What are the office supplies? Classification of office supplies

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Introduction: Many users are now facing the reality of job hunting, and there are still many people who continue to struggle on the bitter journey of submitting resumes in major talent markets. But then again, when we find a job and start working, we have to buy some personal office supplies. For different industries, different types of work correspond to different office supplies, so what are these office supplies? Next, I will introduce some common office supplies for you.

1. Stationery

1. File management category: folders with holes (folders with two holes, folders with three holes), folders without holes (single strong folder, double strong folder, long press folder, etc.), report folders, board folders, classification folders, Hanging labor folder, computer folder, bill folder, file box, information booklet, file bag, file sleeve, business card case/book, CD bag/book, briefcase, zipper bag, card bag, filing cabinet, file rack, file basket, Bookends, photo albums, drawing folders

2. Desktop supplies: stapler, staple remover, hole puncher, scissors, utility knife, paper cutter, ticket holder, nail needle series, pencil sharpener, glue stick, glue, tape, tape holder, calculator, Instrument ruler, pen holder, pencil case, desk calendar holder, conference card

3. Office notebook: wireless bound book, spiral book, leather-bound book, loose-leaf book, pad book, post-it note, post-it note, sticky note paper/box, meeting record book

4. Writing correction supplies: gel pen (signature pen), ballpoint pen, pencil, desk pen, whiteboard pen, highlighter pen, pen, marker pen, watercolor pen, POP pen, eraser, correction fluid, correction tape, ink refill, Soft pen, crayon (oil pastel), brush

5. Financial supplies: ledgers/account books, carbonless copy notes, vouchers/documents, carbon paper, UFIDA consumables, bill binding machines, financial calculators, printing pads/ink ink, check folders, special seals, seal boxes, portable vaults, numbering machines

6. Auxiliary supplies: newspaper racks, magazine racks, whiteboard series, ID cards, packaging supplies, pedestal series, certificate series, key management

7. Computer peripheral supplies: CD, U disk, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, mobile hard disk, recording pen, plug board, battery, headset, CD-ROM drive, card reader, memory card, controller (touch screen control system) box), CPU, memory

8. Electronic and electrical appliances: socket

2. Office consumables

1. Printing consumables: toner cartridges, ink cartridges, ribbons, toner cartridges, components

2. Binding consumables: binding clip strips, binding rubber rings, binding sheets, leather paper

3. Office paper: copy paper, fax paper, computer printing paper, color copy paper, photo paper, inkjet printing paper, coated paper, color spray paper, drawing paper, transparent paper, self-adhesive printing paper, other paper

4. IT consumables: network cables, crystal plugs, network cable adapters, video cables, power cables

3. General merchandise

Daily necessities: household paper, disposable products, cleaning products, labor insurance products, hardware tools, carbonated beverages, office tea and coffee, purified water, convenience food, pumping paper, roll paper, large tray paper, toilet paper, paper towels/wet wipes, towels , handkerchiefs, cups: teapots/kettles, tea sets, thermos cups, plastic cups, water cups, paper cups, cartoon cups, ceramic cups, mugs, cup stickers, coasters, glasses, coffee cups; food and drink: tea/coffee /convenience food/drinking water/biscuits; gloves, masks, shoe covers, work clothes.

4. Office equipment

1. Office equipment: paper shredders, binding machines, check printers, attendance machines, banknote counters, laminating machines, business card scanners, telephones

2. IT equipment: computers, projectors, copiers, fax machines, printers, multifunction machines, scanners, cameras, camcorders, switches, routers, modems

3. Office appliances: humidifier, water dispenser, electric fan, vacuum cleaner

4. The importance of office equipment maintenance Active maintenance is advocated for office equipment, so that the downtime of the machine is minimized, so as to obtain the best use efficiency and value.

5. Office furniture

Filing cabinets, lockers, multi-drawer cabinets, miscellaneous cabinets, safes, desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, metal cabinets

6. Financial Supplies


1. Manual bookkeeping

①Account books (general ledger, subsidiary ledger, journal, etc.)

② Vouchers (income vouchers, expenditure vouchers, transfer vouchers)

③Reports (income statement, balance sheet, etc.)

④ Pen (preferably the one dedicated to finance)

⑤ Ink (blue, black, red)

⑥ Abacus (basically, calculators are used now)

⑦ ruler, paper clip, pin

⑧Subject seal, personal name stamp, ink pad

⑨The cashier needs various bank settlement vouchers (credit vouchers, wire transfer vouchers, checks, etc., which can be purchased at the bank), and cash counters can be configured for the cashier if conditions permit


2. Computer accounting

①Computer (including printer, preferably with broadband connection)

② Computer accounting voucher

③Financial software

④ Pen (preferably the one dedicated to finance)

⑤Ink (blue, black, red) ⑥Abacus (basically, calculators are used now)

⑦ Ruler, paper clip, pin, rubber band

⑧The cashier needs various bank settlement vouchers (credit vouchers, wire transfer vouchers, checks, etc.)

The Internet is really a good thing. Everything we need can be found on the Internet, and now it is aimed at some personalized services. These office supplies are also packaged into a series for sale. Most office supplies are relatively cheap, and we can choose according to our actual needs. In addition to the common price folders, file bags, and other things that can make your desk look beautiful and stylish, it is a must-have product for office work. The above are some common office supplies introduced by Xiaobian.