Soujiyi: The Artificial Intelligence-Driven Email Finder Platform Transforming Email Marketing

Data has transformed into an invaluable asset that drives innovation and decision-making. Finding valuable and trustworthy information may be challenging in the vast ocean of data. Nevertheless, with Soujiyi, data discovery becomes a simple and fast process. In this , we explore Soujiyi’s background, features, interface, and capacity to transform individuals and organisations.

Get ready to experience data exploration like never before with Soujiyi.  Soujiyi revolutionises email marketing and sales. Soujiyi automates and streamlines email prospecting using advanced artificial intelligence, specifically technology.

Introduction To Soujiyi

With ChatGPT technology and AI, Soujiyi has changed how email marketing is done. Soujiyi automates and streamlines email marketing, helping businesses reach their ideal customers more precisely and quickly than ever before. Soujiyi is a Chinese company that was started in 2021. Its name means “data easy,” and its goal is to make it easier for businesses to find and use data.

Soujiyi uses complex NLP algorithms to look for possible clients’ most up-to-date and correct contact information on the web. By mixing AI, big data, and machine learning, Soujiyi can gather, process, and check millions of B2B data points, such as buyer IDs, business profiles, and contact information. This powerful combination lets businesses tailor their email marketing messages to the interests and industries of their customers, which boosts connection and sales.

How Soujiyi Works?

  1. Users of Soujiyi may be able to save time and effort as it utilises innovative technology to streamline jobs.
  2. Businesses can tailor their email marketing messages to each customer based on what they do and what they like with Soujiyi. This gets more people involved and increases sales.
  3. Firms can immediately see how well their email marketing works with Soujiyi’s solid data and reporting tools. After getting the information, they can decide what to do.
  4. Because they are optimised, Soujiyi’s tools can help you get more from your email marketing and get a better ROI.

What are Soujiyi’s features and solutions?

Soujiyi offers a range of tools and services to help you with your business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales needs. These include:

  • A data subscription service lets you access and download millions of pre-verified and up-to-date B2B data based on your target market and customer profile.
  • You can search and sort data based on many factors, such as business, location, revenue, and workforce size, to name a few.
  • You also have the choice of getting data specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Email Finder searches many sites, such as Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and more, to find email addresses of possible buyers that you can then copy and paste.
  • For Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, you can get add-ons to help you find email addresses on any website. Send the addresses to your campaigns or put them into a system for managing customer relationships.
  • Campaigns that drip: This platform lets you send personalised, automatic emails to leads so you can stay in touch until they reply or buy something.
  • You can set up several triggers and step them up based on what the recipients do, such as opening, clicking, replying, or unsubscribing.

Does Soujiyi Help In Business?

Many ways Soujiyi can help you and your business include:

  • A single platform with various solutions and services can be used to find and verify B2B data to save time and resources. Saves time and money.
  • Solutions that automate and optimise sales and marketing processes and AI and big data technologies that create and analyse B2B data and content can boost productivity.
  • Use accurate and high-quality B2B data and material to locate and engage with your ideal customers and increase performance. The tools also allow you to review and improve your sales and marketing KPIs.

Using Soujiyi for business:

  • Visit the Apple Store or Google Play for Soujiyi. Phone users can visit the website.
  • You can create or log in with your email, phone number, or social media.
  • You choose your monthly plan. Payment options include credit, debit, net banking, and pocket.
  • Follow the screen’s instructions to use the platform’s features and services: email finding, drip marketing, sales CRM, data subscription, and email verification.
  • Use Soujiyi to locate, engage with, and convert your ideal buyers to boost sales.

Tools and Customer Support from Soujiyi

You can maximise your Soujiyi experience with good customer service and practical tools. Soujiyi offers individualised customer service and extensive help materials and tutorials. The Soujiyi support team can help you with site issues or email marketing strategy improvements. Soujiyi fans can share their opinions and tips on internet groups and discussion sites.

Soujiyi: How can I get their help and learn from them?


You can get in touch with Soujiyi in the following ways and through the following tools:

  • The platform’s Help Centre has many Soujiyi feature instructions and covers common concerns and solutions. Learn how-tos, guidelines, tips, and popular queries here.
  • Its blog features news, essays, case studies, and other B2B sales and marketing updates. Blog posts provide Soujiyi advice.
  • Soujiyi’s business features and tools are taught in a workshop. Livestream or record the session. The video explains how to use it and provides information.
  • The Support Team is available 24/7 via phone, email, live chat, or ticket. They are knowledgeable and experienced customer service professionals who can answer questions, resolve issues, and assist with operational and technical concerns.

To improve performance and maximise your investment, you need to figure out how well your email marketing efforts are doing. If you do what Soujiyi says, you can use open, click-through, and conversion rates to figure out how well your efforts are doing. Find trends and patterns in your data to make decisions that will help you improve your email marketing plan and maximise your investment. Soujiyi says that you should use analytics tools to monitor how well your email marketing efforts are doing.


To help you meet your marketing and sales goals, Soujiyi combines human knowledge with cutting-edge technologies like big data, AI, and more. Soujiyi offers many tools and services, such as data subscription, email finder, drip campaigns, sales CRM, and email verification, to help you find, connect with, and eventually convert your ideal customers.


Soujiyi’s impact on email open rates?

Soujiyi advises writing captivating email subject lines to increase open rates and audience engagement. Personalisation, urgency, and curiosity can persuade customers to open and interact with emails.

How does Soujiyi assure data quality and accuracy?

 Soujiyi uses advanced data verification and validation to ensure the accuracy of its B2B data. This involves utilising machine learning to find and remove inaccurate or outdated data and cross-referencing several sources.

Do CRM systems support Soujiyi?

 Soujiyi’s seamless interface with CRM systems lets firms easily import new leads and contacts into their workflows and databases.