Taylor Lautner Gets Candid And Talks About ‘Awkward’ Time With Robert Pattison, His ‘Twilight’ Co-Star

In a recent interview, Taylor Lautner gets all candid and talks about everything from fan rivalry with his co-star during Twilight to becoming friends with Swift post the breakup.

Podcast with Taylor


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Taylor Lautner, who played Jacob in the famous vampire series, ‘Twilight‘ appeared after so many years in a recent podcast, to discuss his friendship with his ex, the Time of The Year person, Taylor Swift his infamous rivalry with Jacob vs Edward, who was played by Robert Pattison in Twilight.

The Twilight star said, “I think it was tough. I don’t know for [Robert] but for me at least… especially at the age I was at,” said of the fans’ obsession with the rivalry on the December 13 episode.

Edward vs Jacob Rivalry

He continued talking about the rivalry between Jacob and Edward saying, “You get your feelings hurt sometimes when you shouldn’t but it’s hard not to sometimes. ” He also admitted that there was never a deep rivalry between the star Ribert and him in real life, however, the fan rivalry affected him a lot more than he would have expected.

He explained, “It was awkward for the two of us standing together on a balcony and a thousand girls booing Rob but cheering for me…And then this [other] half booing me and cheering for [him] but us having to have some sort of friendship was difficult.”

Also, the series love triangle between Bella Swan, the role played by Kristen Stewart, Edward, and Jacob favored Edward as Bella ends up with Edward having his child, which added to the rivalry.

Robert and Lautner in real life

The Valentine star also explained that in real life now, it’s difficult to connect back as we have very ‘different personalities’. He says, “The thing with me and Rob is we’re very, very different people,” “We never really connected on a deep level just because we’re different humans but he was always fantastic and the sweetest person ever.” Adding some humor to this conversation, Taylor’s wife, Tay Dome, is also present in the podcast who admitted laughingly that she’s Team Edward.

Taylor’s friendship with Swift

The podcast shifted its conversation to Swift and Taylor’s friendship post the split and revealed how Swifties have called Latner, Swift’s “best ex”.

Taylor explained, “I think when you respect somebody for who they are… like in their soul – it allows you to move on, forgive, and continue that love differently. ” He revealed that he felt they lost touch post the breakup in 2009 but stated that he is grateful for the “greater things” to happen to him in 2022 was the “rekindling” of his friendship with the Grammy winner.