Louis Vuitton wireless earphones have gone viral for its whopping price

Louis Vuitton, a world-renowned fashion designer, has recently entered the earbud market with its LV Horizon Light Up Earphones.

For many of us, earbuds are now an essential component of daily life. Nowadays, earbuds are more popular than traditional corded headphones for listening to music and making phone calls. Even Louis Vuitton, a luxury fashion business, has dabbled in this field with its Horizon Light Up Earphones. The astronomical price tag of these earphones, which debuted in March of this year, is the main reason they have garnered notice. These headphones, which cost around $1,660 (or Rs 1,38,224), have everyone talking online.

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According to the website, there are five color options for the product: red, blue to violet gradient, golden, black, and silver. The price is $1,660 (Rs 1.38 lakhs). Lightweight aluminium construction, a polished sapphire coating over the “flower” of the brand’s famous monogram pattern, and a slightly curved shape are all features of the new headphones.

A polished stainless steel casing bearing the name of the high-end company adorns the charging case. Additionally, it features a black glass cover encircled by a of linked grey-toned monogram LED lights. Additionally, it comes with a portable case that users can clip onto their luggage. To show battery life, the charging case “animates” in a stunning swirl of gradated hues, according to Louis Vuitton. The earbuds are not only stylish, but they also come with a portable case that is easy to attach to your or purse.

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A new era in cutting-edge, wireless in-ear audio has begun with the Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up earbuds. Along with some of the most cutting-edge, customer-centric features available, they also inject the market with vibrancy and originality. Their stunning charging case takes design cues from the Tambour Horizon Light Up watch, whose Monogram pattern flashes in a kaleidoscope of gradient hues. The company claimed on its website that “audiophiles and fashionistas alike will be enchanted” by these unique headphones.

Aside from that, it has Bluetooth Multipoint, which allows the user to listen to music from two different devices at the same time. Additionally, there is an inbuilt microphone for calls that can block out background noise and active noise reduction. The battery life is 28 hours.