Was Parineeti Chopra The First Choice For Animal? Sandeep Reddy Opens Up

Sandeep Vacancy Rashmika Mandanna and Ranbir Kapoor collaborate for the first time in Vanga’s Animal. Did you know, though, that Parineeti Chopra was originally considered for the role? In an interview with Komal Nahta, the director disclosed it and claimed that Parineeti first regretted his choice.

Regarding Parineeti Chopra’s departure from Animal, Sandeep Reddy Vanga spoke candidly. For those who don’t know, Parineeti Chopra was initially selected to play Geetanjali in the Ranbir Kapoor film. But in the movie, Rashmika Mandanna took Parineeti’s place. Parineeti was unhappy with the way things turned out, and although Sandeep had previously disclosed that she didn’t suit the part during the look test, he has since disclosed that he had let her go 1.5 years after signing her for the movie.

The director of Animal disclosed to trade analyst Komal Nahta that, despite her disappointment, Parineeti recognized the importance of the right casting for the movie. “Well, Galati mera hi hai actually. “Ho sake toh maaf karo mujhe,” I uttered.

Since he’s known her, he’s been a fan of her work, and he mentioned that he also gave her some thought for the role of Kabir Singh, which starred Shahid Kapoor. “I’ve always desired to collaborate with her. She is aware of what I told her. I apologized, saying that nothing could compare to the movie. I’m choosing to move forward with another artist as a result. He continued, “She felt horrible, but she knew why I was saying that.”

is one of the most financially successful movies of 2023, despite receiving negative reviews from critics and some viewers for supposedly glorifying misogyny and violence. It was released on December 1 and has now made over ₹500 crore at the Indian box office. Sandeep Reddy Vanga recently confirmed that there will be a sequel, called Animal Park. It has been reported that Ranbir will play two roles in the upcoming film.