Revolution Toaster: The Game-Changing Toaster

In Short

  • The Revolution Toaster is a game-changer in the fast-paced world of kitchen equipment.
  • This premium toaster has captivated foodies, techies, and breakfast lovers with its elegant appearance, clever technology, and accurate heating.
  • You may have seen this cutting-edge toaster on social media called the Tesla of toasters. Is it worth the high price?
  • Our Executive Culinary Director and buying experts tested the Revolution Toaster and found it’s a breakfast revolution.

The Revolution Toaster, one of our Test Kitchen professionals’ favourites, is unique. Its digital touchscreen and innovative technologies elevate toasting, while its sleek, modern design sets it distinct. In two minutes, the Revolution Toaster evenly heats, browns, and crisps bagels and frozen waffles with personalized settings. No guessing or repeated toasting cycles—this toaster understands how to toast each bread variety. Executive Culinary Director Sarah Farmer found that “The toaster cycles from ‘heating‘ (just over a minute) to ‘browning‘ (about 50 seconds) to ‘crisping‘ (10 seconds).” Selecting what to toast via the touchscreen tells the device how long for a perfect finish. If you want extra crispy bagels, the Revolution Toaster can heat, brown, and crisp them at record speed without a second toasting.

Revolution Toaster Specifications

Revolution Toaster

Material Stainless Steel
Dimension 6.1″D x 11.6″W x 8.4″H
Wattage 1800 watts
Special Feature Touchscreen
Voltage 120 Volts
Weight 6.89 pounds
Number of settings 7
Number of Programs 3
Number of Slices 2
Brand Revolution

What’s in the Box?

  • Revolution Toaster
  • Crumb tray
  • User manual
  • Power cord

Key Features and Benefits

Features distinguish the Revolution Toaster from other toasters and improve toasting:

  1. Customized Heating Programs: The toaster automatically changes its heating and browning processes to deliver the ideal toast every time with six bread-type presets, including frozen waffles.
  2. Seven Brownness Levels: Use the touchscreen to choose your toastiness degree from lightly toasted to very brown and crispy.
  3. Compatible Fresh/Frozen Bread: The Revolution Toaster can cook fresh and frozen bread and waffles without defrosting, maintaining consistency.
  4. Easy-to-Clean Crumb Tray: The detachable crumb tray makes cleaning easy and prevents fires from crumbs.
  5. The toaster’s sleek, intuitive touchscreen doubles as an analog or digital clock, adding to its modern appeal and utility.
  6. The Revolution: Toaster’s chrome and stainless steel finishes match modern kitchens.
  7. Truly magical is the toaster’s performance: Thicker bagels and Texas Toast bread fit in the broader slots. I’m also glad I didn’t have to pre-smash the bagel pieces to fit.”

Revolution Toaster: Breakfast Game-Changer

Revolution Toaster

Toasting bread, bagels, and pastries in the morning may be time-consuming and stressful for many homes. Bread heats and crisps unevenly in traditional toasters. Crumbs can be challenging to remove and pose culinary concerns. The clever Revolution Toaster solves these breakfast problems. This toaster’s intelligent features and cutting-edge technology make flawless toasting bread easy. One of the Revolution Toaster’s best features is its ability to recognize the height of each item and automatically raise shorter slices of bread for equal toasting. It avoids the annoyance of bread-fishing with or chopsticks in traditional toasters. Our Executive Culinary Director, Sarah Farmer, tests toasters often. She says: “For our Test Kitchen Preferred test, I tried numerous toasters.

Interestingly, several high-end brands took over eight minutes to toast. Revolution is efficient, and its clever technology monitors the height of your item and automatically raises small slices of bread, eliminating the need to bread-fish in the toaster with a knife or chopsticks. Thank goodness!”

But the Revolution Toaster’s attraction goes beyond its clever technology and efficient heating. The sleek, modern style and user-friendly touchscreen interface make it stand out in any kitchen. Sarah says, “The iPad-like screen also reminds you to empty the crumb tray. I anticipated seeing this toaster in the kitchen in the morning.” The Revolution Toaster’s performance, efficiency, and aesthetics make it a good investment for homes that eat bread and pastries like bakeries in the morning. Sarah says, “This toaster is expensive for a tiny kitchen equipment. It’s not a ploy. The aesthetics are great, and it accomplishes more than any other toaster I’ve used. High-tech, smart appliance fans will enjoy this.”

User Testimonials

Our Executive Culinary Director isn’t the only Revolution Toaster fan. Many delighted customers have given great evaluations, confirming the toaster’s effectiveness and standing as a kitchen essential. “Love this toaster,” Emily Allen says, five stars. “I compared my normal toaster and the Revolution Toaster on frozen waffles, and the Revolution Toaster was far better.” An Amazon-verified reviewer, Rob, agrees.

This toaster was worth it. It toasts waffles and bagels faster than my previous toaster and adjusts effortlessly. The digital display on the toaster is great. I like the 10-second countdown to put butter on toast while it’s hot. The analog clock display is my favorite surprise in its clean, beautiful style. This renders my old toaster outdated and dusty in the bottom cupboard.” These evaluations emphasize the Revolution Toaster’s efficient heating, ability to toast different loaves of bread, and user-friendly design uniformly—customers like how the toaster handles frozen products without defrosting and looks stylish in the kitchen.

Where to Buy Revolution Toaster?

Revolution Toaster

Are you convinced the Revolution Toaster will revolutionize your breakfast? Get rid of your old, inexpensive toasters and buy this high-tech one. Many online and in-store merchants sell the Revolution Toaster. Amazon, Walmart, Williams Sonoma, and the brand’s website sell it for $350. Our Executive Culinary Director says the toaster is worth the price: “This toaster is expensive for a tiny kitchen gadget. It’s not a ploy. The aesthetics are great, and it accomplishes more than any other toaster I’ve used. High-tech, smart appliance fans will enjoy this.”

Efficient and even toasting Limited Versatility
Customizable brownness levels Expensive compared to regular toasters
Handles thick items like bagels
Time-saving features

Should I Buy It?

For homes that often toast bread, bagels, and pastries, the Revolution Toaster is a wise purchase, given its outstanding features, functionality, and positive customer reviews. Despite its $350 price tag, the toaster is a game-changer for morning routines because of its efficiency, customization choices, and stylish appearance. The Revolution Toaster is an excellent option if you appreciate modern design, consistent toasting, and innovative technology in your kitchen. But, a cheaper toaster can be adequate if you seldom toast bread or if cost is more important than sophisticated features.


What are the differences between Revolution Toaster and other toasters?

Innovative technology, customizable heating algorithms for different kinds of bread, and a sleek appearance distinguish the Revolution Toaster. Its touchscreen interface lets customers choose their toastiness level and employs accurate heating cycles to toast evenly. Defrosting is unnecessary because it can handle fresh and frozen bread.

The Revolution Toaster heats and toasts bread how?

The toaster heats (just over a minute), browns (50 seconds), and crisps (10 seconds). The toaster automatically optimizes its heating and browning cycles for the perfect toast by selecting the bread type on the touchscreen.

Can bagels and Texas Toast fit in the Revolution Toaster?

Absolutely! Bagels and Texas Toast bread may fit in the Revolution Toaster’s bigger slots without pre-smashing or flattening.

How is the Revolution Toaster cleaned and maintained?

Your Revolution Toaster’s detachable crumb tray notifies you to clean it. This simplifies maintenance and prevents crumbs from starting fires.