Google Messages Will Soon Allow You To Edit A Sent Message!

Android devices’ default messaging app, Google Messaging, may get a WhatsApp-like functionality that allows you to edit sent messages. Read on to know more!

Google Messages, a popular app for sending and receiving photos, videos, and texts, may soon have an ‘Edit’ capability like WhatsApp. The SPAndroid found code in a beta version that suggests text message editing.

The tech giant introduced four settings to the app that don’t work: ‘bugle.enable_edit_ui’, ‘bugle.load_edit_history’, ‘bugle.process_outgoing_edits’, and ‘bugle.process_incoming_edits’. Google has end-to-end encryption; therefore, RCS may allow message modification. Editing sent messages is in development and has no release date.

A tipster shares a post:

Google Messages may not have a time limit like iMessage and WhatsApp, which allow two and fifteen minutes to edit messages. The receiver may not see the edit history. Google has not revealed a way to erase sent texts like WhatsApp and iMessage.Recent updates to Google Messages include Photomoji, which turns images into stickers and reactions. Using Garmin’s emergency SOS satellite service, the tech giant added satellite-based text messaging to its app.

According to code uncovered by TheSpAndroid, Google may be adding the ability to edit text messages to its Messages app. On November 19, a beta version of the app referenced the feature, and four flags appear to reference it, but enabling them doesn’t work.

Other messaging apps are adding message editing support, indicating the feature is under development. Last year, iOS 16 allowed iMessage users to modify sent messages, and WhatsApp followed suit in 2023. You have two minutes for iMessage and 15 for WhatsApp to amend delivered messages. Google doesn’t appear to let you remove sent messages, unlike these alternatives. The Verge’s request for comment from Google was not immediately responded to, and it’s unclear how the company would implement the function. Whether recipients may see edit histories or have a time limit for amending messages is unknown.

TheSpAndroid found a code fragment that implies the feature will work with RCS: “original_rcs_messages_id.

Although incorporating the feature into Messages is not assured, it would undoubtedly enhance the app. This is particularly noteworthy given that Messages would be falling behind messaging applications such as WhatsApp that already provide this functionality. As messaging apps become increasingly significant, they must allow message editing. However, Google did not comment on this future functionality, which may limit message editing time. The other user may not be able to view the original message or how and when it was updated. Samsung’s default messaging app supports RCS, although message editing is unknown.

iMessage is the only first-party means to use current messaging features like typing indicators, stickers, location sharing, group chatting, voice messages, and support for higher-resolution photos and videos on iPhone. RCS is on Android. RCS use will undoubtedly skyrocket once Apple adds it to iPhones. It will also bridge Android and iPhone users.