Sonni Pacheco- A Journey Through Artistry, Marriage, and Motherhood

In Short:

  • Sonni Pacheco started as a hairdresser, then moved into real estate, lingerie modelling, acting, and sculpting. Her unique abilities and talents have helped her sculpture art studio become well-known.
  • Sonni Pacheco married Jeremy Renner for 10 months. The 2014 wedding was personal, but the couple’s intractable conflicts led to a 2015 divorce. Both parties made claims during the divorce, complicating matters.
  • Sonni began sculpting female nudes with animal heads in 2012. Her sculptures combine human and animal skulls, inspired by her youth in nature-rich Pitt Meadows. Her hard work has brought her fame in the art world.
  • Sonni Pacheco rekindled her romance with Nathan Thompson after divorcing Jeremy Renner. She had Wylder Rahyne, her second child, in February 2023. Sonni posts about her parenthood on Instagram, capturing its trials and joys.

Sonni Pacheco is a mysterious Hollywood figure. Her brief but famous marriage to Hollywood star Jeremy Renner and her tremendous artistic path are well known. In the digital age, Sonni’s followers use Wikipedia to grasp her convoluted life.

Sonni works in hairstyling, real estate, lingerie modeling, and acting. She finds meaning in sculpting. She combines human bodies with animal skulls in her sculpting workshop, borrowing inspiration from her Pitt Meadows ancestry.

Sonni Pacheco About

Sonni Pacheco

REAL NAME Sonni Pacheco
AGE 33
DATE OF BIRTH 21 March 1988
BIRTHPLACE Pitt Meadows, Canada
PROFESSION Actress, Fashion model
SPOUSE Jeremy Renner (ex-husband)
HEIGHT 5′ 8″
NETWORTH $2.3 million

Early Life and Identity

Despite rising popularity, Sonni Pacheco has no Wikipedia page, leaving fans with scant information. Sonni is 35 in 2023, born in Pitt Meadows, Canada, on March 21, 1988. She is Canadian, but her American citizenship is unknown. Sonni’s scholastic history is unknown since she loves her privacy and keeps family data private. Despite this mystery, her diverse and abilities continue to enchant viewers, sparking curiosity about her life.

Career Evolution- From Acting to Sculpting

After hairstyling, Sonni Pacheco got into real estate, lingerie modeling, acting, and sculpting, which she found to be her passion. She became famous through her sculpting workshop. In 2012, Sonni began sculpting female nudes with animal heads inspired by her childhood in Pitt Meadows. Her colorful and creative website designs show her passion for animals and nature. Before sculpting, Sonni modeled lingerie for major agencies and featured on magazine covers. In “American Pie: Book of Love” and “Wingman,” she showed her flexibility. Sonni Pacheco, a full-time sculptor, has a $3 million to $4 million net worth, displaying her versatility.

Marriage, Divorce, New Beginnings

While playing Thor in “The Avengers,” Jeremy Renner married Sonni Pacheco for 10 months. Jeremy announced his January 13, 2014, wedding in September 2014. After their March 28, 2013, wedding, Ava Berlin was born. Even though she adored parenting, Sonni filed for divorce on December 30, 2014, alleging irreconcilable differences. The divorce was complicated by both parties’ claims. After several challenges, the divorce was finalized in December 2015. Following her breakup with Jeremy Renner, Sonni Pacheco found love again. She enthusiastically told Nathan Thompson she was pregnant in 2023. After having her second kid, Wylder Rahyne, in February 2023, Sonni shared her parenting journey on Instagram.

Sonni Pacheco Welcomes Baby Girl on Her 35th Birthday

Sonni Pacheco

Sonni Pacheco announced her daughter’s birth on Instagram on March 23, 2023. The statement included a sweet photo of the infant sleeping on her mother’s bosom. Sonni and her daughter’s closeness was captured in the serene shot.

Nathan Thompson’s Pride

Sonni’s husband Nathan Thompson also expressed his pleasure on social media. His featured a sweet shot of him holding his daughter and a black-and-white snap of the infant covered in a blanket. His shirt said “Girl Dad” to symbolize those tender times with his kid.

Family Dynamics

Sonni Pacheco and Nathan Thompson, happy parents of Wylder Rayne, bring diverse family backgrounds to this new chapter. Ava, 10, is Sonni’s daughter from her former marriage to Jeremy Renner. Nathan has a kid named Teague with their ex-wife Cristin Stuart.

Journey to Parenthood

Sonni announced her pregnancy on Instagram in October. A black-and-white snapshot of Nathan stroking her baby tummy showed a strip of ultrasound photos.

A Happy-Gratitude Blend

Wylder Rayne was born on Sonni Pacheco’s 35th birthday. Social media posts documented the happy occasion and growing family affection. Fans anxiously anticipate updates as the duo adjusts to fatherhood.

Net Worth

Sonni Pacheco

Due to her varied job and personal experiences, Sonni Pacheco may have a net worth of over $2.3 million in 2024. She earns money via modelling, acting, and her growing interest in and success in the arts (she has sold sculptures). Her high-profile divorce from Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner, which resulted in significant child support payments for their daughter Ava, made up most of her net worth. Pacheco’s secret businesses, real estate, and money management make her rich. She’s affluent because her career and hobbies optimize several revenue sources. In 2024, Pacheco’s career and personal life earned her a considerable net worth, but details are unavailable.

Jeremy Renner parties until wee hours of night with look-alike of ex-wife Sonni Pacheco

Jeremy Renner was spotted out with a brunette woman at a star-studded event in Los Angeles Wednesday night. Although some outlets reported that the mystery woman was the “Bourne Legacy” star’s ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco — with whom he’s had a bitter custody battle — Page Six can confirm that his date was not the sculptor. Pacheco, who welcomed her second child and first baby with retired NHL player Nate Thompson in March, is sporting a much lighter hairdo these days, according to social media posts. Renner’s unidentified plus-one bears a striking resemblance to the artist but has much darker locks and eyes.

We’re told the “Avengers: Endgame” star and his guest spent the entire night together at the opening of Level 8, an entertainment experience that features eight different venues, including two bars, three restaurants, two casual dining spots and one nightclub. “They looked friendly,” an eyewitness tells Page Six exclusively of the duo. “I don’t think that they were romantic, but they were together the majority of the evening to the point that they went to a nightclub in that same area and they were together at the table.”

The spy also noticed Renner, 52, and his date “whispering pretty closely” to each other throughout the night and shares that they had a “great rapport.” They were accompanied by Aaron Paul, his wife, Lauren Paul, and Anderson .Paak. We’re told the action star and his lady friend stayed out until anywhere from midnight to 1 a.m.

A source says Renner had a hotel suite nearby that only featured a king bed and a pull-out couch, though it is unclear whether his gal pal chose to spend the night with him. Reps for Renner did not immediately return Page Six’s request for comment, but a source later revealed that the gal pal is Lauren Weiss, the wife of David Weiss, who is one of Renner’s close friends. Sonni Pacheco celebrated her 35th birthday by welcoming a baby girl into the world. She referred to her new arrival as the ‘best present’ on her special day.

Former Jeremy Jenner wife Sonni Pacheco had a memorable birthday after giving birth to a lovely child. She received the best gift—her newborn. Sonni proudly posted a snapshot of her newborn daughter’s lovely characteristics on social media. She called her the nicest birthday gift. The daughter was born on March 23 to Sonni and Nathan Thompson.

Sonni posted a touching Instagram Stories snapshot of her newborn baby. The newborn girl rested on her mother’s chest while Sonni laid down, displaying half her face. The child was asleep with her eyes closed and lips slightly open, appearing calm. She looked gorgeous in a white baby top. The snapshot showed mom and daughter’s wonderful relationship, and Sonni is enjoying every moment with her new baby. Nathan Thompson posted a black-and-white blanket-wrapped infant picture on Instagram stories. In a shirt that reads “Girl Dad,” he uploaded a photo of himself holding his newborn daughter.


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Sonni is also a mother to her 10-year-old daughter Ava with her ex-husband Jeremy Renner. On the other hand, Thompson shares a son named Teague, with his ex-wife Cristin Stuart. Sonni and Jeremy got separated in 2015. In October, last year, Sonni took to Instagram to share her pregnancy news with her fans and celebrity friends. Accompanied by a black-and-white photo of Nathan holding her baby bump as she clutched a strip of ultrasound photos, she expressed her excitement for what was to come. She captioned the post, “The best is yet to come… Spring 2023 #babygirl.”


Through her career shifts, brief but public marriage, and personal accomplishments, Sonni Pacheco shows tenacity and growth. Although her popularity has grown, her Wikipedia page is missing, leaving many of her stories unrecorded. Many look up to mother, sculptor, performer, and model Sonni Pacheco.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Sonni Pacheco gain fame and recognition?

Sonni Pacheco began modelling in promotional and commercial roles. Her 2014 marriage to Jeremy Renner boosted her fame.

What are the primary sources of Sonni Pacheco’s income?

Sonni Pacheco makes most of her money from modelling, acting, art sales, and her divorce from Jeremy Renner, which includes large child support payments.

Has Sonni Pacheco inherited significant wealth or family assets?

No public records indicate that Sonni Pacheco has inherited much.

What is the most significant event in Sonni Pacheco’s personal life impacting her character?

Sonni Pacheco’s emotional and financial lives were affected by her high-profile divorce from Jeremy Renner.

Is Sonni Pacheco charitable?

Sonni Pacheco’s generosity is unknown, yet it may affect her reputation.

Has Sonni Pacheco been influenced by court disputes?

Legal difficulties, notably custody fights with Jeremy Renner, may affect Sonni Pacheco’s character and public image.

How has COVID-19 changed Sonni Pacheco’s character and finances?

Sonni Pacheco’s character and net worth may have changed due to the epidemic, but she doesn’t say.

Does Sonni Pacheco have any secret investments or businesses?

While modelling, acting, and art are her main sources of income, Sonni Pacheco may have concealed business activities or interests that shape her character and finances.