Status Audio Between 3ANC: Review

The Status Between 3 ANC are premium ANC earphones with AAC and SBC Bluetooth. A well-made IPX5 device with a great equaliser ANC may be better, and fit may be tough for some ears. Status attempts to make a statement musically and stylistically, and both are fantastic. Comfort, a competitive battery, Bluetooth 5.2 (without aptX and higher-res codecs), and ANC with six microphones provide a near-silent wall.

Status Audio Between 3ANC Specs

Dimension 4.45 x 4.33 x 1.73 inches
Weight 3.84 ounces
Available From April 12, 2023
External Microphones 6 (3 per ear)
Fit In Ear
Noise Cancelling Active
Bluetooth 5.2
Battery life 12 Hour
Lowest frequency 5Hz vs 19.52Hz


  • Super comfy
  • A unique design
  • Great battery life
  • Excellent call quality
  • Powerful sound


  • High frequencies are rather harsh.
  • Non-wear sensors
  • No Bluetooth HD.

Pricing and Release Date

Status Audio Between 3ANC

In April 2023, the $249 Status Between 3ANC earphones debuted. This is a decent price increase from the April 2021 Status Between Pro, which cost $169 or £120 (AU$235). We don’t know when the Status Between 3ANC will be available in the UK and Australia. Both sides know that Sony’s flagship WF-1000XM5 came immediately after for $299.99, £259, or AU$499, although it doesn’t provide much. The Technics EAH-AZ80, with triple-device connectivity and the best call quality we’ve ever experienced, and the five-star Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, still our favourite active noise cancellation earbuds, are other options at this level.


Status Audio Between 3ANC

Listing what you’re not receiving may be better. Spotify tunes will sound as good as 320kbps because there’s no support for higher-resolution codecs or spatial audio sauce (Sony’s Tidal upscaler, 360 Reality Audio, 24 object-based channels in a 360-degree soundscape). The app just has three pages: a homepage, headphones, and a firmware update. Battery status and a good product photo are on the site. Despite our excitement to inform you how amazing the noise reduction is, on or off is your customising option for ANC, or Ambient Sound Mode. It has a Sound Mode tab.  My favourite feature is the press-hold of either bud to increase or decrease volume.

Sound Quality

No higher-resolution codecs are onboard. However, a vast and well-layered presentation provides bite and intrigue from the start. Sean Paul’s Gimme the Light streaming is substantial and energetic, with more vocals coming at each ear coherently. The 10-second “Water Song” overture (with a glass harmonica, wind gong, and bull-roarers) is precise across frequencies but doesn’t grow from barely noticeable to quiet and pensive like more dynamic earbuds. Energy is nearly excessive in these buds.

Unfortunately, the bass is a little off, outstanding for depth through the leading edges of notes, making it seem lightweight or fuzzy (tubby would be an understatement) without EQ correction.  Technics slightly wins dynamic build (the rise and fall of each musical note), but that’s a closer battle. The Status Between 3ANC earbuds are secure and easy to use, and the Status’s ANC may be better because I have such a good seal between my ear tip and ear canal.


Status Audio Between 3ANC

My earphones fit nicely and are striking. These buds are perfect for looking like a Jem, and the Holograms are extra. I got the smallest pre-fitted ear tips with silicone “fitwings,” and they fit me exactly; however, there are medium and large sets. We can also adjust the fitwing (which covers the lower part of the driver housing and makes it more bulbous if your ear wants it) and ear tip separately because they’re not physically coupled. Fitting these things is difficult, so avoid doing it on your commute. I guarantee security once you get it correctly. It’s interesting that Status’ earphones are so unique, angular, and design-conscious, yet the casing is utilitarian and average.

The Sony WF-1000XM5’s case seems more costly. No. EAH-AZ80 case from Technics. I enjoy wearing and using earbuds. Sony’s latest premium earbuds require four quick taps to boost or reduce volume, but this one hold-press does it without registering tones. ANC and Ambient alarms cannot be disabled.


The Status Between 3ANC sounds how?

Status Between 3ANC earphones have three drivers, unlike other TWS earbuds. A typical 10mm dynamic driver and two balanced armatures span the spectrum of audible frequencies, needing sophisticated acoustic integration seen in higher-priced in-ear speakers.

Does Status Between 3ANC feature spatial audio?

While the Status Between 3ANC doesn’t claim spatial audio, these earbuds will deliver it if your source device and streaming service support it. However, there is no head tracking.

Status warranty between 3ANC?

Status warranties material flaws and workmanship for one year from purchase.

Does passive noise isolation outperform active noise cancellation?

Passive isolation and active noise cancellation target distinct noises, but none is superior. Isolation prevents high frequencies well, whereas ANC filters repeating low frequencies like hums and din.