Forza Motorsport 6: The Greatest Race Story

In Short

  • The most recent entry in Microsoft’s top racing game series for the Xbox One is called Forza Motorsport 6.
  • Forza 6 is billed as the most realistic and thrilling racing simulation, with over 460 vehicles on 24 courses, new weather effects, and a range of racing disciplines.
  • Avoid showing it to a PlayStation 4 owner despondently awaiting Gran Turismo 7. Because Forza 6 gives Xbox One owners extensive bragging rights for now. It may be the finest racing game ever.

Forza 6’s Drivatars—A.I. racers that mimic your friends’ driving—teach you to expect the unexpected. Like you on a bad day, every Drivatar can deviate. A first-place driver can make a mistake that gives you the race lead. On the other hand, a racer may master a track and lead from lap one to last, leaving you in their dust. I laughed in resignation when I finished second in these instances. I liked this new Drivatar because it reminded me there are always new learning challenges and possibilities.

Forza Motorsport 6

Forza 6 review

Forza’s penalty system makes it more approachable than Gran Turismo. Forza 6 opposes punishment like the ‘good cop’ father. Instead, it rewards you with points for challenging yourself by turning off aids or raising A.I. difficulty. Even if you’ve been with the game since the beginning but couldn’t turn off assistance, Forza 6 doesn’t shame you for using them. The prospect of future prizes motivates you to drive more innovative and better.

Magnificent Images and Effects

The visuals in Forza 6 are one of its best qualities. With a resounding 1080p and 60 frames per second, the detail is just incredible. Forza 6 raises the bar for visual quality with its dynamically produced rain and night racing effects and realistically drawn automobile interiors in Forzavista mode. Driving in rainy conditions is intense and complex because water puddles all over the track trying to pull your car away from the best racing line. Similarly, night races demand skill and expertise to negotiate turns that appear out of the shadows.

Excellent Customization and Variety of Cars

Forza 6 review

You may drive your garage with Over 460 automobiles in Forza 6, ranging from current hypercars and race-tuned vehicles to iconic antiques. You may personalize the look of your automobiles with bespoke paint jobs or tune them up. The new additions include the Tyrrell P34 six-wheeled F1 vehicle and historic racers like the Auto Union Type D. Additionally, the mode lets you explore a variety of racing disciplines by showcasing various cars and race forms, such as endurance racing. Forza 6 offers something for any racing enthusiast, regardless of whether they like cutting-edge prototypes or vintage muscle cars.

Showcase Events Increase Diverseness

Forza 6 review

Showcase Events, new to Forza 6, are unique challenges meant to showcase collectable vehicles and racing series. These events offer a welcome diversity to the single-player career outside the main championship advancement, ranging from brief demonstrations to complete endurance races. You may drive vehicles and race automobiles in showcases that you might not have thought to put in your garage otherwise. Showcase events offer the ideal distraction if you are bored with circuit racing.

Both multiplayer and community

Forza’s primary goal is to create a community of drivers and auto lovers. The fierce pleasure of racing head-to-head against friends and competitors is recreated in multiplayer racing, which operates flawlessly even against opponents worldwide. In split-screen mode, local couch competition is also possible. You may race computer-generated avatars of other players offline in Forza 6 to experience the thrill of genuine multiplayer competition, even while you’re playing alone. The game learns your driving style and generates Drivatar AI profiles. Forza 6 offers a unique blend of community, customization, and networking that elevates your experience with vehicles and racing culture.

Forza 6 review: Mod advancement

The overall organization of Forza 6 is likewise flawless. From hot hatches to rear-drive Japanese convertibles, you may pick from various vehicles at the beginning of the game, all of which have about the same power. To advance in Career mode, you must place among the top three finishers in each race. You can also adjust driver aids, which has an impact on the amount of experience points you can gain, upgrade every part of your vehicle in a Gran Turismo-style manner, apply some hilarious liveries (the Derbyshire Constabulary jam sandwich is our personal favourite), and use rewinds. However, you can disable them to get more experience points. Forza 6’s premise of Mods—which you can acquire or purchase with in-game currency—is the only absolute novelty.

They are available in packs and fall into two categories: persistent ones and exclusive to a race.

They provide you with things like percentage gains in braking or grip or extra points, and they may be accommodating, for example, if you’re racing a vintage 1960s classic with little grip. Moreover, you may strategically acquire harmful mods that, for example, weaken your grip, yet should you manage to win races while using them, you will significantly increase your experience points. As soon as you reach a higher level, you can participate in Prize Spins to win in-game cash or a car (which would usually require days of gameplay before you could afford it). This is a feature that was taken directly from Forza Horizon. After that, you can access Showcase Events, which could include driving an Indianapolis 500 or competing against Stig from Top Gear.

Forza 6 review: Outstanding songs

Forza 6 review

The racing series travels the globe, visiting some of the greatest raceways, such as Watkins Glen, Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Indianapolis, and the Top Gear test track. There are also some beautiful city circuits, with Prague standing out as a standout. Forza 6 has a highly robust rest of the game, with five “Volumes” that range from pretty standard road machinery to exotica like Indycars and endurance races. The Career mode difficulty curve is particularly impressive. Forza 6 is also excellent over the internet. It provides various racing formulas, such as drifting and drag racing, and creating leagues with your friends is simple. It appears that matchmaking functions effectively, and there is very little bugginess. It’s difficult to find anything wrong with Forza Motorsport 6. Although it still seems a little too crisp and glossy, it now incorporates realistic damage modelling, which is optional and will provide you with extra experience points. You may still “brake” by running into opponents if you don’t turn that on, but at least the game gives you credit for smooth overtakes and rates your cornering.

Pros Cons
Realistic and Thrilling Simulation Exclusive to Xbox One, not on PlayStation 4
Dynamic Drivatars for Unpredictability It may feel too polished for some
Approachable Penalty System Limited damage modelling (optional)
Magnificent Visuals and Effects Crisp graphics may lack gritty realism
Extensive Customization and Car Variety Exclusive to Xbox One
Showcase Events for Diverse Challenges Graphics may appear overly polished
Multiplayer and Community Integration Limited real-world motorsport portrayal
Well-Organized Career Mode It may lack the raw feel of some competitors
Innovative Mod Advancement
Outstanding Soundtrack
Varied Racing Formats and Locations
Active Community Engagement

Should I Get It?

Although the graphics in Forza games have always been outstanding, Forza 6 looks significant. The vehicles and circuits have incredible detail, and the lighting in the game is beyond amazing. It’s true that Forza 6 still has a more polished appearance than Project Cars; it doesn’t portray the gritty reality of real-world motorsport, but its graphics are so unique that any critique feels petty. Ultimately, Turn Ten has perfected the handling, enabling you to manoeuvre rear-wheel drive vehicles into corners like superbikes and cause lift-off oversteering and understeering in four-wheel drive vehicles by adjusting the turn-in and throttle aggressiveness.

Forza’s cockpit perspective has also been masterfully executed by Turn 10 for the first time, with no need even considering examining any other angle in Forza 6. You might argue that Project Cars offers somewhat more significant handling input, but Forza has long since been relegated to the past.

In summary

With its stunning new graphics, unmatched assortment of cars, cutting-edge racing formats, and active community, Forza Motorsport 6 stands as the new benchmark for racing simulation games. Forza 6 is an immensely varied experience that allows players to explore racing in whichever way ignites their passion for automobiles, regardless of whether they are ardent fans of the series or beginners. Forza 6 is a must-have game for racing game lovers who own an Xbox One.


Why are Forza 6 Drivatars important?

A.I. racers called Drivatars replicate your friends’ driving tactics, making races unexpected and interesting. The possibility of first-place drivers making mistakes adds a surprising and interesting aspect.

How do penalties compare to Gran Turismo in Forza 6?

Forza 6’s punishment system encourages players to challenge themselves, turn off assistance, or increase A.I. difficulty rather than punishing mistakes. Players are encouraged to drive better with this approach.

How does Forza 6’s graphics differ from others?

Forza 6 has outstanding 1080p and 60 FPS graphics. In Forzavista mode, dramatic rain and night racing effects and realistic car interiors create an immersive and visually spectacular experience.

How varied is Forza 6 automobile customization?

Drivers may choose from over 460 automobiles in Forza 6, including hypercars, racecars, and antiques. Custom paint treatments and tuning choices appeal to prototype and vintage car fans in the game.

What are Forza 6 Showcase Events?

Showcase Events are unique challenges for collector cars and racing series. These events range from simple demos to full endurance races outside of professional development.

How does Forza 6 improve multiplayer and community?

Forza 6 promotes driver and motor enthusiast communities. Split-screen options and faultless multiplayer racing against friends and worldwide opponents are included. For better multiplayer, it learns your driving style to create Drivatar AI profiles.