What’s the mystery behind ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ popularity?

As the Season is here, shopping malls are filled with the song by Mariah Carey. The song might be a torment to the ears of some people, but most people find this as their most comforting song. The only reason for the listeners to get addicted to this song is because of the way this song raises the Christmas spirit of everyone in the room. After all, Mariah Carey’s all-time popular song has become the perfect holiday carol music for the festive season.

Here is the official – 

It is reasonable to assume that 2023 will be no different for the Christmas colossus, as it has reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for the past four years in a row. This chart measures the most popular songs each week by airplay, sales, and streaming, not just the holiday-themed ones.

According to one expert, its earnings will soon surpass $100 million. Millions of its ringtones have been sold.

The song is not just the listener’s favorite but is also preferred and praised by several music composers. David Foster, the Grammy-winning compost and music producer has claimed this song to be historically significant and comforting.

He says, “That song is just embedded in history now.” and also said how this song has now become a part of Christmas.

The romantic and festive song “All I Want for Christmas is You” is appropriate. Carey establishes the scene: she has just one person on her mind and doesn’t give a damn about the holiday trimmings.  The , gifts, Santa Claus, stocking on the mantle, reindeer, sleigh bells, kids singing, and, of course, mistletoe are just a few of the holiday allusions she makes.

Evergreen song:

When talking about the song, Mariah Carey specified how her main aim was never to limit the song’s vibe to the 90’s and to ensure that the song remains evergreen. In an interview, she said, “To create something classic that didn’t feel like it belonged in the 1990s was my aim.

“I was working on it by myself, so I was noting down words on this little Casio keyboard while considering my thoughts on Christmas. What am I passionate about? What is it that I desire? What dreams do I have?” says Mariah.

As per Afanasieff, Carey’s spokesperson, she was not proficient in writing music and wasn’t even a keyboard player when the song was written. He told Variety’s Chris Willman, “Mariah has been very wonderful, positive, and a force of nature.” She is amazing and is the one who turned the song into a hit. However, she undoubtedly takes credit where credit is due.”

During the interview, Afanasieff expressed his excitement for the upcoming ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ song. “I urge songwriters to write the nextAll I Want for Christmas is You,” he said in the interview.

The song has been marked as the official Christmas Carol Song and therefore has now become a worldwide unofficial yet official festive song.