What is the difference between industrial control machine and computer?

An IPC is a ruggedized and enhanced personal computer that can operate reliably as an industrial controller in an industrial environment. A computer generally refers to a computer, a modern electronic computing machine used for high-speed calculations, which can perform numerical calculations and logical calculations, and also has storage and memory functions.

Both industrial controllers and computers belong to computers, and the main structure is composed of CPU, memory, and storage. However, because of the different fields of use, the design of each is very different. The computer is mainly used for office and entertainment, industrial control machine is mainly used for industrial control, their differences are mainly as follows.

1, Industrial Control Machine And Computer Appearance Is Different

The appearance of the computer is the pursuit of beautiful, easy-to-place. Therefore, the appearance of ordinary computers is basically vertical chassis, the chassis is usually equipped with only a power supply cooling fan, CPU and graphics card will be equipped with an internal cooling fan.

Industrial control machine because it is used for industrial control, will face a variety of harsh environments. In order to prevent electromagnetic interference, industrial control machine chassis are used in line with the “EIA” standard all-tempered industrial chassis to enhance the ability to resist electromagnetic interference. In order to prevent dust, the chassis generally uses positive pressure convection exhaust, installed with two fans, and installed in the air outlet with a dust filter. In order to resist vibration, industrial control machines are bus structures and modular design.

2, Industrial Control Machine And Computer Structure Is Different

The computer uses the CPU, memory, disk, and graphics card installed directly on the motherboard. The communication between the components is more efficient. At the same time, in order to better meet the needs of entertainment and office, the performance of computer configuration is generally higher.

The IPC uses a bus structure and modular design. It has a passive motherboard and the components are modular motherboards. the CPU motherboard must be plugged into a dedicated slot in the passive motherboard. Other modular expansion boards are inserted into the expansion slots of the passive motherboard. The resistors, capacitors, and inductors on each module are designed with stronger anti-interference capability.

3, The Industrial Control Machine And Computer Scalability Are Different

Computer scalability all depends on the motherboard reserved interface, generally up to 2-4 memory slots, 2-5 hard disk interface, and 2-4 PCIE slots. Industrial control requires a variety of interfaces, so the passive motherboard of the industrial control machine on the slot is very much, up to 20 expansion of the board.

4, Industrial Control Machine And Computer Software Environment Is Different

The computer is basically equipped with the latest windows operating system, of course, Apple computers are generally equipped with Mac OS. The software basically comes standard with office suites, video, social, games, and other software.

Most industrial control machine is also equipped with the windows operating system, but in order to adapt to industrial control software, often equipped with older windows. software, because the industrial control machine is dedicated to the field of industrial control, so, is the installation of special industrial control software.

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