Piers Morgan confesses he misjudged ‘I’m A Celebrity’ winner Sam Thompson

TalkTV host Piers Morgan later changed his mind after provoking controversy with his statement “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” victor Sam Thompson is a “ranting dimwit.”

The TalkTV presenter Pier’s Morgan had to publicly apologize for talking trash about Sam Thompson, the winner of I’m A Celebrity after he called him an “irritating halfwit.

Left- TV Presenter Piers Morgan, Right- ‘I’m a celebrity’ winner Sam Thompson

The feud started when Piers Morgan took to X to mock Sam Thompson. Following Sam’s victory as King of the Jungle on Sunday, Piers used X (formerly Twitter) to mock “snake” Nigel Farage and the low viewership of the show. The former host of Good Morning Britain included Sam’s name in his jab as well, but Spencer, his oldest child, quickly corrected him. Piers posted: “Congratulations to Nigel Farage on his seventh public vote defeat, this time to a grating halfwit on reality TV during the least popular season of I’m A Celebrity. And for becoming completely engulfed in snakes—a fitting send-off for the largest snake in Britain.” However, Spencer Morgan, Piers’ oldest son, quickly corrected him by taking to X and sharing his own opinions about Sam Thompson.

Morgan’s comment led to Farage having to deal with a lot of backlash. However, Farage explained and had to apologize on his father’s behalf and called his tweet to be ‘misinformed’. Even Morgan went to X and for his statement and claimed that he ‘misjudged’ Sam.