JBL Authentic 500 Speaker Review 

The JBL Authentic 500 is a wireless that is priced at $699.99. It is large and has some similarities to its parent speaker JBL Authentic 300. It has a retro design and the ability to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So, if you feel like you need a good, polished item for your living space that gives the vibe of traditional retro design, this speaker can be a good choice.

JBL Authentic 500 Speaker Specifications

Specifications Details
Manufacturer JBL Harman
Price $699.99
Weight 9.88 pounds
Color Black
Dimension 447 x 240 x 255.7mm (about 10.07 in)
Sound system 3.1 & Dolby Atmos Music
Power supply 100-240V AC
Total speaker power output 270W
Frequency response 40Hz-20KHz
Network standby power <2.0W
Woofers Three 2.75-inch midrange
Supporting formats Mp3, WAV
Physical connection USB-C, Ethernet, 3.5mm
Bluetooth version 5.3
Voice Assistant Integration Amazon ,
USB Port Type C
Material 100% recycled with 85% fabric and 25% plastic
Warranty One year

Design and Built Quality

JBL Authentic 500 Speaker

The JBL Authentic 500 is a big speaker. It has a 70s retro design which gives it a classy vibe. It has three main dials for volume, bass, and treble. The big body and heavy style make it a statement piece in a huge room, but one thing that needs attention is its huge size, which is about 8kg, and it allows a particular place to hold itself on not some ordinary table.

You should check the place where you want to place it because it has a particular vibe, and it doesn’t fit in every place. The Authentic 500 has a barebones set of buttons atop it. The Bluetooth pairing and buttons are easy to spot. Privacy fan is there which is an important feature that allows the sliders to cover the microphone which allows the purpose of not being heard.

A USB-C port, Audio Jack, and an ethernet port allow the user to input music digitally. One thing that can be said to be a flaw is the absence of a power button and the speaker manual says that only when you unplug the power cable, then the speaker will stop working. So, it can be considered an old speaker.

Sound Quality

JBL Authentic 500 Speaker

With a 6.5 subwoofer, it has an amazing bass and a balance of tune which is usually absent in most speakers. This means that the treble is crisp and clear irrespective of the thumping baseline a song normally has. Although there is a lack of the app’s sound profile.

The speaker supports Dolby Atmos Music which surrounds the sound tech that makes music and movies sound fantastic, but for certain apps like Tidal. The max output on the Authentic 500 is 270W which is pretty loud, so you won’t ever need to make it to max level. Another factor is the few volume levels which have few tiers, so if you want to adjust it to your liking then you can do it at a few noticeable margins, so maybe you can have a dilemma where you want to decide the volume between too loud or too quiet.

Additional features

JBL Authentic 500 Speaker

JBL Authentic 500 has multiple-room playback that allows the music to reach far-end corners of your house. Using the Google Home app or Amazon Alexa App, you can set the mood in every room by connecting two or more speakers to a single playlist and get everybody to a single beat. Along with that, we have an additional feature of Automatic self-tuning which means that the speaker automatically calibrates and optimizes audio performance for every location each time you power it up.

There is an option for personalization of your audio with intuitive on-speaker controls that adjust volume, bass, and treble level.

You need to use Alexa or Google Assistant to control your device with your voice. You also have the authority to use the JBL One App for even more options to customize your EQ, and settings and find your new favorite song in an integrated music service. With seamless Bluetooth pairing and voice assistants, one can see that this product has multiple advantages.

Pros and Cons Table for JBL Authentic 500

Pros Cons
Powerful sound with deep bass and sculpted high Expensive
Bluetooth, wired and Wi-Fi playback Finicky control panel
Hands-free Alexa and Google Assistant Bluetooth is limited to just the SBC codec
Supports multiroom audio High price
Classy design Challenging set-up process
Multiple Voice Assistants
JBL One app controls personalization

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Final thoughts

JBL Authentic 500 is a big, loud, and bassy speaker. It has a charmingly retro Quadrex grille design. The sheer force of its bass, and how comfortably it can get extremely loud will impress many users. The designs evoke the JBL greats rather than the old versions.

There is just not enough control over the lower frequencies or quite enough presence and dynamics in the rest to make the JBL Authentic 500 a world-class contender in this price range. Still, if you want to have a classy one-box party then this product is your choice.


Q: Can I create my custom equalization setup?

Yes, by using the JBL One app you can customize the equalization setting of your speaker to your fit. You can adjust it to your frequency to create your own personalized EQ. To adjust the bass, mid or treble create new kinds of music.

Q: How do I know which voice assistant does what?

After you set up Alexa or Google Assistant via the JBL One app, you can adjust the settings to your demand. You can choose your assistant and make things up to your choice.

Q: How can I get a software update?

Once the speaker/soundbar is connected to the network software updates will automatically be sent to the speaker/soundbar through Wi-Fi or the Internet if available.