Top Mobile Operators Offering SIM Cards in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for having a vast array of mobile providers that provide premium SIM cards, as well as for having an excellent telecommunications infrastructure. Depending on the telecom provider and the plan option you pick out, mobile phone can change. Here are a few of the leading UAE mobile providers:

SIM Card Prices in UAE and Where to see its packages?

Here is a general overview of Major SIM card prices in the UAE:


In the UAE, Etisalat takes the top spot as the biggest telecommunications operator, and they cater to a broad spectrum of services, encompassing voice, data, and mobile broadband. Etisalat’s lineup of SIM card plans is designed to accommodate a diverse array of user requirements and preferences. Etisalat UAE app is the very good choice to keep eyes on your number. You can easily , check data plans and also can activate, deactivate and see the latest options of packages.

Etisalat extends a selection of both prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. The prepaid options commence at approximately 15 AED (equivalent to 4 USD), though the exact pricing may fluctuate depending on the package and the accompanying benefits. As for the postpaid plans, there might be a requirement for a security deposit, and the monthly charges will hinge on the specific plan you opt for.


du is another major mobile operator in the UAE, offering competitive SIM card packages with flexible options for calls, texts, and data. They have affordable plans for both residents and tourists visiting the country. Du provides both prepaid and postpaid SIM card options.

Prepaid SIM cards start at around 20 AED (5 USD), while postpaid plans may require a security deposit and have different charges based on the chosen package.

Virgin Mobile UAE:

Virgin Mobile UAE is a popular choice for those seeking innovative and customer-friendly mobile services. They offer SIM cards with attractive data packages and value-added services, making them a convenient option for both residents and visitors.

Virgin Mobile: Virgin Mobile, as an MVNO, offers different plans and pricing options. They have prepaid plans that start at around 25 AED (7 USD), and they may also have special offers or data bundles.

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du):

Another reputable operator, du provides reliable SIM card options with affordable rates for local and international calls, internet data usage, and other services. Their plans are tailored to meet different communication needs.

Freedom Mobile:

Freedom Mobile is a newer player in the UAE’s mobile market, offering competitive SIM card packages with attractive benefits, including low-cost international calling rates and affordable data plans.

FreedomPop is another option to consider. They provide free SIM cards with limited data and calls, and they also have paid plans with different pricing tiers and benefits.

Please keep in mind that these prices serve as initial reference points, and each telecom operator might offer extra charges or promotions. To obtain the most accurate and current information on SIM card prices in the UAE, it’s advisable to either visit the official websites or drop by the telecom companies’ stores.

These represent only a handful of the prominent mobile operators in the UAE providing SIM cards. It’s a wise practice to explore various packages and providers to identify the one that aligns best with your communication needs.