How Is Ed Sheeran’s Wife Following Her Disclosure Regarding Her Cancer Diagnosis Today?

In Short:

  • Cherry Seaborn lives discreetly. Despite marrying a famous musician, Seaborn avoids social media and public appearances. She values privacy by keeping her personal life private.
  • Seaborn succeeded academically and professionally. She earned a master’s at Duke University in North Carolina after graduating from Durham University in the UK. After that, Seaborn joined Deloitte Wall Street. As the World Climate team manager, she is intelligent and passionate about the environment.
  • Seaborn excels academically, professionally, and athletically. She led her college field hockey team to British University titles in 2012 and 2013. Field hockey is her hobby, demonstrating her versatility outside of her job and family.
  • His wife, Cherry Seaborn, inspired many of Ed Sheeran’s songs. Sheeran’s album Divide’s “Perfect” was inspired by a Seaborn party. Sheeran’s “Remember the Name” and the 2023 album “Autumn Variations” show her influence. Seaborn’s effect on Sheeran’s songs reveals their closeness and her inspiration in good times and bad.

From their childhood love to their Hollywood marriage, Cherry Seaborn, Ed Sheeran’s mystery wife, has captivated audiences worldwide. Due to her reclusiveness, Cherry Seaborn has artfully avoided red carpets and social media. Despite her restraint, she inspires, confides, and supports Sheeran in all his undertakings. When Seaborn was 11, he met Sheeran at Thomas Mills High in Suffolk, England. In 2015, destiny brought them together in New York City, where they began a romance that would lead to marriage. Sheeran’s life partner, Seaborn, is a superb field hockey player, academic talent, and businessman.

After attending Durham University in the UK, Cherry Seaborn worked for Deloitte on Wall Street in NYC. As Deloitte’s manager, she fights climate change and loves the environment. Seaborn maintains a secluded life despite her success. Cherry Seaborn, one of show business’s most famous couples, never fails to amaze and inspire with her intelligence, dedication, and love for the environment.

About Cherry Seaborn: Ed Sheeran wife’s cancer

Full Name Cherry Seaborn
Birthdate May 6, 1992
Place of Birth Suffolk, England
Education Graduated from Durham University, UK.
Finance specialist with Deloitte on Wall Street
Athletic Achievements Led college field hockey to British University championship titles (2012), (2013)
Relationship with Ed Sheeran Married Ed Sheeran in a private wedding in January 2018.
Family Lyra Antarctica and Jupiter are her daughters.
Health Journey Cancer diagnosis when pregnant with Jupiter
Influence on Ed Sheeran’s Music Inspiration for “Perfect,” “End Game,” “Remember the Name,” and “Autumn Variations”
Private Lifestyle No public social media accounts
Environmental Activism Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.
Overall Persona Privacy and low profile

Successfully balanced parenthood, job, and personal interests

Which Type of Cancer Does Ed Sheeran’s wife has?

Cherry Seaborn

Cherry was pregnant with her second daughter, Jupiter, in February 2022 when doctors noticed a growth in her arm and diagnosed her with cancer. Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All, a Disney Plus docuseries, revealed his private life in May 2023. Cherry made a rare appearance in the series with her husband to discuss her tale and why she felt it was necessary to share.

I got diagnosed with cancer at the start of [2022], which was a massive s—ter,” she wrote. It made me deeply consider death. I would never consent to this, but it made me wonder, “What would people think of me if I died?” You leave what?’” The loving mother added: “Ed wants to show people, ‘I’m not just this music machine. Not simply a robot trying to get #1. I am a parent, son, and friend. Not until this year did I think, ‘I could die.’” Ed, who writes many songs from personal experience, composed seven songs in four hours to soothe his Cherry agony. His May 2023 album “Subtract” (also spelt as “-“) may represent his thoughts regarding her cancer diagnosis and the sudden deaths of some of his close pals, including Jamal Edwards.

Cherry Seaborn’s Cancer Story

It was personal and devastating when Ed Sheeran disclosed in February 2023 that his wife, Cherry Seaborn, had a malignancy during their second pregnancy. His record “Subtract,” about the couple’s transition, had an unexpected twist. Their worries heightened when they learnt Seaborn’s unexpected diagnosis and treatment after their second daughter’s birth. Seaborn and Sheeran’s revelation at this terrible moment revealed life’s fragility and resilience. In May 2022, Seaborn had their second daughter after cancer, displaying optimism. Seaborn’s sickness showed love, support, and collaboration’s strength. Celebrities’ struggles spark discussions on health, perseverance, and life. Seaborn’s cancer diagnosis and recovery reminded us.

Cherry Seaborn, Ed Sheeran’s wife, still has cancer?

According to a source, Cherry was “on the mend” following the tumour surgery in March 2023. The tumour may have been removed, but her remission is unknown. It took Cherry longer to get cancer treatment since she was pregnant. A source told the magazine, “The tumour came as a huge shock, and the fact they couldn’t operate straight away was hugely concerning and scary.” Since Jupiter’s birth, “Cherry has received the treatment needed and is recovering well.” What great news! We love Ed and his family.

Childhood Friends to Life Partners

Ed Sheeran met Cherry Seaborn at Suffolk’s Thomas Mills High. They didn’t date despite meeting at 11. In an Armchair Expert interview with Dax Shepard, Sheeran joked that high school dating would have been dreadful. They met again in New York City 2015 after Sheeran’s tours and Seaborn’s Duke University studies. An acquaintance organized a romantic rekindling celebration. Sheeran said on his podcast, “Everything in my life got so much better when Cherry got into it.” After falling in love, they married in January 2018 in an intimate ceremony with 40 guests.

The journey between academia and sports

Cherry Seaborn

Cherry Seaborn obtained her master’s from Duke University in North Carolina after studying at Durham University in the UK. She worked for Deloitte on Wall Street in the US. She returned to London in 2016 for Deloitte. In her free time, Seaborn excels in athletics. She captained the 2012 and 2013 British University field hockey champions. While Seaborn played field hockey in 2021, a Suffolk photographer saw Sheeran supporting his team.

Seaborn’s Resilience and Recovery

After cancer therapy, Seaborn had her second daughter in May 2022. Both achieve despite hurdles. Seaborn’s health issues were exposed in a rare insight into the couple’s private life, showing that individual problems can destroy even the most significant unions. “Ed Sheeran’s The Sum of It All,” his documentary, shows Seaborn’s honesty about her condition and the marriage’s endurance. The emotional toll on Sheeran, as revealed by Seaborn, emphasizes self-care and mental health awareness.

The Seaborn Effect on Sheeran’s Hiatus

Sheeran left music in 2015 to expand his horizons. Their romance changed when Seaborn moved from New York to London. The yearlong trek brought them closer, giving Sheeran time to fall in love. Sheeran has recognized Seaborn’s influence on his choice to take a musical vacation, demonstrating her influence on his personal and artistic life. Due to their closeness, Sheeran revealed his engagement and future marriage.

Seaborn’s Love Song Inspiration

Seaborn influenced Sheeran’s persona and his most successful love song lyrics. They sing about their love in “Perfect” and “Best Part of Me,” two trip-inspired tunes. Sincere statements from Sheeran show Seaborn’s feelings. Sheeran recalls her early romance in “Perfect,” which celebrates love’s purity. Seaborn provides Sheeran delight and deepens their friendship. Sheeran’s song “Best Part of Me” explores his bewilderment at being picked by Seaborn, whom he admires.

Parenthood and Privacy

Cherry Seaborn

Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran, their first child, was secretly born in September 2020. Most celebrity pregnancies and births make headlines, but the parents keep their daughter’s existence a secret. They wanted to hide their family. Jupiter, Seaborn Sheeran, their second child, arrived in May 2022, bringing them further joy. Sheeran and his girlfriend demonstrate joy and affection by welcoming their new baby on social media.

Wisdom on Parenting and Personal Growth

Sheeran and Seaborn addressed raising two young children on Good Morning America in an unexpected appearance. He liked parenting his two children “in the trenches”. Sheeran’s eagerness and readiness to use parenting clichés illustrate the couple’s style. Their ability to balance their private and public lives, especially their children’s, shows they understand stardom. Sheeran says his first daughter knows he’s there but thinks everyone sings as part of his and his wife’s efforts to normalize their children’s lives.


Cherry Seaborn is worth $37 million off the ice. This astonishing number shows her , investment, and business ability. Cherries invested in US and English homes to spread her riches. She resided in Suffolk and Manchester, England, all her life. She lives in busy Los Angeles and New York. Cherry Seaborn’s riches show her financial acumen.


Cherry Seaborn lives and works with resilience, success, and strength. Due to her longtime relationship with Ed Sheeran, senior risk consulting work, and part-time hockey career, Cherry seems complex. Love and togetherness helped the couple survive Seaborn’s illness. Ed Sheeran’s best singles were inspired by her, showing their connection. Cherry Seaborn’s love, self-improvement, and tenacity resonate outside the spotlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cherry Seaborn?

Ed Sheeran’s wife is Cherry Seaborn. She is also known for her field hockey and risk advisory senior consultant accomplishments.

What is Cherry Seaborn’s background in sports?

Cherry Seaborn played part-time professional hockey. The forward guided her squad to two consecutive Investec English Woman’s Hockey League runner-up finishes. Her athletic career shows her passion and competence outside of Ed Sheeran.

How did Ed Sheeran meet Cherry Seaborn?

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn met at Suffolk’s Thomas Mills High. They met in school and reunited during a Fourth of July celebration in 2015.

Cherry Seaborn’s net worth?

Cherry Seaborn’s net worth is estimated at $37 million. Her hockey, professional, and strategic investments earned her this large sum.

How did Cherry Seaborn influence Ed Sheeran’s music?

Cherry Seaborn inspired Ed Sheeran’s songs. Sheeran’s love ballads “Perfect” and “Best Part of Me,” which draw on their relationship, show her impact.

How private is Cherry Seaborn’s personal life?

Compared to her high-profile marriage to Ed Sheeran, Cherry Seaborn has kept her personal life quiet. She keeps a low profile and has rarely mentioned their connection.