How I Met Your Father Star, Hilary Duff Announces Her Fourth Pregnancy

American Singer and actress Hilary Duff announced her fourth baby in an Instagram post & fans have been going crazy over the news. The 36-year-old singer shared the first glimpse of her growing baby bump on her on Tuesday, following her announcement that she is expecting her fourth child—her third with husband Matthew Koma.

Singer Duff posted a selfie of herself in bed flaunting her baby bump in a white tank top, revealing her just hours after she announced her pregnancy.

She wrote, “Been trying to hide this one since a while,” as the photo’s caption.

Earlier, she did give a gist to her fans about her pregnancy when she posted a photo on Instagram of her . The Singer posted a picture of her family’s card to Instagram, revealing that she and Koma were growing their family even more.


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The image on the card shows Duff posing in a bedroom with her three children and Koma while they are all dressed in pajamas. Her husband sits on the bed, one eyebrow raised, while she pulls a shocked face with one hand on her growing baby bump.

Hilary has 3 children, two daughters & one son with her husband Matthew Koma whom she married in 2019. In the photo, their 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter Mae is sitting on the ground with a guitar, and their 4-year-old daughter Banks is hanging from the bed. Duff’s 11-year-old son Luca, who he shares with his ex-husband Mike Comrie, is seen using a video game controller while lounging in an armchair.

The card says, “So much for silent nights,” on the front. Duff also showed off the card’s reverse, which said, “Happy Holidays.” Get ready, Buttercups—we’re bringing one more crazy person into the mix!” and included pictures of her three kids in isolation. The star of How I Met Your Father captioned the announcement post, saying, “Surprise Surprise!

After sharing her exciting news, Duff received a barrage of congratulations from her celebrity friends, including Alyson Stoner, who co-starred with her in Cheaper by the Dozen.