Google Play Movies & TV Finally Bids GOODBYE To Google

The Google Play Movies and TV app will shut down soon. The business has moved Android and iOS customers to the Google TV app and started deleting the app from multiple platforms. The app is also being pulled from Roku and smart TVs.

You may rent, watch, and buy movies and TV shows on Android TV, which Google made the default in 2022. Google Play Movies and TV will soon be unavailable on all devices, according to a blog post by the tech company. Everything you purchased when the service was live is still accessible.

How to Access Purchased Content?

Google has a straightforward mechanism to access bought material. Android TV users can browse their purchases on the Shop Tab’s ‘Your Library’ row. You can watch your purchased video on YouTube using a web browser or Android TV set-top box. However, Google is consolidating its entertainment apps, which will likely simplify things over time. Apple’s TV app lets you rent and buy movies and TV series with Apple TV Plus.

Google will abandon Google Play Movies & TV. By October, it had migrated Android and iOS users to Google TV, deleted it off Roku and most smart TVs, and removed it from Android TV. However, Google recently published a support post explaining how you can watch your Google Play Movies & TV purchases when the brand closes in January.

Google says Android TV-powered TVs and streaming devices may watch purchased or rented content via the Shop page starting January 17. YouTube will be available to watch/rent on cable or Android TV set-top boxes starting that day. Also, visit YouTube in a browser.

Google Play Movies & TV has been losing customers for a while, and 9to5Google says the Android TV Google Play Movies & TV app has started referring to the Shop tab, so hopefully these changes won’t be too startling. It’s better than Sony’s declaration that it will remove Discovery content consumers paid for from their collections because you’ll still be able to see what you bought. Google isn’t alone in consolidating entertainment apps and platforms. Apple updated its TV app to let you access Apple TV Plus and buy and rent movies and series.

This decision follows Google’s earlier transfer of Android and iOS users to the Google TV app, removal from Roku and most smart TVs, and October pullout from Android TV. The corporation stated that the modifications simplify movie purchases and access.

From January 17, 2024, the Shop tab will be the main center for watching already-acquired titles and buying and renting new Android TV movies. Google promised to make purchased titles, including active rentals, easy to find in the Shop tab’s Your Library row. Beginning January 17, the YouTube app will be used to watch previously purchased films, and buy, and rent new Google movies. YouTube app users can view their purchased content, including active rentals. Google recommends confirming YouTube service availability in their regions.