WhatsApp now lets you hide locked chats to stop looking suspicious!

WhatsApp now lets users lock chats for security and privacy. It hides locked chats from the main view and requires a fingerprint or passcode unlock.

WhatsApp is known for making constant changes to improve the world’s largest messaging app. Android Police covers WhatsApp stories daily because new features are added or spotted in the beta. WhatsApp launched Chat Lock in May to secure private conversations on your phone. It lets you lock any WhatsApp chat, 1:1 or group and hide it from your main view.

From your WhatsApp home screen, you can scroll up to find your Locked Chats folder. No one would notice unless they manually checked. The folder requires a fingerprint or passcode to open. Blocking home screen notifications prevents private information from being shared without turning off WhatsApp notifications.

Post From Whatsapp:

WhatsApp has started improving Chat Lock after six months. The service claims these two make it the best messaging app innovation in years.

WhatsApp’s upcoming update enhances the feature. Your phone’s Chat Lock can be completely hidden. You can unlock secret chats by entering a passphrase into the search bar. WhatsApp’s materials use “strawberry” and the emoji. This lets users hide their messages from anyone with access to their phone without the visible features of the original Chat Lock.

I’ve used Chat Lock since its launch. Chat Lock has been essential to hiding secretive events like surprise birthday parties from loved ones this year. Since the chats were locked, I no longer worried about someone messaging me to remind me of the plans while my family was looking at my phone. Worst case, someone looking at my phone would see “1 new notification” instead of a chat preview. That may make my partner uncomfortable, but it’s better than ruining my surprise plans.

Chat Lock works well for me, but not everyone does. WhatsApp’s marketing claims this feature will help domestic abuse victims. A June ad showed someone using the feature when an abuser demanded their phone.

This new change to hide it from view is perfect for anyone in a life-threatening situation. WhatsApp’s new Chat Lock is useful for more serious situations than just planning a birthday party. Chat Lock updates are rolling out now, but they may take a while to reach your phone.