Instagram Might Soon Let You Share Another Users Profile on Your Story 

Small content creators can boost their reach and follower count with the new Instagram feature that lets users add a profile to their Stories.

On Instagram, there are occasions when you probably don’t want everyone to see your tales. Perhaps you’d rather some individuals not know what you’re up to because of security or privacy concerns. For whatever reason, it can be done. Thankfully, Instagram lets you control who can see your stories without ever leaving the app. This is not the same as the “Close Friends” list, though; that one is reserved for sharing content with people you know personally, like relatives and close friends. This alternative approach has been around longer than Instagram’s Close Friends function.

Allow us to show you how to block specific users from seeing your stories:

  • Go to your profile page on Instagram after opening the app.
  • You can access the hamburger menu by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner.
  • Go to the “Settings and privacy” section of the menu.
  • Look for the “Hide story and live” setting in the “Who can see your content” area.
  • In this section, you can choose which account you want to limit access to, and then you can hide all tales and lives from that account. Choosing numerous reports simultaneously is a notable feature.

Instead of adding a bunch of strangers to your Close Friends list—which might be a little unsettling for some people—you can use this way to block certain people from seeing your stories. You can also mute profiles on Instagram. This is useful if you don’t want to unfollow somebody but still don’t want their posts to appear in your feed. This “What you see” area is located in Instagram’s settings.