Generative AI smartphone shipments to exceed 100 mn in 2024

In addition to the conventional AI in smartphones, the paper predicts the arrival of smartphones optimized to operate on Generative AI models.

There is an expectation that GenAI smartphones will see a doubling of their market share in 2023, from 4% to 8%.

A steep learning curve and quick evolution

The survey has further highlighted the possibility of a considerable increase in marketing efforts and enthusiasm surrounding generative AI devices in the coming year, even though they only make up a small proportion of the entire smartphone market at the moment.  The Research Director, Tarun Pathak, has predicted that 2026 will mark a turning point, with GenAI devices dominating all price points.

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Phone features developed by GenAI

Another group of forthcoming smartphones that will use Generative AI to generate content is the GenAI smartphones. This makes them stand out from that mostly respond to commands or carry out predetermined activities.  These mobile devices include dedicated hardware for running AI models that are optimized for smaller screens.

Road maps for OEMs

Important parts of the GenAI environment are anticipated to center on applications for personal assistants, live translation, picture generation, and information delivery. The current product offerings and capabilities of industry heavyweights like Qualcomm and Samsung place them at the forefront of the short-term race.

New applications of GenAI

The paper goes on to say that cell phones, which employ in a more conventional sense, have been fine-tuned to run GenAI models. Among the many possible applications are the development of individualized content, the improvement of digital assistants through the introduction of distinct personalities and speech patterns, the suggestion of relevant material, and similar tasks.

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While AI has been available on smartphones for a while, VP and research director Peter Richardson has stressed that the industry is currently seeing a shift towards smartphones optimized to operate on GenAI models, which opens up new possibilities for user experiences.

GenAI on smartphones will most certainly be used for a variety of purposes, according to VP and Research Director Peter Richardson. These include the development of more personalized content, the enhancement of digital assistants with distinct personalities and conversational styles, the provision of content suggestions, and much more.

For the past many years, AI has been available on smartphones. In addition to the usual application of AI in smartphones, we are now anticipating the arrival of smartphones that are optimized to run GenAI models,” stated Peter Richardson, VP and Research Director. He went on to say that some of the possible applications include making suggestions for material, developing digital assistants with distinct personalities and ways of speaking, and making more personalized content.