T-mobile Internet Reviews: Is It A Fast and Affordable Cable?

T-Mobile is the most accessible home internet provider I’ve worked with for bills and the “fine print” most companies add. You get the exact pricing, consistent invoicing, advance notice of changes, no data cap, and no contract.

Home Internet from T-Mobile Internet Reviews exploits extra capacity on its 4G and networks, costs $60 monthly with no obligation, and offers fresh competition. Two months of testing showed it’s an excellent alternative to 100Mbps cable or DSL. This can’t currently compete with high-speed fiber connections. Would I, a remote worker and heavy internet user who streams video, plays online games, and does cloud backups, be okay with airborne internet? After a few weeks of testing, it appears that T-Mobile’s webpage says my address is eligible, but the router almost always had a “weak” cellular signal and so many drop-outs and slowdowns that even my non-techie wife was tired up. Even if you live a few blocks away, your cellphone internet experience may differ from mine. Take this assessment as a one-person’s opinion of the service in a tiny, unspecific section of eastern Washington state.

T-Mobile Internet Reviews Specs

T-mobile Internet

Download Speeds 72–245 Mbps
Upload Speed 15–31 Mbps
Service Covers 40 million homes
Supports Wi-Fi 6
Manufacturers Nokia Solutions & Networks
Plays On Apple Music on my HomePods
Free Period 15-day trial
Costs $50 per month

What Is In The Box?

  • T-Mobile Internet Device: The primary internet device.
  • Power Adapter: T-Mobile Internet device power supply.
  • Ethernet Cable: Connects T-Mobile devices to routers and computers.
  • Guide: The Quick Start Guide walks you through setting up and activating T-Mobile Internet.
  • Warranty Information: T-Mobile Internet device warranty information.
  • Contact Customer Support: T-Mobile customer service contact information.

T-Mobile Internet Reviews: New ISP in Every Town

T-mobile Internet

Our site rarely reviews ISPs for many reasons. Internet services are challenging to establish and cancel, new services are seldom available at our testing regions (thus, we have yet to test Starlink), and they take months to review. Instead, we use reader feedback in our annual Fastest ISPs story and other information to understand the ISP market. However, T-Mobile’s new home 5G offering is so crucial that we made an exception.

Verizon has offered limited 5G residential service for two years, and rural 4G internet service has existed for years. T-Mobile wants near-nationwide, easy-to-install home internet for urban, suburban, and rural subscribers. People need fiber connectivity but not so far out in the woods that they need Starlink to use the service. A large part of urban, suburban, and exurban America. This map displays the 634 metro regions where T-Mobile advertises Home Internet. (Even major metro areas have one point.)

Our T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Test

With all the excellent talk about this new fixed-wireless internet service, I had to try it. I used T-Mobile Internet Reviews for a few months in my internet-dependent two-person household. I knew there had to be something behind all the positive feedback. Still, I was skeptical that a fixed wireless internet connection could handle latency-dependent things like gaming and video conferencing and my cable ISP. T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet exceeded my speed and reliability expectations. User-friendly and powerful, this new internet service sets the standard for a no-nonsense 2023 internet experience.

Home T-Mobile 5G Internet Speeds

T-Mobile Internet Reviews promises a single speed of 72-245Mbps, which needs to be more consistent. This is because T-Mobile delivers bandwidth using 5G. Since your phone uses the same internet communication technologies, there’s more fluctuation than cable and fiber. While testing T-Mobile Home Internet, my speeds varied, although they rarely dropped below 100 Mbps. Speed testing on a laptop and iPhone via Wi-Fi consistently exceeded 200 Mbps. Upload speeds were roughly 15 Mbps, like cable. Your 5G infrastructure will determine your T-Mobile speeds. Strong 5G cell phone signals are good.

Personal experience with T-Mobile Internet Reviews

T-mobile Internet

In my two-person home that does everything (even working) online, T-Mobile Home Internet handled most of my internet needs. Remote working, conferencing, web browsing, and gaming worked smoothly on my T-Mobile internet connection. Random speed testing consistently showed rates above 200 Mbps and often over 400 Mbps. The service was so good I rethought my bandwidth needs. I expected to miss rapid downloads as I was used to 500 Mbps cable internet. But I saw no difference even with massive game files and program downloads. No matter how fast your internet is, your download speeds are determined by the servers serving the data. T-Mobile kept up with my download hosts (Steam, Microsoft, Sony, etc.).

Overall Setup and Billing

T-mobile Internet

Like other customers, I subscribed to retail and received a box with everything I needed. The modem comes with a SIM, so setting it up is simple: download an app on your phone, switch it on, and use the top display to discover a decent signal. You’re almost ready. Billing was easy, too. T-Mobile added $60 to my monthly payment, including taxes and fees. Modem rental is free. T-Mobile Internet Reviews signal must be strong for the modem. On band 41 5G, the modem had similar signal strength to the Galaxy S21 Ultra on T-Mobile, while on band 2 4G, it had somewhat better reception. No external antenna connectors are visible, but if you’re handy, you can open the modem and connect it to a Waveform antenna for excellent reception. A nice one costs $219.99.

Pros and Cons

Broadband speed Speed varies greatly
No contract, straightforward price Servers with long pings
Simple self-installation

Should I Buy T-Mobile Internet?

With the fragmented US ISP market, this may be a decent investment, depending on where you live. If band 41 signal is good, T-Mobile Home Internet will usually be faster than DSL and cable. Although it won’t be as good as fiber, it will only matter if fiber is available and affordable. T-Mobile’s Nokia modem is a significant drawback. It lacks numerous router settings; my first one suddenly malfunctioned, and many buyers have complained on forums. Americans need Internet options, and T-Mobile delivers. If you’re used to reliable wired ISP service, wireless oscillations will be strange, but they didn’t affect my calls or Netflix viewing. This is a good alternative if you only need to send emails, stream movies and TV, and make video chats. Heavy gamers and VPN users should stick with fiber.


Does T-Mobile 5G Home Internet support gaming?

The use of T-Mobile internet for console and PC gaming is enjoyable. There have been no drops, lags, or sluggish updates. Although some are wary about using 5G for gaming owing to latency, I had no trouble. Racing simulators and shooters ran as well on my cable internet connection. Random speed tests showed an 18-ms average ping.

T-Mobile Home Internet: good for live TV streaming?

I had trouble streaming live TV. A cord-cutting live TV streaming provider authorizes service using my IP address. T-Mobile often changes your IP address, so anything that requires it to allow use must be reauthorized. This needed a long phone call to my streaming TV provider to authorize the new IP, which was inconvenient.