Rt100 Keyboard: Reviving The Nostalgia

Pedro Pascal—star of Narcos, The Mandalorian, The Last of Us, Game of Thrones, and every woman’s fantasy—is not the subject of this article. This is a review of a slap-worthy mechanical keyboard, however, not as exceptional as Pedro. The Epomaker RT100 debuts at a time when the greatest mechanical keyboards are popular and sought-after by PC users. Since numerous firms have emerged from obscurity and new mechanical keyboards are introduced daily, keebs are finding it tougher to stand apart.

Thank goodness Epomaker took the time to make the RT100 one of the greatest keyboards on the market. Examples include the smart small TV, which has a customizable small display. On this small screen in front of me, Pedro is as handsome and charming as ever, inspiring me all day.

Specifications Of Rt100 Keyboard

Key Amounts 97 keys+one knob
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0, wireless
Keycaps MDA profile 5-side dye-sub PBT
Plate Material PC
Case Material ABS
Battery 5000mAh
Polling Rate 1000Hz

Rt100 Keyboard: Look and feel

Rt100 Keyboard

Epomaker is well-known to keyboard enthusiasts and technology consumer product researchers. They make many keyboards and accessories with diverse styles. The RT100 looks like a normal mechanical keyboard. This off-white vintage version has 97 keys and a brilliant RGB-illuminated view. Top-right lets you turn on or off the keyboard and switch between Mac and Windows. When you look closer, the keyboard shines. The RT100 feels premium from the start.

Hot swappable keys and Bluetooth, a 2.4 Hz USB-A receiver, or a Type-C wired connection are on the keyboard. A configurable knob connects to the keyboard in the upper right corner. You can use this to play and stop music and video, but I like how clicky it sounds in its default volume function. The knob color varies with RGB lighting. Its optional small display in the upper left corner is perhaps its most unusual feature. Users may examine keyboard battery life, location-based weather, and CPU% after downloading the Epomaker driver for Mac and Windows. If you want customization and distinctive keyboards, the RT100 has a lot to offer.

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Rt100 Keyboard: Design and feelings

My Epomaker RT100 with the Sea Salt Silent Switch is its highlight. The keys are gasketed with slow-rebound bottom-case foam in the RT100. With these keys, typing feels like typing on a cloud. The keyboard felt so silky and smooth to type on. Others may like louder feedback, but I appreciate how rapidly and easily I can type on the RT100 in Zoom conversations without disrupting my notes. The RT100’s 97 keys are smaller than a full-sized keyboard, yet they’re comfortable for my carpal tunnel and wrist concerns. The PBT keycaps and spacing are not tight yet, yet near enough to make board navigation easy.

The Good Point Of Rt100 Keyboard?

Rt100 Keyboard

The RT100 keyboard gets the job done. I noted the small display’s unique capabilities before, but it’s also crucial to express my experience with it and what it can ideally do better. Setting up the tiny display is strange, despite installing the driver and following instructions. Despite setting my location and timezone numerous times, the tiny display only shows the keyboard’s battery life, date, and time. Despite my driver updates, it always shows 0 temperature and CPU settings. The Mac driver software is fussy. I’ve also failed to upload photos and gifs to the tiny display using Sketchpad. I see this as a complement to the keyboard, not a deal-breaker for its functionality. I hope Epomaker keeps improving this, since it sets them apart from other brands.

The Battery Life Of Rt100 Keyboard

Rt100 Keyboard

Note that the keyboard may be charged via the USB-C to USB-A connector. The cable is high-quality and leather-wrapped, like the keyboard. I use the tiny display on the RT100 and use this keyboard for 8–10+ hours a day; therefore, I charge it every 5–6 days. That includes shutting off the keyboard while not in use. This is a decent amount of use during the week, but I’ve used similar devices with longer power lives; this can be improved.

Pros and Cons Of Rt100 Keyboard

Amazingly pleasurable but silent typing Epomaker drive is useful yet complicated.
Mini display isn’t a cheap trick Lack of transparency in keycap symbols
Strong and hot-swappable
Great value and features


I like the Epomaker RT100. We can tell Epomaker put a lot of care into the design of this keyboard by its simplicity of use and quality construction. At $106, the RT100 competes with other gaming brands. Epomaker can develop if it improves its driver, tiny display, and battery life.


What is The Battery Life Of Epomaker RT100?

A 5,000mAh battery powers the Epomaker RT100 for 12 hours with the LEDs on and 16 hours with Bluetooth. Compared to other gaming keyboards, the RT100’s battery life is limited, however sleep settings can improve it.

How Is The Epomaker RT100 Keyboards?

The Epomaker RT100 has modern Sea Salt Silent switches and a gasket mount under its vintage look. These components work together to offer a typing experience like linear switches without the noise.

What Is The Price Of Epomaker RT100?

At $199 AUD, the Epomaker RT100 is more than entry-level gaming keyboards but still cheap.