JLab GO Air: Your Budget-Friendly On-the-Go Companion

In Short:

  • For customers on a low budget, the JLab GO Air provides an affordable option with consistent wireless performance and essential features.
  • These IP44-rated earbuds have a helpful design and an integrated USB charging wire, making them perfect for various sports activities. They’re made for folks who are active.
  • Though there is a high learning curve, the touch-capacitive displays on each earbud allow users to easily adjust settings without taking their cellphones out of their pockets.
  • The GO Air has a bass-heavy sound profile and a reasonable overall performance, especially considering its price range, although audiophiles may find its microphone accuracy and clarity wanting.

In the vast landscape of true wireless earbuds, standing out requires a unique combination of features, performance, and value. The JLab GO Air aims to catch the eye of budget-conscious consumers who want wireless convenience without sacrificing quality. These earbuds are priced at just USD 30 and promise impressive functionality for daily activities and workouts. But how well do they deliver on that promise? This comprehensive review examines GO Air’s design, features, sound, and overall user experience to see if they justify their affordable price tag.

Key Specifications Of JLab GO Air

Feature Specification
Release Date September 18, 2018
Price USD 30
Dimensions (Case) 73 x 24 x 38 mm
Weight (Earbud)
Weight (Case) 50g
Waterproof IP44
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Codecs AAC, SBC
Battery Life (Earbuds) 4 hours, 5 minutes
Charging Time (Earbuds) 90 minutes
Charging Time (Case) 2 hours

Design and Build Features

JLab GO Air

The sleek all-plastic structure of the GO Air adds lightweight portability, and despite their alluring price tag, they could be more affordable.

Nonetheless, some people may find angled nozzles uncomfortable.

  • Sleek, Lightweight Build: The charging case and earphones don’t appear tacky despite being entirely made of plastic. Their low weight contributes to their comfort and portability over time.
  • Angled Nozzles a Mixed Blessing: Nozzles that are oriented to fit comfortably in ears may cause discomfort in narrower ear canals, making them a mixed blessing. The secret is to find the correct fit.
  • Open Charging Case Design: An innovative open charging case makes it simple to reach your earphones, but it also affects how well the case protects them and holds them in place when you drop them.

User Experience and Durability

Thoughtful, user-friendly touches supplement the GO Air’s durable build and portability, making them ideal companions for life’s adventures. JLab’s integrated USB charging cable provides on-the-go charging without separate wires. It survived extensive testing, so fraying appears unlikely. Water/sweat resistance provided by the IP44 rating covers everything from intense exercise to outdoor excursions. Any manufacturing defects will be covered for three years from the purchase date. It adds extra value, given their affordability.

Pairing Process Guide

Connecting the GO Air earbuds is made simple courtesy of one-touch Bluetooth pairing. However, manually resetting and repairing requires careful steps when issues arise. Instant pairing is initiated by removing both earbuds simultaneously, triggering a Bluetooth search on devices. Delete old Bluetooth association. Tap earbuds 7x while in the case until the blinking light pattern appears, then reinitiate the pairing process from scratch.

Battery Life and Charging

Balancing battery efficiency with charging convenience is difficult on a tight budget, but the GO Air offers acceptable performance given the cost constraints. While no category leader, approx. Four hours of constant playback or talk time keeps the GO Air competitive in its price bracket. Charging case’s extra three complete charges significantly supplement standalone battery life to a respectable 16-hour total. When you’re in a bind, a 15-minute quick charge tops up the battery for another hour of autonomy. Helpful in crunch time. Full case and bud recharge at two hours and 90 minutes are longer than ideal, so overnight charging will be necessary. That is not surprising, given the price.

Touch Controls and Connectivity

JLab GO Air

Onboard controls and Bluetooth 5.0 keep you connected to your content with minimal phone contact. Learning their touch gestures takes adjustment but pays convenience dividends.

  • Comprehensive Touch Controls: Once mastered, touch panels on each bud govern playback, calls, and volume without reaching for devices.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Enables Seamless Switching: Quick pairing and connectivity switching benefits from Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility and a stable wireless experience.
  • AAC/SBC Codec Support: iPhone users gain reliable audio quality from AAC codec support. While there is no aptX for Android, the sound still impresses for the cost.

Noise Isolation Performance

With well-inserted earbuds forming an airtight seal, the GO Air blocks ambient sound, whether chatter or city noise. When correctly sealed in the ear canal, the combination of passive isolation and physical ear tip blockage noticeably reduces perceptible outside noise. Only three sizes of ear tips are included. Those seeking better isolation can explore third-party tips that suit their ear canal shape.

Sound Quality Assessment

JLab GO Air

Evaluating sound quality realistically, knowing hardware limitations often faced at this price, the GO Air audio doesn’t claim audiophile quality but has undeniable energy. From lively pop songs to thumping EDM, the emphasised low-end provides infectious beats for casual listening rather than technical performance. While entertaining overall, boosted bass overshadows vocals and instruments at times. Audiophiles will notice a lack of detail and separation. Rap, hip-hop, and EDM – genres thriving on loud low frequencies – benefit more from the exaggerated bass presence than acoustics.

Microphone Quality Evaluation

Bluetooth headset mics rarely match dedicated units, but the GO Air provides clear voice transmission for quick back-and-forth conversation as needed. Mic tuning optimises speech transmission for intelligibility rather than natural vocal reproduction. The trade-off for speech clarity comes in low-end roll-off, reducing vocal richness and warmth. GO Air mics effectively handle quick calls and voice commands. Musicians and podcasters may want to look elsewhere.

Pros and Cons of JLab GO Air

JLab GO Air

Pros Cons
Affordable pricing Sound quality may not satisfy audiophiles
Bluetooth 5.0 with quick auto-connect Microphone quality prioritises speech intelligibility over accuracy
Integrated USB charging cable Limited codec support (AAC and SBC only)
IP44 rating for water and dust resistance
Comprehensive touch controls

Note: A reasonably priced option with valuable features for customers who are often on the go is the JLab GO Air. The concentration on bass may not please audiophiles, but its sturdy build fits busy lives. You should anticipate a short touch control learning curve. All in all, it finds a happy medium between use and cost.


For all their compromises dictated by ultra-low pricing, the JLab GO Air still delivers enjoyment far beyond what their $30 cost suggests. Though falling short of audio perfection, they provide surprising versatility from workouts to daily commuting at a near-impulse buy price. If you resist overblown expectations given budget constraints, the energetic sound, rugged carrying case, and integrated charging cable make the GO Air a functional bargain.


Which is better, Skullcandy or JLab?

Both businesses sell reasonably priced goods with various qualities. While JLab emphasises usability and cost more, Skullcandy’s app is more feature-rich.

Does the JLab GO Air have a companion app?

No, JLab hasn’t produced a GO Air companion app. Marketing and advertising are the main priorities of the current JLab Audio App.

Is JLab’s customer service up to par?

JLab provides prompt customer support with a 30-day guarantee and varied product warranties.

What substitutes for the JLab GO Air should I take into account?

If you’re looking for a charging case with a cover, check out the JLab GO Air POP. If you want aptX compatibility and durability, check out the Jabra Elite 3.

Can we make calls with the JLab GO Air?

Yes, each earbud contains a microphone, enabling calls and monophonic music. But the microphone puts more emphasis on speech understandability than voice correctness.