Microsoft Copilot allows you to generate songs with lyrics and voice in seconds

Microsoft is introducing a new feature for its AI – Copilot, that lets you generate music and share it on social media. Read on to know more.

A new plugin for Microsoft Copilot (previously Bing Chat) lets users create songs in seconds. Suno, an AI-powered music-creation tool, can compose a song from a text cue, according to the tech giant. A new Suno plug-in lets Microsoft’s AI chatbot Copilot make AI tunes on demand. The Cambridge-based AI music startup’s Discord tool can produce a song with lyrics from a text prompt. Copilot users can now utilize the Microsoft chatbot to access Suno. Suno then composes a song with words, usually a minute or two long.

Here is what a user shares: 

Copilot users simply log in and enable the Suno plug-in or click the “Make music with Suno” logo to start composing music. Users then type a basic one- or two-line text prompt that describes their song, such as “create a folk song about Alaska summers” or “write a song about cats in the style of Cat Power” (both prompts I attempted on Suno via Discord) into Copilot.

Microsoft says the Copilot plug-in lets users create songs with “lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voice- from a single sentence.” These tunes last one or two minutes, and Copilot transcribes the words.

Suno owns these AI-generated songs, so users cannot monetize them on Spotify or YouTube. These tracks can be shared on social media for non-commercial usage.

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Music creation with Microsoft Copilot

  1. Visit the Microsoft Copilot website in your browser.
  2. Enable the Suno plugin from the plug-in panel or click “Make music with Suno” after signing in with Microsoft.
  3. Type the song type you want in the bottom text field and press enter.

Another user shares: 

Microsoft Copilot then creates a song with lyrics. Suno controls the AI-generated music, so you can’t download it. Last week, the IT giant introduced the Copilot Notebook, which allows users to type suggestions on the left and get results on the right. Meta’s open-source AudioCraft makes songs from word prompts, and Google’s YouTube application generates creative music from hummed tunes or text prompts. Suno is joined by other AI music businesses, including Soundful, Magenta, Beatbox (which generates beats and instrumental pieces), Soundraw, Loudly, Boomy,, and more.

Suno grants paid users commercial rights to their AI songs but bans free users from monetizing them on YouTube or Spotify. Though free users can share songs on social media and other non-commercial uses, Suno retains the rights to them.