LEGO 2K Drive Reviews: Creative Brick Racing Reaches a New High

In Shorts:

  • Even if Lego 2K Drive doesn’t completely change the game, it does improve upon previous efforts. It is one of the finest Lego games and one of the best racing games, thanks to its balanced gameplay as an exhilarating racer and a vast construction title.
  • With its large open universe, variety of thrilling race circuits, and completely customizable cars, Lego 2K Drive is fun. Microtransactions are a significant bummer in this game.
  • The vast globe and graphically stunning racetracks of Lego 2K Drive provide a delightful blend of Mario Kart and Forza Horizon, making it an ideal family game. Playing this game isn’t limited to the track; you can also build your cars using digital Lego pieces.

LEGO 2K Drive is the latest racing game to receive the classic LEGO treatment, delivering a fun and imaginative experience packed with physics-based kart racing, transformations between vehicles, and an intense customisation system. It synthesizes elements from various racers, developed by PHL Collective and published under 2K, but establishes its own charming identity. Let’s delve deeper into what this inventive title offers.


  • Boasting an abundance of captivating material
  • Exciting competitions
  • High levels of personalization


  • Minigames may become old fast.
  • Little currency exchanges

LEGO 2K Drive Reviews

LEGO 2K Drive Reviews

It’s as if real-life settings have been built out of literal buckets of LEGOs.

Regarding size, 2K Drive is also noticeably different from the Horizon line of LEGO racing games; it’s much more like Hot Wheels Unleashed. For each of the four open worlds, you’ll find bright plastic dioramas strewn with large, non-LEGO objects like tools, tires, and tree roots, creating the appearance of a real-life assembly of LEGO pieces. 2K Drive must catch up to Hot Wheels Unleashed in consistently executing this toy-sized concept. Not only is the lighting less than stellar but the illusion is often ruined by objects that don’t belong at the scale it’s attempting to portray, such as little genuine leaf litter that ought to have been life-sized. Also, 2K Drive doesn’t utilize centimeters or inches to measure distances like Hot Wheels Unleashed. If you understand my meaning, it could be much better since the details make a tiny toy racing like this unique.

For those seeking simplicity, a palm-sized chassis may be assembled using a few bricks to form a hasty little kart.

Plus, think of the incredible things real LEGO masters can put together when even a meathead like me can do it after riding a shotgun with my kids’ LEGO construction for a few years. The inability to share projects now makes finding out a challenge for 2K Drive. It has been confirmed that a post-launch upgrade would offer the ability to share bespoke vehicles, although the exact nature of that update is yet unknown. Will only friends be able to participate? Also, is anybody planning to implement an in-game browser so players may view the top models? I would like the second option.

Gameplay and Racing Mechanics

Regarding fundamentals, LEGO 2K Drive Reviews features familiar arcade-style racing centered around drifting, stunting, and using weapons and power-ups to get ahead. But several clever implementations set it apart. Vehicles automatically transform to suit terrain – from road cars to dune buggies to jet skis. While overzealous at times, it enables adapting to urban tracks and natural environments. Drifting feels great once grasped, too, with a sustained power slide mechanic adding depth. Tracks also impress, filled with alternate routes, hazards, and shortcuts. Plenty of variety spans city streets, forests, islands, desert landscapes, and more. Overall, it achieves that sweet spot between pick-up-and-play accessibility and nuanced mechanics for advanced technique. Coupled with customizable controls, smooth performance, and a four-player local split-screen, the pure racing experience shines.

Adventure Campaign and Challenges

LEGO 2K Drive Reviews

The solo campaign totals around 10 hours and focuses on Bricksy, an inventor who enters a racing contest to save her grandfather’s shop from a conniving villain. It’s a cute story told via LEGO cutscenes. Mission types like racing, collecting items, pulling off stunts, and destroying targets break up gameplay, though some repetition exists. The difficulty curve stays relatively gentle for much of the adventure, making it ideal for kids. You’ll unlock new events and customization elements by grabbing trophies and bricks scattered about environments. While narrative replay value remains low, plentiful side objectives incentivize returning. These open-world-styled challenges test driving skills further. Overall, it’s a campaign best treated as a lengthy tutorial for the creative tools waiting around the corner.

Unparalleled Customization Freedom

And this is where LEGO 2K Drive Reviews truly shines – its staggering vehicle customization toolkit. If you can envision a LEGO car, you can build it here. It’s more potent than even seasoned LEGO fans might expect. With hundreds of brick pieces, customizable paint jobs and decals, engine and handling tweaks, accessories, and more at your fingertips, you have endless creative freedom limited solely by imagination and unlocked components.

Intuitive controls make construction smooth, too. Grouping parts, duplicating sections, and adding intricate details with steering wheels, windshields, bumpers, and spoilers bring ideas to life like genuine LEGO. It beats building physical kits in terms of cost, ease, and experimentation. This is where veterans will spend dozens of hours engineering awe-inspiring rides. With updates planned to enable sharing creations online, it establishes an engaging platform for showing off builds.

What Critics and Fans Are Saying?

LEGO 2K Drive Reviews

Early reviews praise LEGO 2K Drive’s distinct personality, separating it from LEGO expansions seen in Forza Horizon and elsewhere. Easy handling coupled with charming open worlds makes racing fun for all. The remarkable creation suite also earns widespread applause for authentically capturing LEGO’s creative spirit. Destructible bricks during crashes and a great sense of speed receive mention, too.

Note: Most criticism centers on lacking custom vehicle sharing at launch, limiting the showcasing of unique builds. Some note repetition in solo content as well. PC technical problems around crashing plague a few players, too. But generally, it’s seen as a delightful, family-friendly arcade racer perfect for sparking young imaginations. Fan reception similarly remains enthusiastic.

Where It Falters?

LEGO 2K Drive Reviews

While featuring far more strengths than weaknesses, some areas could see improvement, as highlighted by reviews. The lack of online user-generated content integration seems a glaring omission limiting long-term motivation. Only promised via a later patch, sharing impressive constructions with friends should have arrived on day one. The presence of a microtransaction store, even sans this function, also needs to be made more transparent. Vehicle prices appear steep relative to modest in-game earnings, encouraging actual money spending.

Custom kit sharing will provide plenty of high-quality community rides for free.

Beyond missing features, missions could use more variety as some objectives get repetitive. Controls occasionally feel finicky around fine adjustments as well. And the difficulty in solo content stays relatively low until late game. But tuning mechanical aspects seems plausible in future updates.

The Bottom Line

For creative gamers of all ages seeking customizable, family-friendly arcade racing, LEGO 2K Drive exemplifies an imaginative good time with bricks. Between an endearing world, novel shape-shifting mechanics, kart combat, and deep customization enabling elaborate LEGO kit cars, it sticks out as unique versus more straight-laced alternatives. A few technical and content gaps mar things slightly, but the pieces exist to address these over time. Ultimately, it assembles into a winner sure to ignite grinning grins, whether racing head-to-head or constructing that dream ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about LEGO 2K Drive:

Q: What platforms is the game available on?

LEGO 2K Drive is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

Q: How does multiplayer work?

 The game enables local split-screen racing for up to 4 players. Online multiplayer does not exist, but custom content sharing is planned post-launch.

Q: Is there DLC or added content?

The core game is a one-time purchase with no current DLC. Additional cars and customization parts will be offered via free game updates.

Q: Can you build any LEGO vehicle imaginable?

 Within the allotted bounding box for vehicle dimensions, the custom builder provides exceptional creative freedom to construct essentially any car, truck, or bike design if you have unlocked enough LEGO pieces and colors.

Q: Does the game support cross-platform multiplayer or saves?

 Cross-platform functionality does not exist in LEGO 2K Drive. Progression is isolated per platform.