Revealing Next-Gen Power: A Deep Dive into the PS5 GPU Architecture

Gaming has been revolutionised by the PlayStation 5 (PS5)’s graphics and technology. PS5’s strong graphics card contributes to its unforgettable images. Lifelike pictures, realistic lighting and shadows, and smooth gaming are the graphics card’s job.

The original PlayStation 5 was one of the most powerful gaming systems, with 4K compatibility, variable refresh rate, and an SSD that loads games in seconds. The Xbox Series X has identical hardware and was the sole genuine PS5 competitor until its company replaced it with a thinner variant. Your desire for exclusive games, accessories, and services will likely determine which ecosystem you choose between PlayStation and Xbox.

Sony published Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, God of War Ragnarok, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, and Horizon Forbidden West as PS5 exclusives. Sony also has an advantage over Xbox for virtual reality lovers with the PlayStation VR 2, a costly optional extra. Insistence on making exclusive titles compatible with the PS4 has led to allegations that Sony is not maximising the PS5’s hardware. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 changed that. The original PS5 has been replaced with the PS5 “Slim”; however, it may still be available from third parties. PS5 Pro is another possibility. Still, considering buying an original PS5? Here are our opinions.

Specifications Of PS5 GPU

GPU Architecture Custom RDNA 2 from AMD
Compute Units (CUs) 36
Streaming Processors 2,304
GPU Frequency Up to 2.23 GHz
Ray Tracing Acceleration Yes
Ray Tracing Performance 10.28 TFLOPs
Memory 16 GB GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth 448 GB/s
Memory Interface 256-bit

What is in the box?

  • PlayStation 5: The flagship gaming console with fantastic hardware, graphics, and storage.
  • Wireless Controller (DualSense): The newest PS5 controller with customisable triggers and advanced haptic feedback.
  • Power Cable: A console power cord.
  • USB: USB cable for DualSense controller charging and peripherals.
  • Base Stand: Optional but supplied for vertical PS5.
  • Warranty, setup, and instructions.
  • Accessories: The bundle may contain a headset, camera, or other accessories.

What Is New In PS5 GPU?

PS5 graphics cards have excellent specs, including ray tracing. With 36 compute units and a configurable frequency of up to 2.23 GHz, it produces fluid, high-quality visuals. Complex rendering jobs are accessible with the graphics card’s 10.28 teraflops of processing capability. With 16GB of GDDR6 memory, the PS5 graphics card can store and render game content. The high memory bandwidth speeds data access, lowering load times and improving performance. 8K gaming is another PS5 graphics card feature.

Despite most games being 4K, the PS5 graphics card can handle higher-resolution games in the future. Crystal-clear images and crisp details elevate gaming experiences. A gaming powerhouse, the PS5 graphics card delivers outstanding performance. It stands out in the gaming console world, featuring ray tracing, 8K gaming, and other cutting-edge technologies.

 Dive into the Exquisite Graphics Power of the PS5 GPU

The AMD Oberon GPU, based on RDNA 2, powers the PS5’s stunning graphics. It has 2304 shader units and a 7nm process. AMD Oberon draws 180W @ 2233 MHz. The Xbox Series X has a graphics card similar to the PS5, with several modifications. Most importantly, the PS5’s proprietary AMD Oberon has 16GB GDDR6 VRAM on a 256-bit memory interface, providing tremendous overhead for demanding workloads. We may determine component details by considering clock speed, VRAM, and memory bus.

Powerhouse PS5 GPU Graphics Card

The PS5’s AMD Oberon graphics card has a 256-bit memory bus, 16GB GDDR6 VRAM, and RDNA 2 microarchitecture. Since the console was introduced in 2020, the finest graphics cards from afterwards, such as AMD RDNA 3, RX 7000, and RTX 40 series Ada cards, are incompatible. That lets us narrow the search. We estimate the PS5’s graphics card to be the AMD Radeon RX 6800. This GPU, introduced simultaneously as the console, has 16GB GDDR6 VRAM on a 256-bit memory bus on RDNA 2. Additionally, it uses TSMC’s 7nm technology. Given this, we recommend this graphics card to build a PS5-like GPU.

The AMD Radeon RX 6800 is still a powerful gaming GPU in 2023. While it was expensive and hard to find for most of its lifespan, it’s now widely available from reliable merchants and drastically discounted. FPS test on YouTube shows that this graphics card can quickly achieve 4K60 framerates in games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. However, a newer graphics card may be better. AMD’s RX 7700 XT with 12GB GDDR6 VRAM costs $440 at Amazon, while Nvidia’s RTX 4070 costs $500. Jegs TV posts thorough comparison benchmarks on YouTube, showing that all these GPUs perform similarly. We recommend the older GPU with 16GB VRAM and one of the top CPUs for optimal overhead.

With the PS5 Slim, the hardware has stayed the same. As console updates do, a PS5 Pro might change everything. What we witnessed in the previous generation could suggest a more incredible base clock speed for faster and more consistent performance, but we don’t know.

Exploring the Cutting-Edge Features of the PS5 GPU

  • AMD RDNA 2 architecture ray tracing graphics cards increase PS5 images, lighting, and gameplay.SSDs speed up game loading and smooth transitions.
  • Adjustable triggers and haptic feedback make the DualSense Wireless Controller more responsive and tactile.
  • The PlayStation 5 (PS5) can play PS4 games and has a big library.
  • The PS5 supports 8K gaming for better graphics. Light simulation creates lighting effects, shadows, and reflections.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech on the PS5 emits sound from all directions.
  • The console is straightforward and unique to navigate since the system learns from user choices.
  • The DualSense controller’s Create button simplifies in-game recording and sharing, strengthening community.
  • Recommended PS4 games for PS Plus PS5 customers.
  • Free PS5 upgrades are available for some games.

Pros and Cons Of PS5 GPU

The unique AMD GPU and high-speed SSD enable excellent visuals and fast loading times. The PS5’s high demand has restricted supplies, making buying difficult for some users.
The PS5 supports a large PS4 game catalogue, letting users play their old titles. The PS5 is larger than its predecessor and certain other gaming systems, which may cause space issues.
The PS5’s exclusive games offer unique and high-quality content.
8K resolution with real-time ray tracing makes gaming visually immersive.
DualSense wireless controller improves gaming with enhanced haptic feedback and customisable triggers.

Should I buy PlayStation 5 (PS5)?

Serious gamers may prefer the PlayStation 5 (PS5) with cutting-edge hardware, the DualSense controller, and exclusive games. Consider your availability, budget, and game style. The PS5’s next-gen features, compatibility with older titles, and future-proofing make it a great choice for gamers.

Final Thoughts & Comparison

PlayStation 5’s AMD GPU, ultra-fast SSD, DualSense controller, and 3D AudioTech make it a gaming powerhouse. Backward compatibility ensures a big gaming library, but 8K resolution and real-time ray tracing show visual innovation. The PS5’s optimised console design, exclusive game titles, and reduced pricing make it an appealing choice for power and value gamers despite comparable performance to high-end PC graphics cards like the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti and AMD XT. PlayStation 5 sets a new standard for immersive gameplay and cutting-edge technology, whether one chooses console or PC customisation.


Innovative technology, unique features, and exclusive game titles make the PlayStation 5 a powerful and creative gaming system for the next generation. Though the PlayStation 5 is the best option for high-end hardware and immersive gaming, availability, pricing, and personal preference should be considered before buying. Assess your gaming demands and goals to see if a PS5 is affordable.


What is the GPU of PS5 vs 3060?

While the console’s RDNA 2 GPU can push out about 10.6 TFLOPS of theoretical performance, the RTX 3060 can 12.7 TFLOPS, at least according to mathematical calculations based on their on-paper specs.

In what ways does the PS5 excel?

If you’re looking for features like immersive 4K visuals, silky high-frame rate gameplay, an 825GB SSD for rapid loading times, and Sony’s unique DualSense controller, go no farther than either version of the PS5. The hardware inside is similar.

Why does PS5 run faster?

PS5 users can choose Performance or Resolution Mode. The former increases frame rates, while the latter maximises visual quality.