback of this model was its excessive packing.

Cosori Air Fryer Design and Specifications

Cosori Air Fryer

The VeSync app on Google Play and the App Store makes the Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer Alexa- and Wi-Fi-enabled. Remote appliance control, intelligent monitoring, delayed start, and over 100 recipes are included. The Cosori WiFi-enabled air fryer can hold up to 6 pounds of food in its 5.8-quart interior despite its huge size (13 inches high by 11 inches deep by 11 inches wide with a two-inch drawer handle). Additionally, it fits under most cabinets. The air fryer contains 11 settings for seafood, sweets, bacon, frozen items, and more and cooks from 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The 60-minute timer should be sufficient for most usage. A light appears halfway through cooking to remind you to shake the basket for even cooking. You can also receive phone notifications.

Using Cosori Smart Air Fryer

Cosori Air Fryer

Cosori Smart Air Fryer may be controlled via the display buttons, VeSync app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant voice requests. The app has a large orange Start Cooking button at the bottom. Tap that to adjust the temperature and time manually, use the preset settings at the top, and toggle preheat. After you tap Cook Now, the air fryer’s screen will show your settings. The only downside is that while using the app, you have to manually push the air fryer’s Start button to start it. Interestingly, voice instructions don’t require this.

You may use Alexa or Google Assistant to manage the machine by saying, “Air fry for 15 minutes at 400 degrees,” “Add 30 minutes to my air fryer,” “Pause my air fryer,” “What temperature is my air fryer set to,” or “When will the food in my air fryer be done.” Alexa responded well to voice instructions in testing. Instead of using the app or voice instructions, I use the touch screen to control the air fryer. I like the intelligent features, although I only sometimes utilize them in the kitchen. However, the smart device’s touchscreen and preset buttons are convenient and justify the $30 price premium over the dial-controlled variant.

Remember that I only used the air fryer to cook veggies and plant-based proteins, which cook quickly. The remote monitoring and control tools may be more handy for making longer items like a complete chicken. Cosori suggests testing the air fryer before your first usage to understand how to operate it, ensure it works, and clear any residue. According to the business, hit the Preheat button (defaults to 400 degrees for 5 minutes), remove the baskets and let them cool, put them back in the machine, press the Steak button (defaults to 400 degrees for 6 minutes), and let it run until it’s done for the test run.

Instead, I started with potato wedges. My first usage of the machine produced some smoke therefore, I should have included the test run. The instruction handbook says it’s typical for the air fryer to produce white smoke when first used. Cooking fatty meals or improperly cleaned oven baskets might also cause this.

I followed a Pinterest recipe to air-fried potato wedges at 400 degrees for 16 minutes, shaking halfway through. They cooked swiftly and crispy with only one teaspoon of oil per pound of potatoes.

Cosori Air Fryer Setting Up Process

Within 10 minutes of opening the package, I made tater tots on my phone. The setup is simple. Remove the package, wash the drawer and basket, plug it in, download the VeSync app, and connect to the air fryer. I had no issues, which is impressive, given smart gadgets sometimes have difficulties connecting or require extensive software upgrades.

Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer Review

Cosori Air Fryer

As you’ve seen, the VeSync app connects to the Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer over Wi-Fi, making it unique. The app contains hundreds of breakfast, appetizer, entrée, side, and dessert dishes. The app provides step-by-step recipe instructions, including air fryer control. Access your recipe history and store your favorites in the app. VeSync notifies your phone when your food is ready.

Flexible meal planning up to four hours in advance is another great feature. If the ingredients are safe at room temperature, you may load your creation into the basket and set the air fryer to cook later. I test air fryers with a few recipes. First, the toast test shows how uniformly and quickly the air fryer cooks. I put a slice of bread in the air fryer and inspect it every minute. Lovely bread was uniformly toasted and ready to eat after four minutes in this test.

Using Yukon gold potatoes, I produced two pounds of homemade French fries. It took 30 minutes to make the fries crispy and golden. My kindergartener devoured them. Blackened chicken is recipe three. Air-frying two pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts with Cajun spice. I use wireless breast probe thermometers to know when they’re done. The interior temperature was safe after 25 minutes. The chicken was delicious and moist.

The outside stays cold during frying, another hallmark of an effective air fryer. Indeed, with the Cosori air fryer. The rear vent was the lone hot location. Except for that, the device used all its heat to cook my dinner. Though I handwash kitchen goods to prolong their life, I occasionally need more time and energy. I appreciate that the Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer basket and drawer fit in the dishwasher. Handwashing these parts is easy when I’m inspired.

Pros and Cons of Cosori Air Fryer Lite 3.8L

Pros Cons
Exceptional cooking ability. Detailed preparation instructions for presets could be improved.
Sleek design with a top-mounted touchscreen. Some meals may be overcooked initially; adjusting timings is recommended.
WiFi connectivity for added convenience. Excessive packing was noted as a drawback.
3.8L capacity for 1-3 meals.
Cord storage place for added convenience.

Should I Buy It?

For a tiny, easy-to-use, low-cost air fryer, this Cosori model is ideal. It’s quiet, easy to operate, and trim on the kitchen counter. It cooks well, but don’t rely on the defaults; explore and monitor your food’s progress the first few times. Since timings and temperatures are too powerful, use them as a guide.


  1. How much space does the Cosori Air Fryer Lite 3.8L have?

With a 3.8L capacity, the Cosori Air Fryer Lite is ideal for one to three meals. It also accommodates an extra cooking area when using accessories like air fryers.

  1. In what ways is the Cosori Air Fryer Lite easy to use?

With its simple settings and easy-to-read touchscreen control panel, the Cosori Air Fryer Lite is an uncomplicated appliance. It’s easy to connect it to your phone.

  1. What cooking options does the Cosori Air Fryer Lite offer?

There are five settings available for chicken, fries, bacon, steak, and veggies. It has stay-warm and preheat settings as well.

  1. is the Cosori Air Fryer Lite environmentally friendly in terms of energy use?

Yes, the Cosori Air Fryer Lite is economical; out of the evaluated models, it costs 2.2p and operates for 10 minutes.