What Hardware is Necessary to Elevate Your Gaming PC From Average to Above Average?

If you prefer gaming from a desktop computer or laptop instead of gaming from a console, dedicated handheld gaming device, smartphone or tablet, having the proper hardware in your PC is fundamental to elevating your gaming experience from average to above average.

Whether you are buying the parts yourself to build your own gaming PC from the ground up or choosing the easier option of purchasing a store-bought, pre-assembled gaming PC, here are the essential hardware components every good gaming PC should have.

What are the most important hardware components any good gaming PC should have?

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To ensure your gaming PC runs smoothly and enables you to play your favourite games, it must have the following necessary hardware components:

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit or ) – this is the brains of the system, the main circuit board
  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) – this is the video card that makes the games you play and videos you watch appear crisp and sharp and run smoothly with no lagging issues
  • RAM (Random Access Memory) – this is the hardware that stores all of your data and eliminates the need for an external hard drive
  • Casing – when choosing the PC’s outer body/shell, it must be sturdy and easy to access what’s inside. Some gamers take great pride in the style/design of their PC casing.
  • Cooling system – remember that fan-cooled systems are standard, but liquid-cooled systems (more expensive) are better for playing hours of high-end, more graphically demanding triple-A games.

Games place varying levels of demands on PCs. While there is an obvious limitation on what they will demand – anything too high above the average or normal level will turn gamers away from a title – pushing the boundaries of what is expected and understood is a challenge many developers rise to. However, the more demanding the game doesn’t necessarily equate to a more successful reception.

For instance, some of the lowest-demanding games available are casino games. This is true for gamers who access them via apps or web browsers. While iGaming operators create engaging ways to interest new customers—from to VIP schemes with high-roller operators—the simple and effective design and demands of online casino games remain high on the list. Classic games like poker and roulette don’t kill your PC.

To play triple-A video games, you need to subscribe to a reputable gaming site, such as Steam, Xbox (for PC), or Epic Games Store. While the advent of cloud gaming represents a huge innovation in delivering games to fans, downloads are still the best way to play games at the moment.

Don’t forget that gaming PCs can also be used to watch 4K Ultra HD movies and television shows on today’s biggest streaming sites like Netflix, Paramount+, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video.

What else do I need for the ideal gaming setup at home?

Now that you have a gaming PC (whether you built it yourself or bought it store-bought), you may also want to consider getting some of this other essential equipment that can heighten your gaming experience even further.

Examples include the following:

  • Gaming desk – you can invest in a static desk or one that can be adjusted/extended
  • Gaming chair – make sure the gaming chair you buy is comfortable and ergonomically designed
  • Mouse/keyboard – there are many different and keyboard options currently available to suit all types of gamers (also consider a mousepad with wrist pad)
  • Sound system – you may want to invest in a quality set of surround sound speakers or sound bar
  • Headphones/headset – if you aren’t too bothered about getting a speaker system, you may want to invest in a decent gaming headset instead
  • Monitor/screen – To get the most immersive experience, consider getting a curved screen instead of a flat one. Curved screens are excellent for playing certain open-world games since they quite literally envelop you in the world rather than keeping everything flat.
  • Webcam – to complete your gaming setup, try to get a brand-new webcam for communal gameplay; it’s a lot better than looking like an 8-bit video game character.

Make yourself a checklist. Some of the most important things to remember are planning, costs, components, preparation, and installation – oh, and how you’re going to keep on top of the extra dust! To ensure everything runs smoothly, make sure you have a decent Wi-Fi/internet connection.

from scratch can often prove challenging, especially for someone who has never built one before. If you start to build one but things get too overwhelming, don’t be afraid to ask for help from the professionals.

They can offer you free advice, guidance, and support to get you back on track, but if you still find it too difficult and give up building your gaming PC, you can pay them to finish the job for you.

It shouldn’t be too expensive, and getting an expert to build it for you will give you peace of mind that the job has been done right.