Unblockit: How do you access blocked websites?

In Shorts: 

  • Unblockit is a powerful web proxy that hides users’ IP addresses and connects them to restricted websites.
  • Unblockit’s primary purpose is to make all websites accessible. It provides instructional resources and social media communication for students and workers with a user-friendly interface.
  • Unblockit uses VPN, IP masking, intelligent routing, and encryption. It encrypts connections, conceals IP addresses, diverts traffic over VPN for security, and employs clever routing to access banned websites.
  • Unblockit offers sites, sports streaming, movie streaming, book downloads, and music downloads. Free access to a variety of information is provided.

The internet has become an essential aspect of our lives, giving information and pleasure. Sometimes, websites are inaccessible owing to geographical constraints, network firewalls, or government censorship. Trying to get crucial knowledge or follow global trends may take time and effort. Unblocking these sites lets you reaccess internet information. Here are effective ways to clear banned sites and regain internet freedom. You may have encountered banned websites if you download or watch online content. ISPs, governments, or geo-restrictions often block free and illicit websites. This may frustrate users who wish to visit their favorite websites quickly. There is a way to unblock it and circumvent these limits. Proxy, mirror, and VPN sites allow access to blocked websites. Learn about Unblockit and its operation here.

Powerful Web Proxy Potential risks associated with proxy usage
Hides User’s IP Address Reliance on proxy availability
Enables Access to Restricted Websites Limited control over security and privacy
Facilitates Anonymous Browsing
User-Friendly Interface
Diverse Services Offered (Torrents, Sports, Movies, Books, Music)

What Is Unblockit?


Internet use is essential in the digital age. It would be best to have it for entertainment, knowledge, and communication. The internet is beneficial, yet certain websites are prohibited or limited in some places. People using these websites for research or family communication may need clarification. Unblockit is a valuable tool that lets users quickly access blocked websites. Unblockit, a free web proxy, hides your IP address and location so you can browse the internet anonymously. It acts as a bridge between you and the website you wish to visit, making it appear open.

What Is The Purpose Of Unblockit?

Unblockit’s straightforward goal is to allow internet access to anyone. For students seeking instructional materials or employees seeking social media communication, Unblockit makes no website off-limits. Unblockit is known for its user-friendly UI. Enter the URL of the website you want to unblock, and Unblockit will do the rest without technical skill or application installation. Anyone who needs fast, easy access to illegal content can utilize it.

How Does Unblockit Work?


Unblockit initially encrypts your connection to a website using SSL. Since every communication between your device and the website is encoded, monitoring your online activities is practically impossible.

IP masking

Every website you visit uses your IP address to identify and locate you. Unblockit hides your IP address and changes it from your worldwide server network. To bypass geo-restrictions and access material in your home country, pretend to be browsing from a different place.

VPN technology

Before reaching the intended page, Unblockit’s safe servers divert your internet traffic utilizing VPN technology. This encrypts all incoming and outgoing data and hides your IP address for maximum security.

Smart routing

Your innovative routing system understands when an ISP or location blocks a website. It then picks a secure server path to ensure website access.

What services does Unblockit offer?


Services offered by this tool include:

1) Torrent sites: Unblockit lists all government-blocked torrent sites. Users may quickly access torrent sites with this tool.

2) Unblock Sports Streaming: Users may access all sports streaming websites.

3) Streaming sites: The popularity of sports streaming services is growing. Unblockit unlocks all sites.

4) Book download sites: Users may access all prohibited book download websites. You may download any book and read it.

5) Download music sites: You may effortlessly unblock all music download websites using this program. This lets you download any music file in seconds.

Tips for Unblockit

  • Be cautious while entering personal information on strange websites.
  • Always use antivirus or anti-malware software when browsing proxy sites.
  • Use strong, unique passwords to prevent illegal access.

These ways can unblock it, but internet security and privacy are more vital. Some safety tips:

  • Use trusted proxy servers for unblockit and web mirroring to avoid security issues.
  • Whenever feasible, access websites using HTTPS. Unblocking is encrypted and private using this.
  • Use caution while submitting personal information on unfamiliar sites. Some prohibited site access techniques might be utilized for phishing.
  • Security Software Update: Update antivirus and anti-malware software to avoid attacks.
  • Use strong and unique passwords to prevent unauthorised access when creating accounts on unblocked sites.

How do you access UnblocKit-blocked sites?


Changing the DNS is usually enough, but if you don’t want to, use Unblocked. Indeed, if you routinely visit pirate sites, streaming services for movies and TV shows, sports, free eBook downloads, and other popular websites. They’re often concealed and can’t be reached using the previous address. Because of this, Unblocked, now Unblockit, assists you. Unblocked lets you access popular websites that are regularly prohibited due to address changes but are still operating and utilizing a different domain. With Unblockit, restricted websites are always accessible.

Top Alternatives For Unblockit

  • 1337x


1337x is a Pirate Bay alternative with 53 million monthly views and an extensive torrent library. Most material, including documentaries, applications, and explicit content, is available. Games are lacking. I liked its bustling community. Many users seed, comment, and rate torrents. Their ratings and reviews make choosing reliable and high-quality downloads easier. Its UI is easy to use and displays torrent size, downloads, seeders, leechers, and upload dates. See each category’s 100 most popular torrents and check for movie nominations. Create your own torrent favourites list. Privacy is also high on the site. Most importantly, it operates on Bitcoin contributions and has little advertising. So, it won’t gather user data and protect donor privacy.

  • YTS


YTS (previously YIFY) is a top movie site. The major draw is its high-quality movie torrents, which support 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 4K, and 3D movies in minimal file sizes. You can download quickly and see quality images without using much internet or storage. Its basic, clean UI, similar to Netflix, sets YTS apart. Carnival of Souls’ trailers, descriptions, IMDB ratings, images, and more were available when I looked for it. I could search for movies by quality, genre, and rating. I admire YTS’s responsiveness to user demands. Users actively request movies on the platform. This user-centric strategy brings popular titles to the platform. YTS mostly shows movies, so you must get games and music elsewhere. YTS’s pop-up advertising annoyed me too.

  • Torrentz2


Torrentz2 (previously Torrentz) is a meta-search engine that searches torrent sites. When you visit the site, you’ll get a complete list of torrents from numerous sources. However, it provides confirmed and unverified torrent results, so safety is uncertain. Luckily, you can restrict torrent searches by verification. How quickly the site responded to searches astounded me. As a meta-search engine, I expected a delay as it combined results from other sites. Torrentz2 compiles and displays results rapidly, reducing wait time. While it works for all files, Torrentz2 excels in finding music. The site is trusted for its wide selection of music torrents. Unfortunately, its UI is less professional than that of other torrent sites. It works, but the design and user experience are old-fashioned and simple.

Finishing up

Unblockit and its operation are described above. Unblockit is the finest proxy for accessing blocked websites safely and efficiently. Unblockit is trusted by thousands of satisfied consumers who want uninterrupted internet entertainment due to its extensive list of websites. Unblockit lets you browse freely.


What’s Unblockit?

Strong web proxy Unblockit lets users access banned websites simply. It conceals the user’s IP address to allow anonymous viewing of restricted websites.

Why is Unblockit necessary?

The primary purpose of Unblockit is to provide everyone with unlimited internet access. It lets users browse any website without limitations, making it a useful tool for quickly accessing prohibited information.

How is Unblockit implemented?

Unblockit uses encryption, IP masking, VPN, and smart routing. It encrypts the user’s connection, conceals the IP address, diverts traffic using VPN technology, and uses clever routing to access prohibited websites.

What primary services does Unblockit provide?

Unblockit provides access to torrents, sports, movies, books, and music sites. It unlocks a lot of material.