The PlayStation VR2 Has Finally Made Its Way In India!

The PlayStation VR2 is now available in India. There are two versions to choose from: the regular PS VR2 headset and the Horizon: Call of the Mountain combo, which includes the game code. Read on to know more.

PlayStation VR2, Sony’s latest VR headset, is now in India. The news comes nearly ten months after its US introduction and costs more than the PS5. The visor and sense controllers cost Rs. 57,990, whereas the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle costs Rs. 61,999. Online retailers seem short on stock. Only Amazon and the e2z Store stock the headset, with the latter listing only the base edition. Other notable sites provide pre-booking or email reminders when ready.

As such, the PlayStation Store now sells the PS VR2 collection, including Horizon, for Rs. 3,999 digitally.

The bundle also includes a game download voucher with customized cover art. You play Ryas, a former Shadow Carja warrior, who is sent to the center of the Sundom to solve a mystery using superior tribal abilities like archery and weapon crafting to defeat massive beast-like machines. You will encounter series heroine Aloy and other familiar characters who help us with tasks despite our altered temperament. Guerilla Games is expanding the Horizon universe, which will have a sequel.


The headset should soon be available from Amazon, Croma, e2z Store, Flipkart, Games the Shop, Reliance Digital, Shop at SC, and Vijay Sales, as usual. Amazon is offering a limited-time 8 percent discount, bringing the price down to Rs. 54,990, the same as the Bluray-equipped PS5.

The PS VR2 debut is excellent for virtual reality fans, but many online have been asking Sony India about their Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition orders. Sony has reportedly delayed shipment of the June pre-ordered bundle indefinitely. Remember that the corporation hasn’t commented on this problem on social media.

The PS VR2’s 4,000 × 2,040 OLED panels (2000 x 2040 per eye) and 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate provide smooth gaming navigation. The visor has a 110-degree FOV like its predecessor and a see-through toggle to let wearers see without taking the headset off.

The PS VR2 doesn’t need tracking cameras in either corner of the room for height adjustments, unlike other virtual reality systems. Sensory features use motor vibrations to simulate game senses and tension.

Details on the PlayStation VR2, including its specs and features

OLED display with 110-degree field-of-view, 4K HDR playback, and 120Hz refresh rate are among the upgrades of the second-generation PlayStation VR headset. The headset incorporates four front cameras for a see-through view, a customized play area, and other functions. The new orb-shaped controllers offer adjustable triggers, haptic feedback, and finger contact detection like DualSense.

PlayStation VR2 is only compatible with PlayStation 5. Therefore, you must have or buy a PS5 system to use the VR headset. The digital PlayStation 5 costs Rs 44,990, while the disk version costs Rs 54,990.