Hollywood Star Breckin Meyer’s Journey

In Short

  • Breckin Meyer was born on May 7, 1974. A regular Midwest American family raised him. Breckin didn’t realize his route would bring him to Hollywood and movie success as a young guy.
  • Breckin began performing as a teenager. Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare was his debut film performance in 1991. It was modest, yet it inspired Breckin. He wanted to perform professionally after realizing he enjoyed it.
  • Breckin moved to California to become an actor after high school. The adventure started hard. Breckin had to work hard and play tiny roles like many Hollywood actors. The patience and commitment paid off.

Breckin Meyer, a prominent and wealthy actor, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 7, 1974. Producer, actor, writer, and drummer who won an Emmy for Robot Chicken: Star Wars. He appeared in 54 Rat Race, Go, Clueless, and Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. In Kate & Leopold, he played Meg Ryan’s brother.

Breckin Meyer About

Breckin Meyer

Full Name Breckin Meyer
Date of Birth May 7,
Age 49 Years, 10 Months, 6 Days
Birthplace Minneapolis
Birth City Minnesota
Country United States
Horoscope Taurus

Success and Fame

After appearing in Clueless in 1995, Breckin broke through. He plays Travis Birkenstock, a skateboarding stoner, in this film. Breckin’s quirky, laid-back act won over crowds. After Clueless, the young actor had additional chances. His other successful 1990s films include The Craft, Escape from L.A., and Dancer, Texas Pop. 81. Breckin was cast as the “cool stoner dude” repeatedly due to his easygoing nature. Breckin’s star rose in the 2000s. He led comedic successes Road Trip and Garfield: The Movie. Fans liked seeing the silly man they had grown to know. Breckin was well-known.

Performer with Talent

Breckin Meyer

Though acting was his love, Breckin also experimented with other mediums. He’s a skilled drummer who’s toured with Tom Morello. Breckin voiced several cartoon characters, including Robot Chicken. The actor has written and produced. He owns a producing firm with his buddies Ryan Phillippe and Seth Green. This gives Breckin additional project choices.

Earthy Star

Breckin Meyer remains modest despite his Hollywood stardom. He credits his regular Midwestern background for keeping him level-headed in fame and money. Breckin married screenwriter Deborah Kaplan in 2001. They divorced in 2014 after repeated separations, yet had two kids. Actress Linsey Godfrey is Breckin’s new love. Breckin, 48, still acts in movies and TV. His silly charisma and youthful appearance make him popular in entertainment. Fans expect Breckin to provide another spectacular and humorous performance in his upcoming endeavors.

Breckin Meyer’s Zodiac Sign

Breckin Meyer is a Gemini born June 7. This star is versatile, chatty, smart, and funny. These Gemini attributes helped Breckin succeed in acting. Gemini Breckin is naturally good at communicating. This helps him remember lines, bond with directors and co-stars, and feel his character’s emotions. Geminis are social, which has helped Breckin make industry friends. An actor who has played stoners, vocal characters, and romantic leads would love Geminis’ adaptability. Geminis dislike boredom and conformity. Breckin’s movie persona transformation shows his Gemini nature.

Contrary to popular belief, Breckin has spent decades proving that Geminis are focused, diligent, and committed to their job. Each new project receives his complete attention, like any great professional. Breckin’s Gemini traits will shine through on his June birthday. Fans anxiously await his next crazy, cool, or thought-provoking character!

Impressive Breckin Meyer Net Worth

Breckin Meyer

Breckin Meyer has a $4 million net worth from his Hollywood accomplishments. His profits came from starring in successful movies and TV series since the 1990s. Breckin’s biggest hits are Road Trip and Garfield: The Movie. The first Garfield picture made over $200 million worldwide. Leading roles in blockbusters have boosted Breckin’s cash account. The actor has also made significant money from TV roles. He and Mark-Paul Gosselaar appeared on Franklin & Bash for numerous seasons. Regular TV parts pay considerably, especially for stars.

Besides acting, Breckin gets money as a voice actor and producer. Robot Chicken is one of his voice credits. He also has a production firm that lets him perform and produce. Successful Hollywood actors earn enormous salaries, but that’s only one reward. Famous people get luxury, freebies, unique access, and more. Breckin’s pay certainly surpasses his $4 million net worth. At 48, Breckin still works in entertainment. His net worth will climb as long as he books jobs and creates material. The excellent actor enjoys a nice lifestyle and future due to his early and long-term success.

Reckin Meyer Dating Who?

Breckin Meyer was wed to Deborah Kaplan. Breckin Meyers is single as of February 1, 2024.  We have no Breckin Meyer dating history. You could help us create Breckin Meyer’s dating records! Meyer plays drums for Tom Morello’s Nightwatchman side band, The Freedom Fighter Orchestra. He joined Morello on The Nightwatchman’s 2008 Justice Tour. He features in Street Sweeper Social Club’s “100 Little Curses” and “Promenade” videos.

Off-screen Hobbies of Breckin

Although best recognized for acting, Breckin Meyer has many other interests and abilities. His artistic activities have allowed him to explore different parts of himself throughout time. Breckin has always loved music. He is a talented drummer who has performed with Tom Morello. Breckin drummed with Morello’s band, The Nightwatchman, on their 2008 Justice Tour.

Breckin likes outdoor activities in his leisure time. He has enjoyed skateboarding since his teens, bringing him youth and joy. When time allows, the actor enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time in nature. Breckin also cares about politics and society. He starred in Blue State, which was about the 2004 presidential race between John Kerry and George W. Bush. It was satirized that liberal Americans would move to Canada if Bush won, which Breckin’s character did. Breckin incorporates profound topics and sentiments throughout his art. He expresses his ideals publicly rather than seeking fame and money. He is passionate about global human rights and environmental and political concerns.

Breckin also donates personally. He joined PETA to fight animal abuse. The actor believes his success should benefit others. With so many hobbies and interests off camera, Breckin Meyer is a Renaissance guy. Beyond acting, he excels in music, social activity, athletics, and more. Breckin is engaging and diverse on and off film due to his creative love for life.


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Breckin Meyer’s rise from Midwestern beginnings to Hollywood success is a remarkable American narrative. The gifted actor has charmed audiences for 30 years with his comic talents, variety, and likability. Breckin is still going strong at 48. His $4 million net worth keeps him getting parts from the entertainment business that found him in the 1990s. Fans anticipate his next humorous or thought-provoking performance.

Breckin is a musician, outdoorsman, activist, creative visionary, and actor. His many interests and hobbies show he’s not a normal star. Breckin expresses principles and gives back with his popularity and prosperity. Though the road from Minneapolis to Los Angeles was difficult, Breckin Meyer’s patience, devotion, and genuineness helped him succeed in Hollywood. He continues to inspire young entertainers worldwide. Breckin’s tale shows that anything is achievable with perseverance and Gemini charm.


What are some of his top entertainment achievements?

/Breckin Meyer’s career changed following “Clueless.” He followed his popularity with “Road Trip” and “Garfield: The Movie” in the 2000s. He was also a drummer, voice actor, writer, and producer. His accomplishments include an Emmy for “Robot Chicken: Star Wars” and a production company alongside Ryan Phillippe and Seth Green.

What drove Breckin Meyer to work in Hollywood, and how did his early years affect his success?

“Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare,” Breckin Meyer’s 1991 debut, motivated him to work in Hollywood. In California, he worked hard and broke through with films like “Clueless” in 1995 after starting with small roles.

How does Breckin Meyer juggle acting, other creative interests, and philanthropy?

Breckin Meyer is an actor, drummer, voice actor, and producer. In addition to his work, he enjoys music, outdoor activities, and politics. Breckin donates to PETA to stop animal abuse. His wide range of interests and commitment to important issues demonstrate his well-rounded and involved existence outside of entertainment.

How does Breckin Meyer handle stardom, and how has his Midwestern upbringing shaped his humility?

Breckin Meyer owes his humility to his Midwestern upbringing, despite his Hollywood success. He stresses keeping calm in fame and money. His family, marriage to playwright Deborah Kaplan, and current partnership with actress Linsey Godfrey show his grounded attitude to life.